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Early Access #5 Official Video

The official Early Access #5 video is here! Take a peek, give it a thumb's up, and thanks to everyone for their support!

A New Round of Project 1999 - The Roleplayer Unit

There's been whispers on the wind of a possible 3 - 4 month roleplay group that may happen on the Project 1999 EverQuest server. Hardy adventurers should check out the post and see if their schedules are a match.....

Pillars of Gamplay #9 | Player Interdependence

With summer vacation behind us, it was time to sit down and record the latest episode of Pillars of Gameplay. Today, we're talking about player interdependence and how it factors into what we're building with the Saga of Lucimia MMORPG.

Let The Merchandise Flow!

Way back in the very beginning of this project, we sold a few shirts to our most loyal, fans. Since then, we've had people constantly asking on a weekly basis if we were ever going to bring back merchandise.

Well, as part of our ongoing updates to the website and summer changes going into place, we're proud to announce that we've officially opened our store, and we're selling a lot more than just shirts!

Prints, prints, get your art prints here! Want a world map? We've got you covered. Want one of Joe or Emma's most popular pieces? You got it. There's a full range of canvas, metal, and framed prints available, along with a full range of shirts, and we'll be adding more selections over the summer months.

In the meantime, check out the new store and have fun shopping!

Building A Legacy - Beyond The Hype

In the latest blog post, we're discussing the concept of world building, and how what our team is working to create is a legacy of a world, not simply another video game. Read on for the full details.

Building A Legacy - Beyond The Hype
Building A Legacy - Beyond The Hype Over the past decade or so, there's been a repeating pattern when it comes …