Heya everyone!

It's almost one month since the last CommunityTalk: News, time to get you updated about what the community have done along this month.

First of all , we had a lot of new users that joined, that we can welcome once more:

  • @The-Wang , a very funny Youtuber that release serious reviews about TESO and comical interviews. Please, follow his Nook: The Baby makers
  • Guild UMBRA, a internatinal multigaming community with Chapters in different games, has joined with 31 members. The TESO Chapter is lead by @Crazylor and UMBRA will be Aldmeri Dominion.
  • Speaking about guilds @Fizzle387 has started to gather Ebonheart Pact fans to form a guild. If you are looking to join a guild with Anook members, be sure to contact him and help him to set up this!


Our community continue to show a lot of creativity.

  • @LittleRaven continue its serie of video trying to cover weekly the most relevant news.
  • @The-Wang published that very funny interview do not miss it!
  • LordHamer from guild UMBRA hosted a new episode of ESOAllStars that you can see here
  • And as I feel very concerned about the fact that Zenimax announced the separation of EU and NA region in two different mega server, I've written a blog post concerning this.


We try to continue to provide the best service for our community,

  • TESOArchive had been created and aim to gather all articles released concerning TESO. A titanesque work as you might understand. Any help would more than welcome!
  • Daggerfall Covenant Nook still need a moderator to keep the page buzy, active and attractive.
  • @Dalgam has posted another thread in the Ebonheart forum: Naming your Dunmer


We will end this Community Talk with a reminder of the Alliance war that started with some taunting screenshots. Have a look in any faction nook to see how we are friendly humiliating each others! Hope to pursue the hostilities in same mindset in future.

For the Dominion! Oups it slipped... I need to stay neutral on those post!