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[Community Talk] ANOOK Elder Scrolls Online 24h STREAM event

Hello everyone!

To celebrate the NDA lift and possibility to stream The Elder Scrolls Online, @spartanjesters is organising a BIG event

Hey Guys, Chris here! Just thought that id let you all know that tomorrow with the help of @spartanjesters, @Elloa, @Trekker-Crew, @ZiggsTV and @The-Wang will be doing a 24 HOUR ESO MARATHON. In this event we will be doing the following.
Beta Key Give-aways Every hour. Full game key to the most energetic and interactive person on the day! ESO T-Shirts

For in game Events:

  • Raids across Tamriel,
  • Dance Contests,
  • Boss Fights
  • and PvP Events.

We hope that Everyone can make it to the Event. It will be LIVE on and several other channels at once. We would love if you all came and followed us on ANOOK so you can be notified when the event takes place! We will be streaming Beta Content for 24 hours non-stop with no ads and no brakes!
Thanks for Taking the time to read this. Would be great if you could share this with your fellow ESO fans so they can join in on the fun and chance of winning amazing prizes.


Check out our respective TwichTV channels

A new trend - The UGLY BOSMER

Hello everyone!

A new trend had just been unvoluntary started by @Nybling when he created his video CREATING THE UGLY BOSMER

So let's play the game and let's invade Youtube with tons of #UglyBosmer videos:
Waiting to see all of your video, guys. I'll make a compilation on Anook in a month or so!

What do you think about my Ugly Bosmer so far? Which one between Nybling and mine is the most ugly?

[TESO Talk] All Races Dances - How I choose the music

I had so much fun to edit this video! Honnestly, it's the one video I enjoyed the most to work on! Of course it was a lot of work, because I had to record 18 characters dancing. They had to be relatively good looking, typicall of their races and well placed. I had to redo it several time, cause something happened wrongly.

But the most challenging part was to find a music that would fit and would be free of rights. Wich is why I choose traditional music that belongs to everyone. Most of the music you heard come from life performance from unspecified bands or events.

Sometimes the logical cultural choice was not fitting the dance at all. Sometimes the male and female were dancing on different rythm wich make harder to find a fitting music. For example, I searched for the Argonians music from South America, or drums...but it wasn't working at all. For the Dunmer I tried to find some chineese flute music, as the male was doing movement looking like Tai-chi Chuan. But then again, it was not fitting at all. I'm very happy about the alternative I found though! Especially the Argonian. I've been unfortunate enough though to find an Irish song for the Nord that wasn't a real traditional folk music, but an original composition from a group. My goal is certainly not to steal the work of others, so I decided to put down this first version by myself, even if I didn't had the "Youtube copyright warning".

I really love world music. Even if I'm not usually listening to this style, this is the kind of music that deeply inspire me joy. It's like a free travel to other places!

So guys, what do you think about my choices? Are you able to recognise from wich country come all those musics? Do you find I choose well? Tell me what you think!

[TESO Talk] All Racial Armor Preview

Want to know what badass armour your future hero could wear or craft in Tamriel this 4 april 2014? Watch the video, and pick up your favourite!

While I'm a bit surprised by the silhouette used for a 2014 game, which give the armour a rigid style, I'm very enthousiastic about the style and the racial flavour each armours have. Each race model really fit the Lore, and give something extra that make you want to go for this races instead of that one.
I really love when races in a game have different armour style. This is somthing that had been explored very well in games such as Tera Online and Guild Wars2.

Personally, I LOVE the Khajiit armour, and the Argonians ones. The Khajiit shield is so cool that it's one of the deciding argument for me to roll a Khajiit instead of a Altmer as I was firstly considering.
Yeeees, I know you can craft all armour if your learn them, but still...A Khajiit armour would be sort of not as cool on a long, thin and eleguant Altmer.

And you? What's your favourite?