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[Stream] Skyrim Wednesday Show #Episode2

Hello everyone!
I'm very sorry to post this so late, but i really didn't had the time to do it before. Many of you would easily guess why I've been buzy pretty much the whole weekend! *wink*
This second episode was very fun! Many adventures and failures, and I was lucky enough to have a great company in the stream chat!
Anyway, without further ado, let summarise the second show of my weekly serie, focusing this time on the main story. (You will realise fast, that with me, we never stay focused on anything for long)

Elloa was in Solitude to meet Delphine, and get her intructions to start an important operation in the Thalmor Embassy. Their discussion had been interupted by loud roar from the sky!

Video: Nooooo a Dragon! Go away!

Later, Elloa left her friends to go alone in the Thalmor Embassy, where she was to investigate with discretion and carefulness, and obtain the proof that the Thalmor was at the origin of the Dragons return.

Video: Scene at the Thalmor Embassy

Discretion is definitively not Elloa's strenght. The Embassy burned well, and Elloa barely escaped, leaving dead allies behind her. The files weren't proving anything, but some clues led Elloa to Riften. Her journey was interupted however by the meeting of a Kajiit caravan. One of the caravan guard had lost an artefact, and Elloa imediatly proposed her help to find it. Why losing time helping a mere Kajiit, while we are buzy with Dragons and the end of the world must have wonder Brelyna. Heh! Elloa has her secrets too. Maybe those will be revealed in her diary someday....when I find the time to write it!

You are obviously welcome to watch the full stream on my Twich channel. It will hopefully be saved for sometimes.

Part 1
Part 2

See you tomorow, for some new adventures!

[Stream] Skyrim Wednesday Show #Episode1

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I hosted my first Skyrim Wednesday Show on my TwichTV channel. This is something I intent to do every wednesday, at least until the release of The Elder Scrolls Online.
I hope the viewers enjoyed it, despise the few technical issues that I encountered. My computer seems to refuse to let me read books while I stream! Other than that, it went pretty fine and I streamed my adventures in Tamriel for almost 3 hours.
So what happened yesterday?

Elloa, the new archemage of Winterhold, and her old classmate and adventure budy Brelyna were on their way to Solitude. On the side of the road, they had discovered some Dwemer ruins, and couldn't resist the temptation to explore the place. After several adventures in the deepth of the dwarven ruins, the two elves stopped by Dawnstar, visited the museum and sold some potion to the village alchemist.
Later, in the darkness of the nordic night, Elloa and Brelyna made an unexpected meeting on the road.

Want to see this in image? Check the videos below! It's short ones!

I know many Streamers upload their streams on Youtube, but I don't find this very interesting, as the main purpose of a Stream is to interact with viewers. Unless I got viewers asking for it, I do not intent to upload my weekly show on Youtube. However, you can check the broadcast directly on my TwichTV channel if you like. It should stay saved for a while.

Hope to see you next Wednesday for more adventures in Tamriel!