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Happy 3d Anniversary, Whitestar!

Greetings Whitestarians!

And happy anniversary! We celebrate the 3rd year of our Whitestar rebirth here on Anook! While Whitestar had been created in December 2009, we truly started the community here on Anook in 2014, with a small guild in The Elder Scrolls Online, 5 active members in World of Warcraft and the project of sharing a starship in Starcitizen.
Over the courses of few weeks, many friends returned to Whitestar, many new faces joined, and some of them are now so representative of our community! Can you imagine that once upon a time Ed, or Neny wasn't part of Whitestar?

During those three years we have been through many events, many games, many changes and much evolution! We have been through difficulties, but in the end, we have built a stronger community of friends that share good times in various games... and Discord!

Do you remember our housing tour in Wildstar? Our Saturday community event on teamspeak? Our trade run in ArcheAge? Do you remember the daily-quest events in World of Warcraft? The beach party in Stros M'Kai and our meeting at Klang Manor in The Elder Scrolls Online? Do you remember to cross paths with Gyudan's workers farming or being crushed by Lunadra 's wagon in Black Desert?

Do you remember Neny's fishing parties in every game, and all the sparkles thrown on Discord? Or the discussions around the fire place in Final Fantasy, the shout of victories after killing a hard boss in World of Warcraft, the screenshots sharing at Fallout4 release, the small team action in GTA5, the monster hunt in Evolve, Whitestar VS Whitestar in Heroes of the Storm or Overwatch!
So much memories to share in three years! And so much more memories to create for future!

To celebrate Whitestar’s 3rd Anniversary, we will organise different events!

Share with us, in this thread, one of your best memory in Whitestar. If you have a screenshot to illustrate it, it's even better. A short description can suffice, but you are free to elaborate as much as you want!

The whole month of March will serve to celebrate Whitestar! We will organise more events than usual in all our active games. The purpose is to gather, meet, chat, and have fun together!
Each guild leader is encouraged to organise a little gathering, but we will also organise events outside our MMORPGs! Stay tuned, and do not forget to sign up!

Our monthly meeting are back! The first Saturday of each month, we will gather on Discord at 09PM for a short, but fun little meeting! First meeting will happen the 4th of March. SIGN UP HERE
Each Council will give a small update about the games we do play, and our community activities. We will welcome the new members if we have any, and let them introduce themselves. We will give our thanks to deserving members of the community, and then we will initiate a roundtable.

How to speak in a roundtable
Each member will be invited to say hi, what they have enjoyed to do lately, or anything else they may want to add.
One a person is done, he or she will say "next" to let the next person in the Discord list to speak.
If you do not have anything to say, saying hello to everyone is also very nice!
If you really don't want to speak, because you are shy, you can mute your microphone and speak in Discord text chat instead.

Thank you to every Whitestarians for the amazing time spent together! It has been three wonderful years and may much more to come in future!

[ESO] Decorate your home for Whitestar Anniversary

To celebrate the release of Homestead and the 3d Anniversary of Whitestar's rebirth, I propose a little contest, a party, the chance to win some amazing prizes, and most importantly the opportunity to have fun with everyone in Whitestar!

Decorate your home!

  • Decorate your home for the Whitestar anniversary! It doesn't matter how you do it, which weird traditions or anniversary ritual you follow, what matters is that you think of your friends in Whitestar and are ready to receive them with grace for a Anniversary party!
  • You have one month to get a home, and prepare it for the party! Do not forget to set up the permissions to allow all of your guildies to visit your home. To ensure that everyone can visit it, even if you are offline, please make that home your main home!

The Party!

  • Hourrah! Happy anniversary Whitestar! On Friday 10th of March, we will gather in Stros M'Kai, as tradition dictates, to celebrate our 3d anniversary.
  • We will wear our most resplendent beach-party outfit, and share some cake and drinks! However not too much, as we will have to visit the homes of everyone! Who knows? Maybe someone has thought about preparing a feast for our visit!
  • Once we are well fed and tipsy, we will travel to the homes of our friends and see how they have decorated it for the party.
  • Depending of its size, a home is limited to receive a certain number of guest, so we will not travel by massive group, but simply freely travel to one home to another. Everyone must visit every home before the end of the event. It would be rude otherwise!

The Contest!

  • I'll ask to everyone to vote for their favourite home during the event. That's why it's very important you visit each home and you do not forget one.
  • The winner will be the one with most votes from the guild. We will celebrate that person by /bucketsplash or throwing mud-balls.

The Prizes!
There will be prizes! First of all, all hosts will receive a decoration for their home as thanks to have participated. I'll give the reward randomly no-one will know what they will get.
There will be also 2 main prizes:
The Guild vote, and then Nicky & My choice. The prizes need to be determined, and will be announced in advance, but you can be assured that it will be a very nice prize!

How to participate?

  • You just need to have ESO installed. You do not need to have ESO+, and your level do not matter.
  • You can participate in the contest even if you are poor! Just do the introduction quest of homestead, and you will receive free apartment. It's small, but you can already decorate it.
  • Some furniture is not expensive and you can start already with few things.
  • However, if you want to participate to the contest you need to be present at the event.
  • You can participate in the party even if you have no home. Just join us and have fun!

Happy Anniversary Whitestar!

[ESO] New Life Festival

To celebrate the new year, Whitestar gathered in Tamriel for the New Life Festival event. It was the first social event organised in ESO since a very long time, and I've been very happy to see so many members joining, including old members that just restarted the game recently! @boinged @Naul @Acharial @Wolle0rism @Hultay @MaggieOne
Thanks to everyone that joined and made that evening very enjoyable! My special thanks to @PhunkeyMonkeh that toke in charge the lead and explanations of every quest and achievements! If the night was a success, its truly because of his help!

Boinged, Acharial, Elloa, Phunkeymonkeh, Naul and Wolle pausing in front of Klang Manor.

Hultay looking for a suitabel costume for the party in the Crown Store

Celebrating the New Life festival like true Nords

Its cold though!

PhunkeyMonkeh telling Elloa stories while fishing

Considering that the interest for The Elder Scrolls Online within Whitestar is rising, and the game earn in flexibility with One Tamriel, I'm planing to organise more social events of the like in future.
Homestead will generate a lot of need in various areas, such as achievements, need of gold and materials or motifs. We can prepare ourselves together via different fun events! I'm thinking of Craglorn events, Thief contest, Dungeons of course, World bosses and dark anchor event, maybe even PVE excursions in Imperial City or Cyrodiil!
If you have any ideas or wishes, do not hesitate to share in the comments below!

[ESO] Activity is back!

During several weeks our little ESO guild had been quiet and not very active. This is due to a combination of reasons that include the release of WOW - Legion, a renewed interest for FFXIV, the release of Skyrim revamped and real life hiccups.
ESO has never been the most successful game in Whitestar. But it is still a game that some of us love dearly and many of us enjoy to go back in Tamriel time to time! I think it's a valid reason to maintain our guild active and organise some events with no pressure for those that would enjoy it.

I'm announcing the come back of the Wednesday Relaxed PVE event and the Community Trials (organised on this Nook, as it will include non Whitestarians).

  • The Wednesday events are open to everyone! No matter your level, your faction, your role, we will find a way to enjoy ourselves and have fun! Those events will also not require any sign up. We will start at 9pm, if you are late, you will not have to wait for long before we can adapt the event to include you!
  • The Community Trials events require you to have a Veteran character with +- 160 CP minimum, and a correct gear. I also ask you to sign up with your role, and respect the rules of the event for a smooth organisation.

Read more about the Community Trials here

In addition of that, I may, or may not organise themed events, such as Veteran Dragonstar Arena, World Bosses Hunt and the likes. As reminder, anyone in the guild is more than welcome to organise their own events as they see fit!

If you are suddenly in the mood of playing ESO, but would rather do it together with someone, do not hesitate to organise yourself via Discord. Maybe someone would be happy to level up a character with you, or doing some skyshard hunt! With One Tamriel there is no more faction or level restriction, everyone can play together at all time!

Our recruitment reopen

Whitestar is the attempt to create and experiment, within the virtual worlds, an ideal society based on understanding, respect, compassion, friendship. Our main objective is to build a space that feels secure, cozy, joyful and warmhearthed.

We have closed our recruitment for several months, to allow each of our member to settle nicely in our community. Now, it's time to open our doors to like minded players that are searching for a stable community, a family on the web, a place to share our common passion.

Whitestar is before everything a multigaming community that focuses on its members and to build long standing friendship beyond games. Our primary goal is and will always be our community. This means that – on the contrary of most guilds - we evolve around our members interests instead of adapting our community to our gaming ambitions.

Whitestar had been created 6 years ago as a World of Warcraft tiny guild, and had gone through many metamorphosis and many games since then. It's more than 2 years that we have settled on this form. We have established our headquarters on Anook and Discord where we communicate and share our passion every day. We have guilds in various games, though the activity and the number of members varies depending on the mood and current interest of our community. We try to be flexible and set an organisation that will fit the best our members wishes.

Current active guilds (June 2016)

The Elder Scrolls Online
Server: Eu PC Megaserver
Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Guild Leader: @Elloa
Activity: Casual PVE – Dungeons
More infos: here
World of Warcraft
Server: Argent Dawn Eu
Faction: Alliance
Guild Leader: @Savian
Activity: Casual PVE – Social, Raiding (Legion)
More infos: here
Final Fantasy XIV
Server: Odin
Faction: /
Guild Leader: @LunaDra
Activity: Casual PVE – Social, Raiding
More infos: /
Activity: Quick Play team – Fun Custom matches

We Recruit

  • Players that are seeking for a new home where to enjoy games at their own rythm.
  • Players that value the community above anything else.
  • Players that are dynamic, joyful, passionated.
  • Players that want to actively participate in our community may it be on Anook, Discord or in game.

What can you expect from us?

  • A growing community established in ESO, WOW, FFXIV and other games
  • A warm hearted environment where your person will matter and will be welcomed
  • Organized events, dynamic forums and Discord server, TwichTV channel and more...
  • A Council that listens to the members feedback and wishes

What we expect from you?

  • To be an overall nice person
  • To believe in our project and agree with our ideals
  • To be an active member of our community, no matter the games you play or do not play

Interested to know more about us?
Check out our forums on, the social network for gamers:

TIP - "Today I Play" - Remember you can do these too!

Every day there are these weird pictures showing up on the Whitestar page, saying "TODAY I PLAY". Members of the community keep posting stuff below these pictures and sometimes even have little dialogues/multilogues! But do you even remember what these are for and that you can take part in creating them too?!

We are a multigaming community! And an extraordinary great one :) With the help of the TIPs we:
- keep track of what our members are playing to not get lost
- organize playing together spontaneously, like "hey, i read you are playing Guild Wars 2 today? Nice, can I join you for some quests there?"
- keep the community active, in games, on Anook as well as for communicating with each other. Maybe even people who would normally not play the same game, stumble into each other and discover what others are doing!

Is this still valid since we use Discord?
It sure is :) Not everyone is using Discord all the time. Also, TIPs won't get "spammed" like a regular chat box. Generally, our Anook guild website as well as the TIPs are still very important to organize ourselves, to keep track of what others are doing, to see their pretty or badass screenshots. ANd not everyone feels like chatting openly 24/7.

I can create TIPs too?
Hell yeah! No matter if you are a long time member who forgot there is a post for this or if you are a new addition to Whitestar: we have a special thread you can post your TIPS, the TIP bank - post your TIP here!

Feel free to become creative and post some of your own TIPS there. And do not worry: you don't need to be a master in graphic design :) I only use Microsoft Paint myself. As long as it is fun to you and you want to help the community, go ahead!

The only limit is your imagination!
Just post them in this thread and we, the council, will be using them in the future!

Be part of Whitestar! Create your "Today I Play" image TODAY :D \o/

Whitestar may evolve, no one will be left behind.

Dear everyone,

When I realize the road Whitestar has accomplished together, I'm filled with pride and joy. I'm looking back far behind, and I see a mere dozen of people gathering in the snow of Wrath of the Lich King. Today, we have hundred of members, several guilds, lots of projects and we managed to keep despite of our growth, a feeling of family.
We have always taken our time. We are sometimes too slow, which can lead to some frustration as we are not really capable to compete with the fast progression of others guild. But the fact we are taking our time, is what give solidity to our projects. It matter and its better on long term.

Lately we have known a big boost in terms of changes. We switched over Discord, allowing many members to bond together within or accross games, we have seen some old members coming back and becoming actives, we can discuss more, and make decisions faster. Some players are joining each others in different games. More members are jumping from one game to another. This sole change of voice server is shaping our community differently. It has made a huge impact that we can not ignore.

We have a dedicated Minecraft server, created and taken care off by Hultay. Members from various game can gather, and build houses together, having fun and sharing a experience different than their usuall MMORPG.

We also have created our TwichTV channel shared between several members. We are trying to organise ourselves arround a weekly schedule, to test shows that can amuse everyone, share the community activities to our members and various viewers, and help our streamer to promote their name and personal channel if they had personal ambitions.
The Whitestar weekend had been a great success and was very fun, but it didn't stopped there, and the channel continue to grow its audience.

And lastely, we have our project in Black Desert . Many members from all games are joining together in this adventure, and we can expect many to follow! It's the very first time that so many members are hyped about a same game and many of them have never played together before! This project will be a great test for Whitestar and to see how our values carries over a new game.

All those changes are very positive, we can be happy and continue on our road. But then we look back, and we see that some of our members are left behind. Either because the changes happened too fast and they can't follow. Or because they are happy were they stand and don't wish the follow the move. It doesn't matter. We have members left behind, and its time to make an halt. To let them catch up with us. Get them used to the novelties. Ensure that they still feel good and at home. Its our mission, our responsibility, what make Whitestar special, and different from other communities.

If we see some members having a hard time to adapt, some members overwhelmed by all the new names, or having difficulties to keep their place in "the gang" they were part of... its time to pay attention to them. Take a moment to notice their discrete distress, and make them feel at home again. If we are not doing this, we are betraying one of the core feature of our Community. So I'm asking each and everyone of us, to be attentive, to observe and try to notice if someone need some special attention. Not everyone will speaks up. Not everyone will share. Because very often the person will feel that its his own responsability to feel included in the community, or they may even not realise what's going on. There is just something amiss. A vague feeling of "it's not like it used to be" ... The Council, guild officers can pay attentions, and do their best. But we are not enough. We need everyone to work on this.

For this reasons, we have decided to stop completely our recruitment for the time being accross all our guilds, except for family members and close friends.
We will focus on our existing guilds and the new Black Desert project, and in the meantime promote some community activities such as games on Discord, other multiplayers games evening etc...
We will think and discuss various solutions to help to maintain nice bonds between our members and ensure no one feels left out.
Also, remember you can always speak up if you ever feel "something is amiss!"

A light in the night

The Hollidays, and no matter what are our religions, beliefs or disbeliefs, is a time to focus on our beloved one. Its a Celebration of Love and Joy. And even if we love our beloved ones every day of the year, its the right time to add a little extra, one more though, one more act, to show them how much we appreciate them.

Whitestar is our family on internet. Its a home that had been concieved, and build stones by stones to be a welcoming place for those that were meant to find a shelter on internet. No matter the reasons that lead you here, no matter how much time and energy you want to spent with us, this place is meant to be a save place where you can relax, open your heart, trust in the goodness of the world, share your burdens and find comfort with loving and caring persons.
No matter why you are here, you are all welcome as much, and we will take care of you. We are together here, because the world can be a harsh place. Because sometimes to take care of our loved ones is difficult. Because sometimes we lose trust in ourselves. We feel lonely. We are lost. We are discouraged. Whitestar is not only a home to play games. This is a simple excuse to gather us. This is what lead you here probably. But the real purpose of Whitestar, is to be this white shinning light in the dark winter night, that will lead you to a safe place.

Come by the fire, feel the warmth of our home, have some cookies and your favourite drink, and feel the love warming your heart. No matter who we are, no matter what is our story, no matter our beliefs and our purpose in life, we all need a place to rest, a place to regain strenght, a place to relax and feel loved.
That's the real purpose of Whitestar. And that's what I'll work on ... always.

Thank you to be there with me and to help me making this place the shelter it's meant to be.
Happy Hollidays to everyone!

SUMMER GAME - Chain Postcard game

Greetings everyone!

I had the idea this morning of a nice Community game, and could not wait to share it with you!
This game will last the WHOLE SUMMER, so from today 5-06-2015 till 01-09-2015.

The game is a chain of Postcards sent by Whitestarian to others Whitestarian during the whole summer. Postcard would be screenshots taken to look like a Postcard (it's not forced to add a text such as "Wish you were here". The Screenshot can stay untouched if it look like a possible postcard)

The first person to start the game will sent a Postcard from his/her current game to another player that he/she doesn't know very well: Preferably someone from Whitestar that is not currently playing the same game. This Postcard need to include an Image (Screenshot looking like a Postcard) and a little text.

For that, post your image on Whitestar wall, and write your "letter" in the description of the image, tagging the person you are sending your Postcard to.
You also tag the Game related to your Postcard.

For example:
Dear @Ramagh,
I'm spending great time in Malabal Tor, exploring the jungle and enjoying the sunset with the soothing song of the waves crushing on the beach.
I wish you would leave the sands of Stros M'Kai and explore Tamriel one day! I would show you some amazing places!
Take care, Your friend, Elloa

@Ramagh in return should answer to me, as comment in my image. Because its polite.
But most importantly, he must sent a new Postcard to someone else.

And the game continue....

Amusing isn't it? I hope this game will amuse everyone, anbd will put a lot of life in our nook and in Anook in general!
You can choose any games you are currently playing, there is no limit!
I'll let few days for someone to start the game.

Let's have fun and enjoy the summer!

Whitestar in other games

During this one first year of gaming together we have seen our community settle down and flourish in two MMORPG: The Elder Scrolls Online and World of Warcraft. We have regular players, activities, progression, and it seems that our guilds are well established enough to flourish and evolve in a positive way!
But Whitestar is more than that, and we have more opportunity to play games together.

We have a clan in Diablo, and some members, like @Alakina and @Baktra that are entierly dedicated and passionated by this game. The Season3 is starting and it's a great occasion to level up new character swith other Whitestarians. Some are playing hardcore, some are playing normal! And some of us are certainly willing to enjoy a casual Rift once in a while! Maybe some events and some Diablo nights will be organised in future. Otherwise you can be sure to find some activity in Diablo every day! If you are not part of the Clan, just poke @Nehr for an invite!

Maybe you love MOBA, maybe you hate them! Well, forget your past experiences and tent a fresh approach with Heroes of the Storm the latest Blizzard baby! We have enough beta keys to spare to invite the whole guild. So if you are interested into trying this new style of MOBA, more casual-friendly and entierly oriented into teamwork, poke @Nehr @Nyah @Agagor or @Elloa for a key! The Heroes come all from Blizzard games and have special abilities to perform different roles such as support, tank, melee or ranged DPS.
We will start to organise community events to play together and against each other! This wil promise a lot of fun and memorable moment in our community! First event is starting this Saturday!

Evolve is a new shooter game that oppose a team of four hunters versus a monster. The four hunters will endorse different roles: the trapper that hunt the monster ; the assault, a heavy damage, high survability guy ; the support, that will bring unique abilities to help his team ; and the medic that keep everyone alive. There is several hunters of each type and monsters that a player can unlock by playing.
The game is very immersive, well made, interesting and fun! It's very excitting and thrilling to be the monster, to hide, escape, run and trick the hunters, eat wild fauna and evolve to gain super abilities. It's very fun to be the hunter and to work as a team to hunt and find the monster and kill him before to be eaten!
Several members of Whitestar possess the game. It would be fun to gather and organise a night to play the game together! We could organise contest to see who is the best monster of Whitestar! If you are interested, poke @Elloa or @Internet

Once more, do not be shy and get into TeamSpeak! Best way to chitchat with your fellow guildies and other member of our community! We really would like to encourage everyone to use Teamspeak regularly, even if it's just to use the chat box and not the voice chat!