Success is a two face medals: it attract as much praise than criticizm, admiration than jealousy, and in the case of a MMO about to be released, as much hype than hatred.
The Elder Scrolls Online is expected to be the greatest success of the year, or the most humiliating fail. Either one or the other simply due to the huge expectations of the public. It seems that ESO does not have the right of simply being itself.

When someone expected the moon, even if he recieves the most gorgeous diamond, he will still feel disapointement and sometimes bitterness or anger. I'm affraid the expectations of the players are too huge when it comes to ESO, and that they will feel disapointed no matter of how wonderful the game could be. This would be very sad considering the effort and the passion (and the money!) the devellopers are putting in their game, and the potential that such a title carry.

The era where only few games shine is long gone. Today, gamers have a plethora of games to choose from. None are perfect, but most of them are pretty good in their own style. Before to get overhelmed by hype, too much enthousiasm, selling our soul to a game, and then feeling betrayed when the game doesn't reach our expectations, I believe it's good to take the time to annalyse and understand what game we are going to play. Not every game fit every gamer. Not every gamer fit every game. Not every game fit every mood. Know your game and know yourself before to be feel betrayed.

When it comes to ESO, remember that it's a Elder Scrolls game online, and not another generic MMO.
If you expect e-sport kind of PVP, with arena and rating, stick with World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 or some MOBA. You will not find that sort of competition in ESO. However, you can experiment wild PVP following a three factions war model. It's not worse or better. It's just different.
If you trive for world first boss kills, and the congratulations of the community, I guess that WOW and Rift are still better. Or wait for Wildstar to be released. Or whatever game that offers nice raids. ESO will have dungeons and challenging group content, but let's face it : you don't play ESO for raiding, right?
If you are looking for something revolutionary that will change the face of the genre for ever, I suppose you will have to wait for something else. Maybe EverQuestNext would answer those wishes. ESO is different but its ambition is not to re-create a new sort of MMORPG.
If you expect to find a sandbox game, where the open world leave you free and wild to do whatever you want, you may be disapointed. ESO is a game that offers a lot of freedom, customisation, an immense world to explore, and it probably has sandbox elements but it stay a game strongly lead by a story. Wait for Archage if you want pure Sandbox.
If you want action combat with body collision, try TeraOnline. ESO action combat is promised to be dynamic and exiting but it might feel less physical than a game such as Tera. If you want realism, puzzle and clues, check TheSecretWorld. ESO will certainly have quest that requiere you to think, but it will certainly not have the depth of TSW investigation quest.
And lastely, if you expect to live the very same experience than when you were playing Morrowind, Oblivion or Skyrim, you may also be disapointed. ESO will offer you a great immersion and the Tamriel feel you can expect from a Elder Scrolls game,'s not a solo RPG, and therefor it has limitations.

If you keep this in mind, and respect the game for what it is, and not hoping it to be something else, then your expectations will be more rightfull, more reasonable, and you will experiment The Elder Scrolls Online as you should. If you are disapointed then atleast you can be comforted to know that you have not been dreaming of the impossible game. You will also give a great service to the community of Elder Scrolls fans by not claiming and demanding to the devellopers ireasonable features that would betray their vision, and would ruin the game for other players. Maybe ESO is not the game for you. Then, just leave it be, and focus on the games that fit your style! will simply fall in love.

I'm conscious that this article has a weird perspective. Instead of fueling the hype, I'm carefully estinguishing it. I'm convinced that The Elder Scrolls Online is a great game that I'll enjoy with passion. But I also know that it's a game. Not the messie. It will be unperfect. And I'm very fine with that.