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[Community Talk] One Nook for each Alliance!

Hello everyone,

Swear your oaths today, and give your allegiance to one of the three factions that will battle for the dominance of Cyrodiil!

The Elder Scrolls Online page on Anook offer you now the possibility to join the Nooks dedicated to your alliance. Those Nooks are still under constructions, but my plans are the following:

  • Gathering all relevants informations concerning each alliance: races, territories, Lore in a dedicated forum and dedicated blog...
  • Offering a space of discussion, one forum open to the public public and one only accessible by the members of the alliance. You will have the opportunity to plot against your future ennemies in all discretion!
  • Dedicating a forum by platforms (PC/MAC, PS, Xbox) for Guilds announcements and recruitement
  • Sharing pictures, screenshots and little snarky comments about our ennemies!

Aldmeri Dominion Nook
Ebonhearth Pact Nook
Daggerfall Covenant Nook

For now, as I'm the creator of those Nooks, I'll be the admin for the three Nooks. But once I get to know trustable and reliable users, I'll share the administration position for the alliances I'll not be part of.

Spread the word! Gather your friends, register your guild, and be part already of this great adventure before everyone else!

Hope you enjoy my banners! If you want the central image with a higher resolution for your guild, your blog, or whatnot, feel free to contact me by PM, and I'd gladly send you my files via skype or e-mail.


[Skyrim fanstory] Prospect of death

Turdas, 18th of Hearthfire

It's amusing to realise what being close to death can make us do. How many diaries did I find these last weeks revealing the desperate hopes of people I found dead later? Isn't it ironic to read the last words of these poor souls, struggling to get out of the misery they fell in and to discover that they were hopeless?

Yet I feel the urge to write mine, and maybe in one year from now, an adventurer will find this book, read my words, and find in the depth of Dead Men Respite , or anywhere else, my risen skeleton dancing for a necromancer.
I'm sitting here, with my friend Brelyda, resting a moment before entering this dungeon. I've seen death so close today, my body is still shivering. And I know that my tranquility will be short, as it seems my destiny is leading me in the middle of a war I don't even understand.

I was apalled to know I was noone. Just a mere shadow unworthy the attention of its own family . I was desperate to find my way, my road, somewhere... Somweyr. All I found is dangers and mysteries in the cold lands of Skyrim. Reality has turned out to be very different from what I imagined. A lot more...epic. From a mere shadow, I'm transforming myself into the proverbial hero. And despite my fears, I have to admit, it has a delicious taste.

As I'm writing these words, Brelyda is admiring the giant skeleton of the Dragon we just slew. We almost died today. But with the help of the strange powers I've inherited, we managed to survive the cold breath of the monster. In these foreign lands, I'm glad to venture with her. It feels good to not be alone anymore, and to have a friend to share everything. Even death.

But we will not die. I'll go inside the bowels of this dungeon, and I'll find the words of power indicated by the Greybeards. If I succeed I'll feel ready to search for the staff that will save our College. So many things has happened since we left Winterhold in a hurry. When I climbed atop the Greybeard mountain, I thought it would be the story of a discussion. I never imagined that I'd be involved in a living legend! But I've no time for legends. I've no time for Skyrim. I've lost enough time. I only hope that when we will be back in Winterhold, we will not find a ruin where the proud tower was.

[Community Talk] Hello I'm the new mod!

Dear future TESO players, greetings

I'm the new moderator for The Elder Scrolls Online (and for now the only one), which mean I'll be in charge of making this page the most welcoming and enjoyable possible. With your help!

My role is to build a strong community here, that will share interesting informations, start thrilling conversations, edit wonderful videos and much more. As for now, the active community of TESO is reduced, but I do hope to help it grow considerably before the release of the game. If you have friends and guildmates that are interested by The Elder Scrolls Online, do not hesitate to share this page, and encourage them to be part of our fan community on Anook! We are always looking for active contributors that will help to make this page a great place where to hang out and chat about our favourite game!

One of my task was to define the tags that you will now be able to use when you write a Blog post, when you create a TESO Nook, and in the future, when you stream. Some of those tags will probably not be very useful until the Open beta start. More will be added in future aswell.

  • Pre-launch: Tag for all general discussions pre-launch. It will serve us as a sort of Archive in the future
  • Daggerfall Covenant: races & territories
  • Ebonheart Pact: races & territories
  • Aldmeri Dominion: races & territories
  • Lore: related to The Elder Scrolls lore (can include other ESO games lore aswell)
  • PVE: Quest, Dungeons & Adventure zones
  • PVP: Players versus players
  • Cyrodiil: related to anything happening in Cyrodiil (Alliance War): quest, dungeons, pvp...
  • Playstation4: specific for Playstation4
  • XboxOne: Specific for Xbox
  • PC/Mac: Specific for computers

As moderator, I'll try to keep this page as clean as possible to preserve its attractiveness. I can not delete myself any thread that have been posted, however if I see double post (for example, same video posted twice), I'll contact directly the author, so he/she can remove it himself and comment or share the first similar post.

If you need help with Anook, or if you have questions concerning The Elder Scrolls Online, do not hesitate to contact me via private message. I'll try to answer as fast and as best as possible.

Hope you will enjoy your stay on Anook, and on TESO page. It's now my honnor to make this page the most active and succesful from all Anook pages ;) Help me to win this challenge!
This post had been posted from my personal blog, to keep it saved somewhere (huhu I'm so funny) However, Somweyr is my user blog, it's nothing "official" to Anook.

Thanks for reading! Take care everyone!

[TESO TALK] TESO on consoles


I have to confess that I've been slightly frustrated at The Elder Scrolls Online presentation in E3. I though they would finaly show us some gameplay footage, the in depth character creation, more detailed explanations of how the game will work and many things that we only have vaguely seen explained in diverse interviews and "hands-on" articles.

I believe, while very frustrating, the fact that ZeniMax play it "mysterious" can only be a good sign. If the devellopers are so reluctant to give us more candies, it's only because they are really polishing the game and they do not want us to see too much features that might be subject of changes. And that's actualy what the PVP designer, Brian Wheeler confirm in an interview for if the game release had been pushed back to Spring 2014, it's not because of their decision to make the game avalaible on PS4 and XboxOne. The reason is all different: they have recieved much feedback from the beta, and with this feedback, they feel like they have much more to polish, to improve and to add to make the game the greatest experience possible. I find this attitude very healthy and comforting. Like many other, I prefer the devellopers to take the time needed to offer the best Elder Scrolls experience possible.

So during this E3, not much videos beside a new trailer. But, we got some nice informations through the various interviews. I would have slapped several journalist to ask the dumbest questions possible, like "will we have dragons?" but I suppose their job isn't to please the fan crowd that already know it all, but to arrise the interest of players that aren't sold already.


This was certainly the biggest news. For me, it doesn't change anything considering that I do not possess and I'm not planning to aquiere a console. However, for console Elder Scrolls fans that must have been the revelation of the year!
This news had create a tide of worries, questions and passionate debates on various forums and websites. The PC players were affraid of the bad impact such a decision can have on the devellopement of the game. For those that are still worried, several points had already been answered by the devellopers themselves.

1. Nope, console developement will not affect PC/Mac devellopement by dumping the User Interface, or the difficulty of the game. TESO has been develloped for PC/Mac first, and will be adapted for the next gen console. Not the other way arround. So we will not witness another case of consolitis.

2. Nope, PC players will not have to "endure to play alongside console users in their world". PC and Mac user will have their own megaserver, while Xbox and PS4 will have their own respectively. Being a bit sarcastic here, because I honnestly can't approve to segregate players because of their chosen gaming hardware. However, I guess that those worries aren't completely unfounded. Console players aren't as familiar with the MMO genre than PC players. They probably have a different approach to gaming, and the PC crowd is affraid to have to deal with too much wrong, immature and unrespectful behaviour. PC playing is serious buisness, right! ;) The Console crowd was more worried that PC gamers would have a fair advantage in PVP with sharper controles. No need to worry anymore now. Good fences make good neighbours!
Obviously, another problem have appeared: real life friends or guildies spread on different platforms instead of having everyone together. But heh! It's impossible to make everyone happy!

My point of view is rather positive. I believe that the MMO genre had been stuck stagnant for a long while, and only few games are bold enough to stand out of the crowd (I'm thinking here about GW2 and The Secret World). To open a MMO to a different public that will experiment the genre with their own point of view might be something refreshing. New players, new feedback, inspiration renewed. I do not believe that Console players are more stupid or immature than PC players. The certainly are a different gamer type, but it doesn't mean they will bring bad ideas in the head of our dear devellopers.
From a buisness point of view, it might be a very good thing. By being one of the first MMO to be playable on three different platforms, TESO might encounter a larger success and make better revenues than anticipated. If the studio doesn't sell his soul to the devil, and keep the same honest passion for their creation, the players can only beneficiate from their finacial success.

I realise that I've been writting far more than I planed to, so I'll save the next subjects for a future blog posts instead of transforming this one in a novel.
Hope you enjoyed the reading! Do not hesitate to share you point of view in the comments! I do love comments, and to answer them!


[Skyrim fanstory] Somweyr - introduction

It was a cold night. The first night I'd spent so far from home. In my hurry to leave the place that had seen me growing, the place that had rippen away all glimpse of hopes born in my hearth, I walked straight for two days without sleeping. I was exhausted. Dishearthened. Cold. And .... terribly hungry.

In the distance I saw this fire, shinning in the dark like the first star in the sky. A delicious smell of cooked meat and cheeze teased my nostrils.. I approached enough to notice a Kajiit attending the fire mumbling a foreign song between his mustachs.
Another day, I'd have passed my way. I'd have sheet myself in my pride, and walk further until I'd have find a more suitable company. But not that night. I felt my soul so shattered than the view of this happy face preparing his supper almost pulled me a tear. I approached. The smell of whatever this creature was preparing seemed divine to me. The Kajiit noticed me and stand imobile, probably deciding if I was a friend or an ennemy. My agonising stomach broke the silence with a loud and painful sound. That was enough to make up the mind of the Kajiit, who welcomed me.

I didn't talk much. The Kajiit was making the discussion for both of us. The time to empty the cooking pot, I knew everything about his distaste of great cities, his admiration for altmer blacksmithing, how moonsugar transform the most boring stew in a delicacy, to the pleasure of walking on a summer day under the shadow of the trees and how to seduce a cat lady with a single blink of eye. As I was barely nodding or commenting his discussion, he ended his monologue and asked me:

- And you, elf, were are you going?

- Me? I...I don't know... Somewhere?

I didn't know where I wanted to go. I didn't know what I'd do. My future was something I'd even not want to think about. All that mattered at that point was to get as far as I could from the house where I was born. Everything else had no importance.
I had to swallow my tears. I'd not want to break down in front of someone, a stranger, a meer Kajiit. I could have been someone, the pride of my ancestors, the jewel of my family. But I only succeeded to cover myself in shame. And I ended there, pitifully starving on a road, the clothes covered in mud, sharing a stew too sweet with a cat man. I suddendly felt absolutely worthless.

- Somweyr? Repeated my host with his strong foreign accent. That must be a nice place. I come from Elsweyr.

He stopped on me with a malicious glance. Was he joking? Was he serious? Those simple words, were like magic. Life didn't seemed so miserable. I suddendly felt courageous, and determined to continue my way. It didn't mattered where I was going. What mattered is what I'd do about the journey.

The journey to my new home ...Somweyr,

My hopes for The Elder Scrolls Online

The first time I played Morrowind, I felt like penetrating in a world living by itself. The beauty of the landscapes. The water. The sunset. The day and night cycle. The atmosphere. And the incredible freedom to do whatever you wanted to do.

I remember to have travelled by foot in many areas I wasn’t supposed to go. I don’t think I even started the main story. I was exploring forests and swamps, invading houses, discovering secret caves, gathering plants, stealing furnitures and trying to sell them. It was a magical experience.
However, I never finished the game. Never progressed very far. Something was missing. I felt lonely in this gigantisc world. I craved for friends to play with and explore together every piece of land.

- If only Morrowind could me a MMO!, I though back then.

Same thing happened with Skyrim. When I started to play it, the experience was amazing. It felt so right, it was so immersive! I enjoyed some quest and stories like I never enjoyed any quest in a game. It was thrilling, because I could solve the quest the way I wanted and this made my character almost a living person with her own emotions and personality!
But then again, after one or two weeks, the loneliness prevailed. I just could not stand to be only by myself in those cold landscapes, and when my companion died, I never managed to get back in the game.

- If only Skyrim could be a MMO, it would be perfect!

And indeed, back in 2004, before the release of World of Warcraft, I was hoping to play a MMO “like Morrowind”. A game that would let me explore the world freely without level constraints or separated by zones. A land in the virtual universe that would take me several real hours to cross, weeks to discover all secrets. A game where my abilities were gained as I used them, where I could forge my character as I was playing it. I was dreaming for a game that would be a virtual world where to experiment another life…

I was dreaming for The Elder Scroll Online to be true.

Then World of Warcraft had been released and I played it for years. Enough to get used to this sort of game with fences keeping you in the right track, and where freedom is ripped away from players patches after patches. It became the standart for every MMO, and I never though my dreamed game could ever be develloped.

When I first heard the announce of The Elder Scroll Online, it was no joy nor exitement, however. I had just known several disapointement with StarWars The Old Republic and Tera and my confidence had been shaked. I dubted that a studio would ever manage to capture the amazing and unique feeling that a ElderScroll Games give to its players. I was scared like many others, that The Elder Scroll Online would be a rather generic game in Tamriel. To follow the cliche, I was affraid it would be “World of ElderScroll

Step by step, I’ve been convinced otherwise. Listening to devellopers interviews, fans podcast, reading articles, and following news in the gaming press, I believe that there is a true intention to keep TESO faithful to the Elder Scroll franchise. And I start to believe that TESO might be the MMO I’ve always been dreaming about.

Now, I’m not fooling myself, I know that no MMO would allow players as much freedom as the solo games. I know that there will be restrictions. I’m keeping a cool head, and I’ll see by myself once I can get my hands on the game. And if it’s not as good as I was hoping for, it will not a big deal. I’m enjoying every minutes of my gametime in Guild Wars 2, I don’t think I’d be disapointed to stick with that game.
But…I still hope. And more informations about the game are released, more confident I’m. TESO seems to get the best of many games. Skill and abilities progression in the lines of The Secret World Ability Wheel, but allowing even more freedom. Combat hybrid between Skyrim and Guild Wars 2, with a combo system and the new Finess, rewarding skilled players. World PVP separated from leveling areas but accessible from the start. Free and dynamic quest entierly voice acted like, choices that have an impact on the game and your personal progression. Raids, Open Dungeon, World bosses, lands to explore, secrets to discover, heavy lore.

I honnestly believe TESO will be a great game, an amazing experience to share with friends, and I’m starting to itch to prepare a community, a serious guild project for this. Keep in touch, you will hear more very soon.