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[Stream] Skyrim Weekly Show #Episode5 #Episode6

Hello everyone!

I've been very lazy this week with this post! I apologies! But I did many other things on the side, like a blog post for Wildstar and some work for both of my guilds. Better later than never, right! ;)
As you may know, last week I've streamed two days in a row. So we had a bit more adventure and progress to share!


Elloa, Kharjo and the dog Meeko have recently arrived in Markrath where many things seem to happen. Murder, conspirations, plots! While trying to help a young guy to solve the murder of a woman on the market place, Elloa is caught in a spirale that will lead her in prison! YES! In the most secure Skyrim prison: the Silvermine.
Along her sojourn in the ancient dwarven city, Elloa started to dislike the merciless Nords, and started to sympatise with the Frostworn. Also, when the King-in-Rag explained her what happened in the city and how his people had been chased away from their own land in the war, she choose to help him and join his cause. Together, they will get free, take over the city in blood and thunder and run away.

Instead of joining Delphine and Esbern that are awaiting for her not very far from the city, Elloa decide to take a carriage back to Winterhold. To put some stuff in order and take some small vacation maybe. Anyway, on the way back, she decides to give back the Asura Star she found on another adventure to the Asura's priest. Asura herself talk to her and demand her to clean the artefact that's soiled by the soul of a malavolant sorcerer.

Video: Skyrim - Struggle in Asura Star

As she is riding to the West, she is getting attacked by several dragons. She even saw, from her own eyes, a very ancient and powerful Dragon resurecting dead dragon from their graves.
She understand therefor, how her quest can't be delayed anymore.

This is how we ended the second stream last week. Next time, we will continue the main Story. Hope to see you then!

Take care everyone!

[Stream] Skyrim Wednesday Show #Episode5

Hello everyone!

I've a great new to share! Well, great new for me, but I hope you will enjoy it aswell! I'll host two Skyrim Weekly Show in future.
At the moment, Skyrim is the game I prefer the most and I'm having most fun in. Every wednesday I'm having lots of fun sharing this with you guys and all I want is to go back to Tamriel. So I decided that two weekly show might be a good idea. Hope you will follow me! If you have any preference between Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, let me know.


We didn't had any dragon fight in the Episode #4. So this time, we started with a huge Dragon figth a bit outside Falkreath. I must confess that I was stressed and struggling. But it was also very fun! Died a lot. Also, I was stupid enough to believe that the dragon was immune to fire and Frost (it happen sometimes)....Once I started to use my FrostBold, the Dragon started to properly lose life!

Video - Elder Dragons are not easy!

After this epic battle, Kharjo, Meeko, the dog, and I went on our way to do some quests in the area. At some point, we discovered a very old ruin infested by Reachman. It was a really gorgeous place, like a Dungeon wide open.
I also bought my first terrain to build my house. This will need me to dig a bit of informations to start the crafting properly. At the moment, I've some issues with my always full inventory.
We ended the night with a second battle against an Elder Dragon in the surrounding of Markarth. This is where we will start our next episode, tomorow! Hope to see you there!!

[Stream] Skyrim Wednesday Show #Episode4

Hello everyone!

How comfortable it was to stream with a nice neat grafic card that wasn't bugging the game and allowed me to smoothly play with good addons and high FPS! How pleasant it was to not have to alt tab to defreeze the game, to be able to read the books, and have no problem to zone in and out dungeons and inns!


The adventure started in Riften. Elloa and Kharjo the Khajiit were to research a old man in the sewers, a place where many briguands and other unpleasant persons are gathered. Good for us, I had previously cleared the sewers along my first visit of Riften when I had been caught prisoner. We easily found Esbern, fred him, and burned alive all Thalmors we found on our way.
Our goal was to reach Riverwood together. Me, Kharjo and Esbern, my dog and my horse. A joyfull little company! I can tell you that sometimes it's not so easy to keep an eye on everyone!
We passed by some old Dragon Temple ruins that I decided to explore. Ended to learned another Dragon shoot. Video: Animal, animal, allegiance!

We passed by some briguand Stronghold that we cleared. And we continued our journey to Riverwood.
Video: What pitiful bandits, seriously!

No dragon of the week... One appeared in the sky, roared fiercely, got me on my guard, nervous and ready, but the damn beast decided that this week...there would be no dragon. So sorry guys!

Next episode, we will start at Falkreath. We might do some adventures in the area, or to head immediately for Markarth. I've tons of quest to do that are a bit there and there.
Those that followed the stream last week will be happy to learn that I found my dog back. it was just a "bug" of the game that sometimes make your companion desepear. A fast travel is debugging them.

If you want to see the full stream, you can watch the replay on Twich TV: here

[Stream] Skyrim Wednesday Show #Episode3

Hello everyone!

This is now confirmed! Itw as my very last Skyrim show with so much lag and grafic issues! From now, in the future , I shouldn't have any problem anymore. This week many change happened in the life of my character Elloa, the archmage of Winterhold.

While traveling to Riften to pursue the investigation concerning the coming back of the Dragon, Brelyna and Elloa were attacked on the road by another dragon. Again, indeed! They fought bravely, and discovered they were helped by no one else than the Kajiit caravan met the other day.
This time, Elloa asked Brelyna to go back to the College of Winterhold, to travel alone with this mysterious khajiit that had made such huge impression on her.

Video: Nooooo, a dragon (BIS)

Later, Elloa will regret to have sent away her best friend, as she will discover that Kharjo, the Khajiit is kinda ..slacking behind, instead of fighting fiercly as expected.
After several adventures, Elloa, her Kajiit and her dog finally arrive in Riften. Another unexpected event will lead Elloa to meet Frost, a new companion.

Video: I got a dog, a horse and a Khajiit

Do not miss the next episode of Skyrim Wednesday Show, tomorow at 21h CET (03pm EST). I hope to see many of you following my adventures! It's a lot more fun to do it in nice company! :)