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Lock & Load

Hello Gamers,

So I am sitting here thinking about my trip to Seattle and the upcoming weekend of gaming and am so excited. This year they have promised us some big things, they will have a second floor of gaming, more competitions, more prizes, more gaming. This year will be the first year that I haven't signed up for a tournament, I wanted to do more Iron Arena (Free Play) games so I could get some of the better SWAG. I feel completely unprepared as I only played one recent game to prepare, though it gave me some great insight on how to run my almost complete cavalry list. Vlad the Great Prince of Umbrey got a lucky win against Skorne's Makeda Unit caster who decimated most of my cav. Matt pulled out all the stops but we both ended up making some big mistakes. My favorite thing about playing Skorne is it is always a close match. My roommate has a few different factions so I have gotten used to playing different styles but I still feel unprepared and I also wasn't able to get a few units that I really wanted but I think I will put up a good fight for those trying to cross the forces of the Mother Land.

This year, even with more space and availability, L&L sold out almost immediately which is unfortunate. I would have liked for all my friends to be there like last year but as fate would have it only two of us were able to get tickets in time. This year I decided that I didn't want very many classes so I just decided to take the State of the Factions to catch up on some of the history of the Iron Kingdoms. I love this class because you can usually get the devs to go into more detail and get some extra knowledge about the factions motivations. So this week I will try to play on some of the grand boards and get some good pictures. Also I will try to take shots of the new faction and other models coming to release. L&L has been a great experience in the past and everyone is really nice, we talked to the devs about modeling and other techniques they used in their specific roles and they were happy and willing to stop and share with us. The other gamers are really nice and are always ready to throw down with you. Even playing in the tournaments people are willing to show you some tricks or forgive some of your mistakes (as long as you aren't too far ahead). I never realized how big the community was until I played against some people across the planet.

I'm looking forward to this weekend, I cannot wait to get in a bunch of games and get to hang out with some like minded people. Again I will try to release as much stuff to you guys as possible. Have a great week everyone and remember Go Forth and Conquer!

- Brandon

Lock & Load :: Lock & Load Gamefest 2013
Convention Information May 31 - June 2 2013 at the Red Lion Hotel, Seattle On May 31st, June 1st & 2nd, 2013, …
Mantra of the Bodhisattva of Chaos, Verse one.

Good morning world,
I awake today to find the cruel hand of fate has slapped me squarely in the face again. Okay, so It is really just a hang over and I lost at Warmachine again.

A couple of hours ago in the predawn glow of my bathroom I found myself with a troubled mind standing over the toilet trying not to get sick all over the place. I was still slightly drunk and functioning on less than 4 hours of sleep. My mind was a roiling maelstrom of activity (full blown ADHD here, fair warning), however I was not troubled by the half-plus bottle of whiskey I drank last night, or even the reasons behind it's consumption. I found my mind consumed with thoughts of tactics and statistical averages, threat ranges and charge lines, points costs and faction allowances. I was considering all the ways I could have played WM/H better last night.

My next thought was clear and sudden: "What the fuck is wrong with me?"

After some clear headed-ish thinking I have an answer to that question: nothing! Well, nothing related to that line of thinking. I am a gamer. I hate that term, but let me be clear: I am a gamer.

I recently berated Mr. LuciusExitius because he stamped me with the label of "gamer." I ranted and raved about body odor and negative social connotations, using the Magic: The Gathering crowd at the local game shops as an example of the type of people I associate with the term, and the type of people I do not want to be associated with.

I see now that I was wrong about this. The folks I so railed against being categorized with are gamers, but they are also degenerate-scum! The problem I had was not with the gamer side of the culture, but the giant-man-child side of it. So if the constant B.O. and the lack of social graces, etc. exhibited by those expressing a love for games is not what defines a gamer then I needed to figure out what a gamer truly is.

Last night I found out.

Gamers are a community. A community supports it's members. Last night some friends and I got together to hang out. I got some news that was difficult to take and began hitting the bottle a bit harder than usual. They knew something was bothering me but let me do my thing, pledging support if it was needed. Though I didn't need a shoulder to cry on I did need support, weather I wanted to admit it or not, and support me they did.

To the rhythm of clacking dice and the sound of laughter and the occasional verbal jab they pledged their support. When I was too drunk to play more WM/H or even clean up my mini's they offered to do so for me and the sober one carted me home.

Then we played League of Legends until 2 am.

I look forward to being a part of a larger community of gamers. Welcome to Anook.