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LAST CALL! 1 v 1 Tournament last few hours for sign ups!

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Sign up for the 1 v 1 tournament so that you can be in the running for the prizes!

LoL Alliance Christmas Tournament

So starting tomorrow there is a christmas 1v1 tournament that anyone on EUW or NA can join! We would really like to have you as a parcitipant for this fun tournament which has some rewards for the winner as well. Since I know you're interested in being a part of this you can join check

for more information about signing up!

Anook Starter Guide!

Due to the huge influx of new users on this nook I thought that it would be helpful to give you guys some nooks and people to follow so that you can make the most out of Anook!


Development is where you will find the update notes and other information about what is going on with the site!

Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight is a nook that we are hoping to be reviving soon but until then there are some kick ass interviews on there already!

Community Help

Community Help is a great nook to go to when you have any problems with the site or anything else that could be answered by community members like streaming and other things!

Follow Friday

Follow Friday is just awesome as it lets people pick out the users with great content in the community and show them to everyone! I recommend this nook if you looking for new people to follow!

Talking of people to follow, I recommend that everyone follows @Chocy and @Lonrem as they are the guys who help keep Anook ticking and they are both generally awesome!

However they are not the only guys who can help you out as people like @Josiahfied and @Knightgum are always lurking and ready to help!

I will gladly help anyone who needs it so if you are ever in doubt of something you can also drop me a message and I will pick it up as quick as possible :)!

So yeah, sorry for the fact that its not league related but to help everyone new out I thought this would be super useful so yeah! :3 Anook is awesome and there are a whole load of awesome people on here so why dont we get more ! :D


Edge out.


To start of this Update I would like to say welcome to are huge influx of users! We have grown tremendously the last few days and it is amazing! I hope to get to talk to as many of you as I can! Everyone is welcome and if you have any questions you can message me or any of the mods! Oh and watch out for @LuIu hes odd ;)

I would also like to say a huge thank you to all of are old members like the @AbyssalChasm's and the @The-Ambiguous-Anti's! You guys are awesome as well and yeah thank you!

A huge reminder that the 1 V 1 Tournament is still happening and we need more people to sign up! If you would like to be a part of it here are the links that you need!

We have a piece of information about the tournament and that is that if you are EUNE we will not be able to make the tournament on your server. We apologize for this but we do not have the time and or ability to make it available on your server.

This update was actually a lot shorter than I actually planned for it to be which maybe good or I missed out something important... OH WELL!

Thanks for reading you guys!

Good Luck on the rift!

Edge and @ILMARI out!


Due to the huge influx of users I thought I would just put this out again!
For all the details look here!

Featured Channel of this week is.... @Aarongeddon!

Aaron hails from the land of Canada (coughcommonwealth/empirecough) and is the best, I mean holy shit this guy is funny!

"I make video game commentaries and 'guides,' Usually on League of Legends. There's also the occasional 'wtf did I just watch' video. Scratch that, they're all 'wtf did I just watch' videos'' - @Aarongeddon 2013

I would recommend that everyone should sub to him because he is just a really awesome and funny dude plus he is my canadian waifu.


Mancloud Video (By far the greatest video created):


So once again with another update :D

Last week we announced about are 1v1 tournament to you guys and now we are ready to drop the info about it and how its going to work. For reference here it is

The tournament will work on a wins based ranking system which means the most wins you have, the more likely you are to win!

Sign ups will take place on are new tournament nook which is We will use this to host all future tournaments and this one!

The way to enter is to first of all follow the page, and then post on the forum 5 things! These are...

  • Name
  • IGN
  • Ranking (e.g Bronze 1)
  • Server
  • Favorite Champ ( This for if you get far in the tournament)

Sign ups will close on the 30th, Midnight GMT and that's final. Any entrants past that point will be classed as void and wont be able to compete.

We were met with a lot of questions about how we could stop people rushing ahead and bronze players getting wrecked by the plats and diamonds. The way that we are going to deal with this is to set the tournament up with two main rules in mind; Number one is that you can only play 3 games per day and can only play against the same person twice in one week. We went down this path to not let the people who have a lot of time on there hands rush off and play 20 games whilst others have only been able to manage 1, the other part of this is to stop any chance of people breaking the tournament for the prizes. The second rule is to stop the higher level players being able to continuously spam on the lower levels to win is that if you are a diamond or plat, bronze and silver can only count for 1 of your daily game wins. This decision is still a bit sketchy and I will be checking it up to make sure it isnt incredibly unfair to higher level player. (If you have any serious concerns please do not fret to message me about it)

The games will be Howling Abyss and tournament draft!

The tournament will open on the 1st of December and run until Xmas eve (24th) and during that time I will be available for almost 100% of the time so any concerns/problems can be sent to me or respective admins like @Knightgum and @Vijo.

Also on the first day we would like to stream a few of the 1 v 1 so if you want to be involved with that drop me a message!

The rest of the information is held on the other post which is linked at the top of the post!

We have been tossing around ideas of a competition as well but we still have not come to a decision yet, but hopefully we will announce some more details about it on sunday.

The next message is a little sad that it had to happen but it's necessary that it happens. Anook is not like a forum, which means that its best to not incite arguments due to the fact that everyone is going to see it when it gets out of hand. We will not accept any negative or provoking post/people and we will not be afraid to deal out the necessary punishments. Anook has always a really calm and chill place so lets keep it that way!

Next up I would like put out a request to any of the digital artists on this page! We would really like a new banner for are nook and are open to see what you guys can make for us! Full credit will be given for it of course.

Lastly we would like to say a general thanks for all the support we have been receiving lately from you guys! Its great to have such a interactive community supporting us in the new things we try out!

Thanks again guys (especially for reading, few this was a long one)

Good Luck on the Rift

Edge and @ILMARI


The League of Legends alliance will be hosting a 1 vs 1 tournament starting from the 1st of December.

This tournament aims to test your skills in a 1 vs 1 scenario on the Howling Abyss

After witnessing other tournaments collapse under loop holes in the rules we are planning out a system which does not allow people to rush ahead and gain a lead on everyone else, these will be dealt with in logistical chats with the rest of the ads and other benefactors.

(Euw)The final day of the tournament will happen on the 24th with the finals being done as close to Christmas as we can get the 6 finalists as possible.

(Na) Im looking to see if there is any intrest in it from the US and if anyone would be willing to help out in the planning for the NA side of things... Looking at you @Aarongeddon and @OriginalHayze. (Plus anyone else :3 )

The prizes for the winner will be a £20 visa/paysafe card (or other possibilties) and the 2 runner ups a £10 Visa/Paysafe card and maybe some other surprises along the way.

We are also looking for people to cast this tournament and other people to help set up screens and covers for the streams.

We hope to announce more details in the coming week.

Also adding to the Christmas awesomeness is a contest which will be fully announced on Wednesday and that will be a art/video thingy hopefully.

Carrying on, we are looking for next weeks featured channel and streamer ( with last weeks being @Zyda and @DeAxiom) so if you want to send me your stuff I can check it out for you and put you into the cycle.

Next up I have to say a huge thanks to people like @LuIu and @Wukong for really paying attention and toning down whilst still keeping up the great content so huge props to them.

I would also like to thank @Knightgum and @Vijo for being a great help and for posting really great content in a total :D

Lastly I would like to thank everyone for helping us tick over the 2000 milestone and for sticking with us all the way... This will also come with more giveaways and things so keep an eye out.

So yeah

Good Luck on the rift guys

Thanks for reading.

Edge, @ILMARI and the rest of the alliance ads.

The first featured streamer is... @DeAxiom

@DeAxiom is a streamer who is an awesome guy who has fun with friends and viewers when he streams. He comes from Portland, USA which is somewhere I guess :3 ANYWAY. DeAxiom is a awesome guy who is chill and yeah go check him out :D


Twitter: TheDeAxiom



First Featured Channel is... @InfamousZyda!

@Zyda makes awesome league of legends comedy videos.

Zyda is an overall awesome guy who resides in the great nation of Canada *cough*Commonwealth*cough*. I have known this guy for ages on anook so I have seen enough to tell you that hes an cool, calm and fun guy to play league with and just chat with.

You can hit up his channel here =

His Twittter =

His Faceboobs =

and his Twitch.Tv stream = [url=

So yeah check out his stuff like Global Party =

(sorry for it being so short I dont really have much else to put as this is the first one and blah blah blah excuses)

Looking for new Admins+Giveaways and More info #1 Update

So we are on the look out for more eagle eyes admins to help rid this page of anything that is not deemed fit for the nook. If you want to be a Ad just send me or @Knightgum a message asking about at it and saying why you will be good and so and so :D

Next order of business is going to be about the new Highlights that we will be doing...

It will start from tonight and will be featured streams and channels and maybe videos and other stuff after we see whether of not this works out well :D

Next up we have to deal with this increasing amount of league roleplayers.

I would like to make clear that the content your are posting may be cute to some, but to a large majority who have complained it is becoming and increasing problem. One or two pictures a day is fine but a continuous stream of posts of non OC creations is not on. People have been told the appropriate places to post these pictures and gifs but still do not seem to catch on. All of the ads have been warned and after this post we will only be giving out one warning before we take any other kind of action. I hope any of the roleplayers will take a look at @Lulu as he is setting the best example right now.
We hope you take heed to these words as we hate having to be so down about stuff.

Lastly and to cheer everyone up we have big announcement which should be dropping in the next few days as well as giveaways and other great things :D

Thanks Edge and Ilkq