"A few years ago, the game you bought, was the game you got." - It was with this words that John Riccitiello, the CEO of Electronic Arts opened the EA press conference.

After hearing this, my initial thoughts were that the press conference was going to be all about DLCs but it actually turned out to be a great press conference.

This article covers the following titles:

  • Dead Space 3

  • Madden NFL 13

  • SimCity Social

  • SimCity 

  • Battlefield 3

  • Star Wars The Old Republic

  • Medal of Honor Warfighter

  • Fifa 13 & EA Sports Football Club

  • Need for Speed Most Wanted

  • Crysis 3

Dead Space 3
The gameplay footage showed a frozen planet infested with Necromorphs. Inside the buildings the atmosphere seemed like the same as in previous games. The HUD is still the same as before (minimal information on-screen and all pointed towards the character, not the player). The voice acting was really good as was the ambiance sound. To me, the most exciting news were the addition of drop-in drop-out co-op. Can't wait to hear more about this game.

Madden NFL 13
To be honest, i've never played a game on the Madden NFL series (probably because they aren't even sold in Europe, i think). The game actualy looked pretty good, with those realistic physics because of the Infinity engine, even the players body mass is taken into account. The game also features a lot of cool features like a virtual Twitter feed and being able to manage your team on a PC, tablet and smartphone.  

SimCity Social
Oh no, a Facebook game. It actually looks good, as long as it doesn't have those giant load times that  those kinds of games usually have. I can't wait to be bombarded with invites to the game -_-'. 

The graphic engine looks really good, the game is a lot colorful in contrast with SimCity 4 that was a little gray in my opinion. The addition of multiplayer features seems like a really good idea. And what looks like Godzilla attacking the city is really cool.

Battlefield 3
I wasn't expecting to see Battlefield 3 at E3 but what they presented was really great. Seems like they are trying to counter Call of Duty: Elite with Battlefield 3 Premium. BF3 Premium will give players exclusive in-game items and early access to the new themed digital expansion packs. Speaking of those, they look like a good addition. A lot of new game modes and more weapons and vehicles

Medal of Honor Warfighter This game looks like any other modern FPS, the room breach looked just like what we see in Call of Duty as did the crosshair on the grenade launcher placed on that robot turret that they control (again, just like CoD) i'm still not convinced about it.  

Fifa 13 & EA Sports Football Club
Players are able to take their EXP and Level from Fifa 12 to Fifa 13 and returning players will get bonuses on the in-game shop. Fifa 13 on iPad, iPhone and Android will also be connected to EA Sports Football Club. Other than that its just the annual update to the graphics and physics engine.  

Need for Speed Most Wanted
I didn't really understand if the game is a remake of the original or a new one with the same title like they did with Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. The crash camera looked just like the one on the Burnout series. Other than that, the game looks good.

Crysis 3
As with the previous Crysis games, the graphics are awesome, all the particles flying from the bullet hits and the smoke and flames all look amazing. The sound is another thing that is also worth mentioning since it's great. I can't wait for this game to come out.  

Overall i have to say it was an amazing press conference with some really great news announced.