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[TESO Talk] My experience with healing

A lot of future ESO players are wondering how healing is working, and what build to choose. So I wanted to make this video hoping it would help some players. Following the Video, you can read my personal experience as I tried different healing concept builds along various beta test.
Hope this will be usefull for you, guys!

I've always been healer in every game I've played. It's the role I enjoy the most, honnestly, because it make me feel usefull, needed and important. It's also the role I perform the best. I'm generaly a pretty decent healer. My ego really like that!
In each new game I try, the first informations concerning classes or combat I'm looking for is how the healing is working. What class heal? Is it fun? Is it dynamic? Do I have choices? What sort of healers will I be able to play? Preventive healing? Group heal? Tank heal? Heal over time?
While I've enjoyed the whole filling up the life bars mini game in World of Warcraft and other games in the same trent, action healing is certainly one of the most exciting experience I ever had in a game. Tera Online healing for instance, was absolutely enjoyable, fun, and thrilling!

You can guess that as soon as I got access to The Elder Scrolls Online beta this summer, I wanted to try a healer. Just by reading class and skill lines descriptions, several concept of non traditional healing builds poped in my head, and I had to try them out.

The first idea was of course to create a melee healer. In so many game I've dreamed about that archetype, and never been able to enjoy it properly (before try out Medic in Wildstar, but that's a story for another time). So I started with a very cute Dark Elf Templar, using a destruction staff and two daggers. While it was fun to start with, my first healing experience had been a total fiasco. I didn't had enough mana to sustain my group. I had the feeling my heals were weak, and I was suggested to use a Restoration Staff in addition of my Templar spells, which I though make no sense, as a Templar is supposed to heal with other weapons.

My second character was a Dragonknight healer. I advanced in the Earthen Skill lines, which provide an amazing spell to start with that can stunlock your target. It was extremly fun to use, and I had no issue during the leveling. The seond and thrid skill in the Earthen skill line, also provide a crit buff, and a earth shield that can be morfed to beneficiate the whole group. I found the dragonknight, in theory, a very good protecting healer.
My first Dungeon happened very nicely. I had difficulties to preserve my magika, but I discovered soon that I was wasting my spells, and had to focus more on using the Restoration Staff heavy attack wich heals thanks to the first passive.
I tried this concept for several test as I enjoyed it a lot. During the PVP week end, while Shoddycast and Entropy Rising guys experimented the Chalamo, I was enjoying intensively a hybrid build 75% magika, 25% stamina. I had a bow as first weapon and the restoration staff as second coupled with several skills from the PVP defensive skill line. It was extremly fun in skirmishes, sneaking on bridges and then trow my Earthen Fist to mounted ennemies, to see them fall from their horse, snare and poison them with arrows, and finish them before they could reach me. For someone that usually get her little butt kicked in PVP, this was extremly fun!
I also tried another version of this Dragonknight, full magika, and light armour. I ad the feeling however that my Earthen buff weren't as usefull as I was hoping they would, simply because they were a lot of Dragonknight playing with me, and providing those buffs already. I also had a lot of troubles to manage my magika, but that may be due everyone playing with high level template character and not really knowing what we were doing. Ressources were wasted and it was a pain to keep everyone alive.

Later I tried Nightblade healer twice, but never managed to level them past level 10. I didn't really enjoyed the leveling with this build, so I dubt that I'd ever create a Nightblade. I saw them in action, though, wile tanking and the concept of using Siphoning spells and healing seems to work very nicely!

My first experience as healer in The Elder Scrolls was surprinsingly difficult. But I soon realised that healing simply need some practise and a good understanding of how the spells are working to not waste ressources. With a strategic positioning and keeping your party mates aware that they can not run in every directions if they hope to be healed, a healer should not have so much problems to keep its group alive. It's certainly disconcerting at first, as ESO heal doesn't look like any other healing in any other MMO I've played so far. It's not like World of Warcraft and the likes, but it's not at all like Tera Online and it's not like Wildstar either. If I need to compare, I'd say it feel like GW2 could have been if there was a trinity including healers. This, because in addition of area of effect heal of various form, there is plenty of smart heal, and passive heal that leave you little control, which is kinda disturbing.

In the end I decided to focus on tanking in The Elder Scrolls Online. While I enjoyed my experience as healer and are interested to overcome the challenge, I have a lot of pleasure to charge, shield bash, and fight in melee. I usually dislike being in melee, but due to the body collision, action combat, I find it very excitting and thrilling. I've planed to make a Templar caster-healer as second character however.

[Community Talk] Ready for Launch?

Hello everyone!

It's a long time I've not published a community talk. In less than one week, The Elder Scrolls Online open its door for all early access! The wait is soon over!

During this long period of waiting, I've tried to devellop the Anook ESO page, and build a strong, dynamic and active community. I've tried to invite interesting personalities in the ESO community that would be able to contribute with their knowledge and experience of the game: I'm very glad that some of them answered my invitation!

I've created a Nook for the use of all: ESOTheoricrafting. I hope it to become a reference on Anook to help players to think their build, choose a class, and pick up the most adapted weapon for their gamestyle. As I'm only an average theoricrafter myself that hates math and addons *wink* I really hope to see players such as @Tholren @Nybling or others sharing their insight and experience.
There is a blog attached to this Nook: my goal is to see experimented players share their knowledge via this Blog by writting insightful articles. If you want to become a blogger, please tell me, so I can give you the admin rights that will allow you to post.
I've started to share interesting videos posted by players that could be usefull, such as the Overcharging serie made by @Nybling If you have a video that speak about classes, build, skill line, itemisations... do not hesitate to share it on the Nook: it will appear on the Nook wall, and be archieved in the Nook videos.


I've also created an album for each Alliance Nook dedicated to Landscapes. Anyone can contribute and upload their own screenshots: I ask you to exclusively add Landscape screenshots without Interface. My goal is to build a large library of image illustrating the wonderfull world of Tamriel. And then share it on Reddit to promote Anook there.
Some of our members, like @LunaDra have already contributed with wonderful images, and I'm hoping some new members like @Elridge or MikaB to add their own screenies to the collection! To add your screenshot to the collection, it's very simple:

  • If your screenshot had already been uploaded, you can edit the image, and add an album: Just type the name of the Alliance, and the right album will be selected for you.
  • If you have not uploaded your screenie yet, just click on the album you want to add your screenshot, and upload it from there.

I'd like to thank @spartanjesters @ZiggsTV and @Trekker-Crew for their active promotion of Anook while streaming or publishing videos. It's that way we will see our community grow and become more and nore dynamic, for the benefice of everyone here! The more the merrier, right!

I'd like also to welcome a guild that have recently joined Anook and have created their Nook here Debaucherous Tea Party "a casual ESO guild focusing on fun and an easy going attitude" They are mainly Ebonheart and play on the NA megaserver

Let's not forget several other guilds that are active on Anook:

[TESO Talk] Greetings from Daggerfall

Poeple criticising The Elder Scrolls Online graphism are obviously not knowing what they are talking about. It might not be as beautiful as a modded Skyrim, and we may have seen better looking characters in a game like Tera Online. True. However, the beauty of The Elder Scrolls Online is ...mesmerising.Anyone denying it is not objective.
The lightning effect ; the weather changes ; the smallest details, may it be a ragged tapestry in a house, or the variety of vegetation bording the road ; the atmospheric sound and the music itself ; the NPC populating countrysides and cities, buzy with their own lifes ; everything is created to render the most immersive world you can experience in a MMORPG.

When I play The Elder Scrolls Online, I'm not sitting in front of my computer anymore. I'm travelling in Tamriel. I smell the perfume of the earth after the rain. I feel the warmth of the sunrays and the freshness of the breeze on my skin. I'm gone, far away, and exploring this universe become my main quest.

I wanted to share those feelings with the future players. Most of videos you will find on internet at this day, will show you how to PVP, build your character, how the combat is working, or how to use that and that item. I wanted to show you how beautiful this game is and how amazing it will be to simply walk arround, enjoy the landscapes, and let yourself dream that you are really there.

I choose to start this serie with Daggerfall, as it's the least popular faction. Maybe this video will arrise more interest for the Covenant. I was, like everyone else, not really tempted by the King Emeric alliance before to actually experiment it. Since I've played through, I realised how beautiful and peacefull this zone was. Daggerfall is a classical high fantasy themed landscape with strong influence in celtic legends and atmosphere. The weather changes very often, from bright and sunny days, to a soft rain, or thunderstorms. This drastically change the mood and add an amazing feel of immersion.

I tried to capture those changes of feels as good as I could. I hope you will enjoy the calm and peacefulness of this video. I had an immense pleasure to record it and edit it.