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So guys... How about some world chats?

Hey guys Edge here....

I though to myself... Whats better than watching worlds... I know... Watching it with others...

After that completely original stroke of genius I decided to set up a raidcall group for us to all talk about pre post and ingame for the last 3 matches :D

So hows about it...??? :D
5466294 : Raidcall ID


So guys... World finals are approaching... How about some hype building and maybe a little trash talking... Whats your say on everything's that happened so far?


So... I would like to ask that you do not post any game spoilers...

It can ruin someones excitement and its not like you even give them a day to catch up...

This is the first and last warning... Esports spoilers arent fun especially for worlds... :P


New Champion Predictions

This was a poster handed out at pax prime which in the bottom left features a arm not quite like we have ever seen before out of any other champion... So what does this mean you may ask... Well I have found multiple predictions and after finding a surrender at 20 post talking about the next champion I found some interesting information..

The next champion after Lucian is designed by Gypsylord who you also know for making Vi and therefore the best to know Vis lore... When surrender at 20 reached out to him... He responded the classic riot way with riddles....

He also fielded a question on when his next champion would be coming out, which he announced it should be after the NEXT champion - which is being done by gypsylord!
"My next champ will be storming Summoner's Rift directly after our next addition to the League. GypsyLord's second champ stole the spot ahead of me."

This drew gypsylord into the conversion, replying:
Which lead CertainlyT to reply:
"No (tm)? You've jinxed us."
and then gypsylord to comment:
"Yeah I suppose exact dates are still up in the air."

The words he was using stuff like Jinxed and up in the air lead us back to the mysterious arm in the poster, which contains clouds and bullet casings... Is this Vi's sisters first seeing into the league as we know it? Gypsylord would seem like the only man for the job for this character so what do you think... With tattoos like that is she a flying air manipulating gun user or is lucian still to fresh... Will she be the new ap we have been waiting for due to words like jinxed? You guys can decide for your self!