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Awesome Birthday Giveaway!

Okay, So because im me and stuff, and my birthday is in like 2 days (28th), I thought that it would be a pretty cool idea to do a big giveaway.

So yarh, On my livestream on my birthday, You, can all have the chance to grab some steam games and stuff!

You just enter by typing in chat what ever I say on the day... Where the lovely @Nekhanimal should hopefully write down the people and stuff...
I will mostly be playing league which may mean some skin giveaways (possibly);)
So yarh


So as it goes...

Blar Blar Livestream Blar Blar games Blar Blar Rage Blar Blar Lawls...


See you on tuesday...

How 2 Team

Having seen numerous attempts by other people (crash and burn) I thought that its my turn to take a try at this (or crash and burn >(. )

The plan is, To set up a team... Euw and NA, For the SNGP...

I thought this would be a good opportunity to create a team as I can sit back and manage the stuff around it with some help from other people...

To get in its pretty much Gold and up, I understand that if your silver but deserve to be gold (Im bronze 1 so yeah) but its just easier.

Send me a link to you LOLKing and maybe a LOL replay if you have access to that.

Soo yeah, If you want to be part of the team, Just say so In the comments section with your LOLKing and (possibly) a LOLreplay.

Yours Faithfully
P.s I wont play in this team much, Just be managing it and maybe a few games if you need a filler.