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Aye its my boy @JustPanda 's birthday today So you know, happy birthday!


@ILMARI is a lil bit older now so we have to treat him like an adult from now on okay XD

Worlds Forums!

Sup guys!

We have gone and made some forum boards for worlds, update them how you see fit! We wanted to shelter those not fortunate enough to see the games the pain of having it spoiled! So please post here!


A big happy birthday to Ilkq!

So, my its my dear friend @ILMARI birthday today!

So you know I wanted to say happy birthday and shit because hes like the coolest kid I know, has so much swagger and he gets all the ladies :3

But I kid! Happy Birthday buddy! Thanks for being awesome :3

(Stop being a shit and tell me what you want for your birthday Q_Q)

Welcome are new admin, @Knorti!

@Knorti will be joining are array of admins after many displays of awesome dedication and great prowess with dealing with situations! :)

End Game screens!

League as a game is very competitive, so of course when you go all kids of ham and end up with 2 pentakills on Urgot then we know that you will want to share it for everyone to see and deservedly!

So we can only say that as we are part of that community, we would love to see your end game screens and all other game information you can ruster up!

Good luck on the rift!


Quick question!

Can you guys comment on what you count as spoilers so that I can better prevent people ruining it for others... Also if you wish to discuss LCS and other League esports use this wonderful nook LCS Discussion Nook!



People have been asking sooo...

I would like to say that Me, @ILMARI and the rest of the admins have no problems or restrictions on where you post your stuff, you can share it to anywhere you like and that is fine by us because this is a community and nothing should hurt it! I just made this post to clear up and put the opinion of Alliance up for you guys to see.


Edge and Ilkq

LAST CALL! 1 v 1 Tournament last few hours for sign ups!

Post 1
Post 2

Sign up for the 1 v 1 tournament so that you can be in the running for the prizes!

LoL Alliance Christmas Tournament

So starting tomorrow there is a christmas 1v1 tournament that anyone on EUW or NA can join! We would really like to have you as a parcitipant for this fun tournament which has some rewards for the winner as well. Since I know you're interested in being a part of this you can join check

for more information about signing up!

Anook Starter Guide!

Due to the huge influx of new users on this nook I thought that it would be helpful to give you guys some nooks and people to follow so that you can make the most out of Anook!


Development is where you will find the update notes and other information about what is going on with the site!

Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight is a nook that we are hoping to be reviving soon but until then there are some kick ass interviews on there already!

Community Help

Community Help is a great nook to go to when you have any problems with the site or anything else that could be answered by community members like streaming and other things!

Follow Friday

Follow Friday is just awesome as it lets people pick out the users with great content in the community and show them to everyone! I recommend this nook if you looking for new people to follow!

Talking of people to follow, I recommend that everyone follows @Chocy and @Lonrem as they are the guys who help keep Anook ticking and they are both generally awesome!

However they are not the only guys who can help you out as people like @Josiahfied and @Knightgum are always lurking and ready to help!

I will gladly help anyone who needs it so if you are ever in doubt of something you can also drop me a message and I will pick it up as quick as possible :)!

So yeah, sorry for the fact that its not league related but to help everyone new out I thought this would be super useful so yeah! :3 Anook is awesome and there are a whole load of awesome people on here so why dont we get more ! :D


Edge out.


To start of this Update I would like to say welcome to are huge influx of users! We have grown tremendously the last few days and it is amazing! I hope to get to talk to as many of you as I can! Everyone is welcome and if you have any questions you can message me or any of the mods! Oh and watch out for @LuIu hes odd ;)

I would also like to say a huge thank you to all of are old members like the @AbyssalChasm's and the @The-Ambiguous-Anti's! You guys are awesome as well and yeah thank you!

A huge reminder that the 1 V 1 Tournament is still happening and we need more people to sign up! If you would like to be a part of it here are the links that you need!

We have a piece of information about the tournament and that is that if you are EUNE we will not be able to make the tournament on your server. We apologize for this but we do not have the time and or ability to make it available on your server.

This update was actually a lot shorter than I actually planned for it to be which maybe good or I missed out something important... OH WELL!

Thanks for reading you guys!

Good Luck on the rift!

Edge and @ILMARI out!