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Community Talk - TESO Archives

Hello everyone!

Let me introduce the new project for the use of our dear community: TESO Archives.
Our future archives empty for now, but you can already see the forums and what kind of informations you may expect to find in a close future.

What is TESO Archives?

It's an ambitious project that plan to gather all informations regarding TESO in one single place: articles, videos, podcast, fanarts. Everything you can think off!
However, do not mistake, we will not copy-paste articles that belong to other websites. We will simply link them in a list. Each list will be classified to be sure everyone can find the informations they seak easily.

Anook is not something that aim to replace fansites and the likes. It's a place to promote it. It's also a place of sharing. To be sure that our users can find all relevant informations about the games they like and follow, this kind of initiatives are a mission for Anook.

Obviously, this project is a colossal work and I'll need help!

  • First of all, everyone can participate and suggest websites, articles, videos, whatnot in the forum dedicated to that use: here.
  • Second, I'd be very grateful if some dedicated users would agree to moderate this Nook together with me. The job would be to gather, and classify the information. If you are volunteer, please contact me, and I'll be more specific by private message.
TESO Talk - Na and EU servers announced. My heart is broken

Internet is a place where we share a lot of ...stupidity - to stay polite - every day. But it's also a great place of communication and tolerance. Indeed, as gamers, we play together with persons that come from all corners of the world. They may have different political views, philosophical believes and a different morality. They may be rich or poor, capitalist or hippie, old or young, gay or straight. This is nothing we care on Internet, because all that matters is to find funny friends, reliable guild mates and skilled gamers to play with. And without realizing it, we will befriend persons we would have ignored in the street. We will discuss things differently, listening to points of view that we would not stand from a colleague. Day after day, this will give us a broader vision on things. It makes us richer. Makes us wiser... Well, maybe not everyone! But I know I've learnt a lot from getting every day in company of persons, which are so different from my neighbors.

I started my MMO career with Anarchy Online. First guy I spoke with was a Persian. It felt so exotic. I loved it! I was sold on MMOs. I continued with World of Warcraft on a French server to start. Didn't choose it, I was following some real life friends. But for me it made no sense to see the community being split just for a language reason. One year later, I turned my back to the French speaking community definitively. English servers allowed me to know players from whole Europe, to travel to visit them, and to fall in love with a Norwegian. It felt a thousand times more interesting!
Furthermore, last year, I played a bit of The Secret World. It was a wonderful experience to play with gamers from everywhere. The world felt alive all hours of the day and night. I was teaming with Aussies, Americans and Europeans. One just woke up while the other was going to sleep!

Funcom is hosting its server from North America Eastern Coast. And it worked just fine to play the game from Europe. I've been playing Tera on NA server without encountering problems or latency. I've welcomed Americans in my GW2 guild which was hosted on a European server. EVE Online has a single server open to everyone, and its 10 years that its working! So, I can not believe that Zenimax can not technically afford a giant international mega server. That let me believe they are taking the safer route, and some extra precautions for legal or commercial reasons. Precautions that are probably not really needed, but once it will be implemented it will be too late. Players will believe that it was actually a necessity.

By choosing to create two different mega servers for the American and for the European, Zenimax is separating the community. Even if players have choices, it will require a sacrifice from them. We can not play anymore with ALL our friends. We can not experiment anymore an international community. Some guilds have already organized themselves to be cross regions and now will have to reconsider their position or encounter difficulties for recruitment. Some friends were rejoicing at the idea of being able to play together. And, I was so happy to live again that amazing experience of an international community!

We are in 2013. We beneficiate from a powerful technology. This technology shouldn't be used only to make our gameplay experience more enjoyable, but also to create a better society by connecting people together! No more separation between America and Europe! We want to play together and not forced to make a heartbreaking choice. The Elder Scrolls Online would have been an active game at every hour of the day and night. Players could find partners no matter when they play. The Cyrodiil campaign would have been so much more amazing and interesting! Not so many games gives us this opportunity! Please, Zenimax, be those visionaries that are changing forever the MMO universe! Allow us to play together!

How I found my TESO guild!

My last post concerning The Elder Scrolls Online was dedicated to the guild system, and what I was thinking about it. In this post I'll be more personal, and reveal you my social future in TESO.

Those that are acquainted with me, know how involved and interested I'm in everything that touch MMO communities. In my previous games, I've always chosen carefully the guilds I was joining, Once found, I was dedicating my time and my energy to contribute, promote and improve what I'd consider as my second family. Which often lead me to become a officer, or to replace the guild leader when that one resigned. I also created several projects of my own that has been in their time relatively successful.
At the moment, I'm leading together with 6 other persons an amazing community in GW2, <MistAngels>. I feel blessed to have met such wonderful persons and to share my passions with them!

A guild matter immensely for me. Without a friendly home, the best game ever can't retain me for long. I'll always stick the game where I find the best company!

So once it became clear that TESO would represent the future of my gaming life, I immediately questioned myself about what I'd do concerning my future guild. Many points had to be considered.

My first idea was to create a guild together with my boyfriend where I could hopefully gather all the friends I made along those ten years of gaming. A beautiful dream... I gave up this idea fast. First of all, my boyfriend and I aren't playing the same way at all. I'm social, he is not. I'm a slow wanderer, he enjoy to play with efficiency, speed and action. This project would have ended by being mine, and not "ours". I'd have stay "Elloa" and he would have become "Elloa's boyfriend". Not the ideal situation to enjoy a game together.

I also didn't feel fine with the idea of promoting another game in my current GW2 guild. It's always a bit depressing when you feel involved in a project and you foresee the arrival of a concurrent game. So I choose to separate clearly my wishes of playing TESO and <MistAngels>. I'd be of course extremely happy to adventure in Tamriel with them, but I don't want to push them in anyway. They will come to me if they wish. It's not like I'm hard to find.

My boyfriend and I agreed that we would be joining a guild instead of making our own. It was important than this guild would fit our very different game styles. For this, our future guild needed to meet two criteria: being a well organized guild with ambitions towards end game (mainly PVE) and at the same time being a friendly home with no elitism and exclusions.

Then I realized that if I was to join a guild that wouldn't be my own project, I wanted to join the best guild possible. One of those guild people watch with envy, because they are totally badass in game, awesome with each others, and are the ones sharing their knowledge over the Internet.
Until today, I've always been too modest to try. But I know I've many things to offer to a guild. I may be not the best player ever, but I'm not bad either. I'm loyal. I'm dedicated. I've lot of energy, lot of inspiration, a solid experience, I can contribute to the guild effort in many ways. And especially, I'm willing to take the time and energy needed to do so.

So, as I was watching the podcast ESOAllStars, I decided that I was going to look in one of those guy's guild. I read carefully the websites of <Umbra>, <ShoddyCaste>, <Entropy Rising> etc... and I found out that <Umbra> was exactly the guild I was looking for. Ambitious, but social and friendly. A multi-gaming community organizing different Chapters, including that one game my boyfriend is crazy about (StarCitizen). A guild that aim to provide the gaming community in videos, podcasts, livestreams and what not... A guild that aim to be international, and not restricted to one specific part of the world. The guild's laws were fitting my personality, and the Chapter for TESO proposed exiting perspectives.

That was exactly the guild I was dreaming for!


In addition, the name is cool. It's always painful to find a guild that you really like, but with a awful name.

So everyone, I'm happy and glad to tell you that I'm now a proud member of <Umbra>, representing the Aldmeri Dominion. For the Queen, for Umbra! Yay!

Sorry for the long rant, hopefully some of you found it fun to read! See you soon for less personal blog post!
Ooh and you can follow Umbra nook here

[Community Talk] News #1

Hello everyone!

From now, I'll gather in a blog post the different news from our community. In case you have missed the latest episode of LittleRaven, or a interesting forum post in one of the TESO nook. I will exclusively speak about Anook users content, to promote the work of our community.
At the moment I'm not planning to do this weekly, because I want to be sure to have enough content to share. With time, as our community is growing and becoming more and more active, I'll probably end to publish this weekly. Hope those News will help you to always stay up-to-date with what's happening in our TESO page.

  • @Dalgam is continuing to fill the Ebonheart Pact forums with useful informations. Do not know how to name your character? He has proper tips to give you to name your Argonian and your Nord. Dunmer will be his next addition in close future.
  • I'm currently working on a new serie of stickies for the races forum of Aldmeri Dominion. I try to gather all interesting informations concerning each races nicely presented. You will find links to interesting Lore articles, videos and podcast from various websites. Planning to add images aswell.

First race to got its sticky: Khajiit!
Do not hesitate to send me a PM if you find a interesting media that could figure on the list.

  • @LittleRaven has published his ESO News&Info #6 video. Do not miss it, and do not hesitate to leave him a little encouragement in the comments. He is doing his best to improve the quality of his serie episodes after episodes.
  • I'm still looking for someone to take care of the moderation of theDaggerfall Covenant. Don't let the Bretons, Redguards and Orsimers being neglected! They deserve some love aswell!
  • Speaking about the Daggerfall Covenant, if you are looking for a guild, @JustBarbaric have shared the information about his guild The Awoken that you can find in the guild list.
[TESO TALK] Guilds


We don't know much(yet) about the guild system in The Elder Scrolls Online and what features exactly will be at our disposal. We can only hope to have an intuitive interface and at least as many features as we can find in a game like World of Warcraft (one would find this obvious, but you will be amazed to see how many MMOs still do not have the same basic functionality as WoW have implemented for its guilds) This has been the subject of a long discussion in the last ESOAllStar podcast if you want to know the opinion of some well informed players.

However, we do know several very important informations that will influence the way guilds are built, how we can organise them and how we can recruit.
The system is very similar to the current system used in Guild Wars 2.

Fact1: Guilds are account-based, not character specific

It'll therefore be impossible to have your "secret alt" to play on when you're pissed at your Guild Master, the raid went to hell or similar.
The good side is not having to spam that same GM to get all your alts invited to guild. They will automatically be added to the roster - no matter how much you want it or not.

Fact2: A player can be in up to five guilds

As guilds are account-wide, Zenimax is obliged to let players have the possibility to join several guilds. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to have your "heavy Roleplay" toon joining a Kajiit caravan, or your Breton alt joining your real life buddies guild.
All your characters will be part of all guilds you have joined.

Fact3:Guilds are cross faction

As guild are account bound, as players can join different guilds, and as there is only one single Megaserver to play on, Zenimax is obliged to make guild cross factions. This is to not restrict players to a single faction if they want to experience everything.
The good side (or bad side depending of your point of view), is that even when you play on your Breton alt, your Ebonheart guildmates can continue to contact you.

Fact4: Player's characters of opposite factions can not participate to the same Cyrodiil campaign

And this for obvious reasons. If you were planning to create a double faction guild to dominate the third faction in Cyrodiil, or to spy on enemy movements with your alt and sell the information to your main's guild, you will be disappointed: its not possible.
Note that if you want to fight your friends in Cyrodiil, you can't be in the same guild.


At first glance, I wasn't very happy with this system.

I don't like the multiguild option that much. It's good in theory for several reasons: hang out with all your friends, being able to be part of a PVE dedicated guild and a Hardcore PVP guild at the same time. But in practise, we all know that players tend to bind with one guild and neglect the others.
As a player, I'm loyal and dedicated. I prefer to focus on a single guild, because no matter how much energy I give to my guild, I always think I can do more. As guild leader (GW2 in this example) I don't forbid my members to have several guilds. I understand that sometimes it can be nice to get in touch with some friends, or be part of a guild that offers something very different. But if I see my members strongly favouring another guild, and use mine "just to hang out once in a while", they will end by being removed. I refuse ghost members that only serve as decorations in my roster!

But, as I explained above, as soon as Zenimax created a guild system that's account bound, there isn't much other alternatives than allowing multiple guilds and cross-factions guilds. It all makes sense. After that it's up to each individual and to each guild to do with this system as they wish - to establish their own limits and rules and to organise their activities and recruitment accordingly.

In the end, I know that I'll be very happy to be able to still be in my "home guild" if I'm playing in another faction for a change. In other games, like World of Warcraft, I always felt a bit guilty to play on a different faction or server than my guild - I felt like I was cheating on them. I was also afraid to miss something important that would be happening while I'm gone. This problem will be solved in TESO.
I also be pleased to have the possibility to join a friend's guild. You know, just to say hello and such. Despite the possibilities involved, I'm planning to dedicate myself entirely to a single guild and a single alliance. My guild, my home, my people, my faction. I want to feel the pride of fighting for them, and the urge to do my best!

Concerning the idea of a giant common Anook guild: after having thought about it, I believe it's a bad idea. Don't you think that it will be more fun to be able to gather in the same Cyrodiil campaign, fight familiar names and taunt each others on Anook, instead of simply sharing a common chat? I really prefer this idea. So I propose to find/create guilds for our respective factions, and be sure to all join the same Cyrodiil Campaign. That will be a blast! I already see myself hunting down @Lonrem or @JustBarbaric, and share a bloody screenshot of their dead bodies for everyone to enjoy!

[Skyrim fanstory] Prepared...

Fredas, 19th of Hearthfire 4E 201

I finally feel ready to explore the Labyrinthian. I've done all I could to prepare our expedition and assure success. I can not lose more time. We need to get moving. Who knows what dangers we will cross on the road and slow us down?

Yesterday, we exited Dead Men respite, in the blinding light of dawn. We were exhausted after so many fights and avoided traps. I must say, we're getting good at this. Our magic completes each other's, and Brelynda is a good friend I can completely rely on. Even so, we needed some rest. We went back on the road immediately, hoping to find a village where we could rent a bed and share a good meal. A place called Morthal was marked on my map, standing just between our actual position and our next step.

As we were walking, we passed by some wooden buildings protected by high wood walls. Naively, I approached, thinking to find the place we were looking for. Misfortune! The camp - as I realised later - was a hideout for bandits. I don't know if they were just mere highwaymen or if they belonged to some sort of Nord rebellion. We weren't able to negotiate anything with them, and we had to fight for our survival. I have to admit that its a great joy to end the life of bragging rats that unsheath their blades without knowing who they are facing. They certainly took us for easy preys. "Two poor mer lost on the road"? Too bad for them!

Underneath the chief hut we discovered a trapdoor leading to a cave, as a second hideout. A diary was left on the table - yes, another one - revealing his secret stach. We followed the instructions, and we found the chest on a small bank in the middle of the river. Atleast we got a little compensation for the fight we suffered. We ended by finding a village, but it wasn't Morthal. We were actually lost and had ended up heading south, while we should have continued to follow the river in the north-east direction. We took a room at the Inn and left it as the first rays of sun enlit the horizon the morning after.

Our path to Morthal was calm and we encountered no trouble, for once. We were happy to discover that a powerful wizard was living there, and while unwelcomed by the ungrateful and ignorant population, he was working to protect their lives. Or maybe he was lying. But it doesn't matter to me - we had a nice discussion in his house, and we spent some time trading afterwards. We travel lighter now, and I've finally understood how to make variations of the spells I was already familiar with. I'm confident that these new powers will be put in good use.

I'm not expecting our next expedition to be easy.