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[ESO] Decorate your home for Whitestar Anniversary

To celebrate the release of Homestead and the 3d Anniversary of Whitestar's rebirth, I propose a little contest, a party, the chance to win some amazing prizes, and most importantly the opportunity to have fun with everyone in Whitestar!

Decorate your home!

  • Decorate your home for the Whitestar anniversary! It doesn't matter how you do it, which weird traditions or anniversary ritual you follow, what matters is that you think of your friends in Whitestar and are ready to receive them with grace for a Anniversary party!
  • You have one month to get a home, and prepare it for the party! Do not forget to set up the permissions to allow all of your guildies to visit your home. To ensure that everyone can visit it, even if you are offline, please make that home your main home!

The Party!

  • Hourrah! Happy anniversary Whitestar! On Friday 10th of March, we will gather in Stros M'Kai, as tradition dictates, to celebrate our 3d anniversary.
  • We will wear our most resplendent beach-party outfit, and share some cake and drinks! However not too much, as we will have to visit the homes of everyone! Who knows? Maybe someone has thought about preparing a feast for our visit!
  • Once we are well fed and tipsy, we will travel to the homes of our friends and see how they have decorated it for the party.
  • Depending of its size, a home is limited to receive a certain number of guest, so we will not travel by massive group, but simply freely travel to one home to another. Everyone must visit every home before the end of the event. It would be rude otherwise!

The Contest!

  • I'll ask to everyone to vote for their favourite home during the event. That's why it's very important you visit each home and you do not forget one.
  • The winner will be the one with most votes from the guild. We will celebrate that person by /bucketsplash or throwing mud-balls.

The Prizes!
There will be prizes! First of all, all hosts will receive a decoration for their home as thanks to have participated. I'll give the reward randomly no-one will know what they will get.
There will be also 2 main prizes:
The Guild vote, and then Nicky & My choice. The prizes need to be determined, and will be announced in advance, but you can be assured that it will be a very nice prize!

How to participate?

  • You just need to have ESO installed. You do not need to have ESO+, and your level do not matter.
  • You can participate in the contest even if you are poor! Just do the introduction quest of homestead, and you will receive free apartment. It's small, but you can already decorate it.
  • Some furniture is not expensive and you can start already with few things.
  • However, if you want to participate to the contest you need to be present at the event.
  • You can participate in the party even if you have no home. Just join us and have fun!

Happy Anniversary Whitestar!

[ESO] New Life Festival

To celebrate the new year, Whitestar gathered in Tamriel for the New Life Festival event. It was the first social event organised in ESO since a very long time, and I've been very happy to see so many members joining, including old members that just restarted the game recently! @boinged @Naul @Acharial @Wolle0rism @Hultay @MaggieOne
Thanks to everyone that joined and made that evening very enjoyable! My special thanks to @PhunkeyMonkeh that toke in charge the lead and explanations of every quest and achievements! If the night was a success, its truly because of his help!

Boinged, Acharial, Elloa, Phunkeymonkeh, Naul and Wolle pausing in front of Klang Manor.

Hultay looking for a suitabel costume for the party in the Crown Store

Celebrating the New Life festival like true Nords

Its cold though!

PhunkeyMonkeh telling Elloa stories while fishing

Considering that the interest for The Elder Scrolls Online within Whitestar is rising, and the game earn in flexibility with One Tamriel, I'm planing to organise more social events of the like in future.
Homestead will generate a lot of need in various areas, such as achievements, need of gold and materials or motifs. We can prepare ourselves together via different fun events! I'm thinking of Craglorn events, Thief contest, Dungeons of course, World bosses and dark anchor event, maybe even PVE excursions in Imperial City or Cyrodiil!
If you have any ideas or wishes, do not hesitate to share in the comments below!

[ESO] Activity is back!

During several weeks our little ESO guild had been quiet and not very active. This is due to a combination of reasons that include the release of WOW - Legion, a renewed interest for FFXIV, the release of Skyrim revamped and real life hiccups.
ESO has never been the most successful game in Whitestar. But it is still a game that some of us love dearly and many of us enjoy to go back in Tamriel time to time! I think it's a valid reason to maintain our guild active and organise some events with no pressure for those that would enjoy it.

I'm announcing the come back of the Wednesday Relaxed PVE event and the Community Trials (organised on this Nook, as it will include non Whitestarians).

  • The Wednesday events are open to everyone! No matter your level, your faction, your role, we will find a way to enjoy ourselves and have fun! Those events will also not require any sign up. We will start at 9pm, if you are late, you will not have to wait for long before we can adapt the event to include you!
  • The Community Trials events require you to have a Veteran character with +- 160 CP minimum, and a correct gear. I also ask you to sign up with your role, and respect the rules of the event for a smooth organisation.

Read more about the Community Trials here

In addition of that, I may, or may not organise themed events, such as Veteran Dragonstar Arena, World Bosses Hunt and the likes. As reminder, anyone in the guild is more than welcome to organise their own events as they see fit!

If you are suddenly in the mood of playing ESO, but would rather do it together with someone, do not hesitate to organise yourself via Discord. Maybe someone would be happy to level up a character with you, or doing some skyshard hunt! With One Tamriel there is no more faction or level restriction, everyone can play together at all time!

Whitestar Guild Tavern [RP Event]

*you see a letter pinned at the door after you left your house. It looks rough and a little crumbled but you unpin it. Attached to the writing are some little paintings of a woman behind a counter and some other pictures of groups and activities. You begin reading the written text in little faded ink*

Dear Whitestar member,

as you are part of our guild for quite a time we gladly invite you to our weekly night in the tavern in Rivenspire. You shall share some meat and mead with your friends and family, you may even bring a pet or bodyguard of yours, as this countryside is known for threat by vampires.

Day: every Tirdas
Time: starts at 20 pm but you are gladly invited to be there earlier, later or any time that day
Place: Rivenspire, Shornhelm, the local tavern "the Dead Wolf Inn"

*you can see a little map sketched next to the writing*

If you never have been in this place you are free to send a letter to a guild member who will gather his/her mights of magicka and summone you to the place.

There are no duties this night as heroes also need time to rest and brag about their victories or share stories of fallen comrades. But we never know which activities can be followed by simply sharing a beer together..

*you take a look at the attached little paintings again*

*you put those away again, puzzled by the picture of the naked man, clearly not meant for you to recieve*

Looking forward to see you on Tirdays!

(link to event)

Featuring Seamannon art

Today I wanted to feature in our blog the gorgeous drawing @Seamannon made about his ESO characters and his friends characters!

Nymerah - "the one and only Vestige" aka @Kitiandra

Her half-sister Kaarian - also half wolf and half Redgard and half many other wild things aka @Bl1ndB33

Megara - the not -so-innocent vampire doll aka @Shegan

Haera - Cyrodiil's unruly export aka @Seamannon


[ESO] We close our recruitment!

Greetings everyone,

Our main goal in Whitestar has always been to offer a nice, warmhearted, kind and cozy place for our members to play their favourite game. For this reasons, our recruitment policy was to be slow and carefull.
In has taken us a long time to grow our ESO playerbase enough to have the dynamic, active and fun guild we dreamed. Today, we believe we have achieved that goal. We have gathered wonderful members with whom we can spend long evening of adventures and fun! Therefor we have decided together that we will close our doors for a time, and concentrate on discovering each others, leave us the time to build friendship, and learn how to teamwork together.

- Whitestar ESO Guild

[ESO] Our guild is growing!

The Elder Scrolls Online Whitestar guild is growing more and more. This little guild that was almost dead this summer is becoming vibrant of activity and dynamism. For sure @SabreWulf would be impressed by the change (note: this is a hint for you to come back). It's really amazing to see more activity every night when we log in the game, and see our events becoming successful!
But while it's something very good to welcome many new faces, it can also be something stressful for our members that are more shy, or that prefer to be surrounded by familiar faces. I do not want that anyone in Whitestar feel that "this is not the home they have known anymore". I want to be sure that each new name become quickly a well known member, a friend in the becoming. When you build a home, you need to be sure that the cement holding each brick together is dry before to advance further. This is excactly what I'll be focusing on in the weeks to come. I'll make sure the cement that bond us together is drying!

Monday: This is our Dungeon Night. I've included a small change, a meeting in Krang Manor Wayrest starting at 08pm (CET). So instead of wandering left and right while we are composing the groups, we can see every character physically, have some emote exchanges and transform the waiting time into a social activity. We will start the Dungeons run a little bit earlier this time, so players like @Animan that need to leave earlier have the time to participate to several runs. The players that can only log in later, such as @yorkeyg will still have the possibility to join up a group later. I'll be careful to mix up the group as much as possible. For example @jerrem and @Arjun that are friends already would be in different groups. If possible, and depending of the numbers of players participating, I'll mix up the group after each runs!
The Goal of this night is Socialization first. So the groups might not have the best balance in term of classes, and the instance might be scaled a bit low. But this will leave us the occasion to chit chat together and have lots of fun!
If you have only a low level character, do not hesitate to sign up the event. Some of us have several characters and could participate to low lvl instances aswell!

During the WEEK:
In between events, I really encourage everyone of you to try to group up with different persons. The goal is to be sure that this new guys, or this girl that just came back do not stay an unknown member. Some members are more shy than others, some member are more grumpy than others, some members are more social than others, some members are more serious than others, but I can tell you that everyone is Whitestar has a golden heart, otherwise, they would not be in Whitestar :)

I'll end the week by a little meeting on TeamSpeak and a gathering in game at Krang Manor. We will do a super wonderful awesome big guild screenshot! Be sure to have your guild tabard and dye your armor to match it! I choose Saturday because I'm hoping to see a lot of you available that day!
During the meeting, I'll take the chance to have everyone gathered on TeamSpeak to explains how the guild is working, what we are doing, what are our goals, how you can actively participate to build this guild, and explains you how to be an active member of the Whitestar community and mix up with the other members, those you may not meet in game cause they play WOW or other games.
It will be the chance for you to ask any questions you may have, or even to make suggestions if you have any!
After the meeting, we will continue the evening by a game of Hide and Seek in Wayrest. You can find the rules of this event written in the event description.

The month of December will be a special month in Whitestar, as it will be the 5th Anniversary of the creation of the Community. It's also a month to share Joy and Love with everyone. I'd be very happy to see a lot of ESO members join up and participate to the December Challenges and to the recording of the Whitestar movie!

Thanks everyone to have read!

Whitestar News Octobre 2014

Whitestar News: Octobre 2014

It's seven months that we are working on our project Whitestar, and seeing taking shape step by steps. What are the news this Fall?

Whitestar is now established in ArcheAge on the server Nui. After a mitigated success on Kyprosa, we decided to move to Nui to avoid hours of queue, and the character restrictions (that has only be lifted yesterday). This allowed us to gather a lot more members, that are passionated and dedicated to the game. Some real life friends of members joined and we met by chance some old MistAngels that joined us!
The organisation of the guild is in an on-going process. We need to discuss our goals, our wishes and how we wil organise ourselves. Due to the nature of the game, we might have to think a bit out of the box.
At the moment we have various guild project: boats, guild Village that are taken care off by some of our most dedicated members. We are generally helping each other a lot, and collaborating, which is a great thing. We are also doing mistakes and messing up things, but we are working on solving everything as fast as we can. We are still learning the basic of this highly strategic game.

Elloa building a large farm in the Whitestar Village

You can read more about our projects here:


The month of June and July, our Whitetsar guild in ESO was put in hibernation, due to the release of Wildstar and the massive migration of our members. But since then the guild had been slowly been rebuild, and we have at this day, a small, cozy, but active little guild. We organise two to three events by week, and we have the Infernal Trio online every day and sharing with us the amusing screenshots of their adventures.
The gap in levels between our various members is starting to become smaller and smaller: the big majority of our active members is finishing their leveling. Soon, we will have a bunch of veteran players to start to do veteran Dungeons and other activities.
We have also welcomed lately several new members that need to be introduced properly in the community. The upcoming updates will also make our life a lot easier to organise events, as it will introduce the Undaunted dailies and the Scaling Dungeons. A lot of very excitting content are awaiting for us!
As we are growing, our guild need to evolve and we are currently looking for one or two officers to help with the daily organisation.

A proud Whitestar adventuring in Cyrodiil

You can read more about it here:
ESO guild Presentation
ESO events feedback
ESO we need new officers
Whitestar recruit!

We have established a strong guild on Argent Dawn that is currently preparing for the release of Warlord of Draenor. Many members that were playing on other servers have already migrated their future main or have finished to level new characters, we even have a North American member that bought the European version of the game to play with everyone else. This show the dedication of our members!
While waiting for the release of the patch, the guild organise various events: Challenge Dungeon runs, Old raid evening, and we even started to raid Siege of Orgrimar to have a taste of what raiding together will be in WoD. Note that some of our members have never properly raid beside LFR, and some other didn't raided since Wrath of the Lych King or before. It will take time to adjust to each others, to learn to our new members the basics of raiding, and to remember old routine for others. This is very excitting time and those events are promising lots of fun once the expansion hit!
In addition of those events, we have a Whitestar Daily to perfom, imagined by our beloved leader!

Whitestar doing some raiding while waiting for the release of the new expansion

You will find more here:
WOW Dungeon Challenge
WOW Siege of Orgrimar
Raid in WoD
Mission Proof and Pointboard

We have unfortunately abandonned and deserted the game. Many of us loved it, but there was something that just didn't work out and in the end members started to fade away ones by ones.
We still believe that WildStar is a great and promising game, and hopefully sometimes in future we will want to give it another go.

Many things are already organised to favourise bonds between our members that arenot playing the same games, and we will continue!

  • TIP or Today I Play: use this to organise rendez vous with other members
  • TeamSpeak: we encourage everyone to join TS, even if its to iddle in the AFK room, sound cut. This to allow better and faster communication!
  • Saturday Team Speak contest: Once is a while a TeamSpeak contest is organised.It's fun! It last an hour or so, and it allow you to have a good laugh with other members! And of course, the most important to earn points and attempt to beat Agagor! Check out the Leaderboard.
  • Monthly Community Meeting: Every month we organise a community meeting. This is the opportunity for new members to get introduced, to share with you important news, and to give you the chance to express your concerns or share your ideas!
  • Very soon will be organised the "Whitestar Mission" where members will be encouraged to do something a bit crazy or silly that shoudl reinforce the bonds between our various members!

While we have a core of members that are very active on our forums, we also have a lot of members that are still pretty unactive. We really would like to encourage them to participate more! Spread the word, spread the love!

The Council also need help, and the first and best help you can provide is to be active and dynamic yourself. This generate more activity as a whole and encourage other to follow your example!

All in all, I do believe that our Whitestar project is growing nicely. Our community expand slowly, but surely, and we have three active guilds where to have fun together! Let's not rest on our victory however, and let's continue with our effort, our dedication and our dynamism to build Whitestar and to make it the best community ever existing in the MMO universe!

ESO guild Presentation

Whitestar is the attempt to create and experiment, within the virtual worlds, an ideal society based on understanding, respect, compassion, friendship. Our main objective is to build a space that feels secure, cozy, joyful and warmhearthed.

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Server: Eu megaserver
Guild Leader: @Elloa
Officers: @torhagen

ESO is a unique game that need another approach than any other MMORPG. In Whitestar we want offer to our members the possibility of teamplay and a strong social experience, while at the same time, respect the rythm of each of our members and their freedom to play on their own to enjoy the wonderful stories and universe of ESO.

Like all our guilds in Whitestar, we pay great care to the atmosphere of our community. In ESO our guild is peaceful, serene and joyful. Our members are mature individuals that enjoy to share some game time together or alone, are helpful towards each others, respectful and warmhearted. It's a stress free environement, ideal for relaxation after a hard day at work.
Our members come from every part of the world: from California to Australia, from Finland to Portugal. Most of our members are European though, and our activities are organised in the EU evenings. The age of our members varies from 20 to 60, the majority being 30-40.
Our members have different tastes, opinions, style of life, but we share many things in common: our passion for gaming, our passion for The Elder Scrolls, and a nice, warm hearted, respectful attitude.

We have realised that most of our member are PVE oriented players. Once we have enough veteran players, we aim to focus our guild activities in Craglorn and Murkmire, and defeat all Trials.

While our members are leveling, we organise regular social events (up to three by week), in addition of spontaneous group play.

  • Reroll event in Ebonheart Pact: we have created new characters on the Ebonheart Pact and we level them together every Monday during 2 hours. Purpose is to have fun together, to be social and experience another storyline. A summary of those events are reported in a dedicated thread to allow missing members to catch up for the next event. @PhunkeyMonkeh is also writting a Diary reporting to those events.
  • PTS tester Team: We have formed a small group of tester that explores the new content Zenimax is preparing. This allow members of various members to share some moments together with premade characters and experience the most challenging and newest content before it's released on the live servers. In addition, this provide @ZiggsTV and @Elloa a lot of material for their videos serie.
  • Cyrodiil adventures: We like the possibility of activities Cyrodiil offers for players of various level. The large areas, the quest, the delves and the occasional PVP encounter offer a great feel of adventure that we can share together with members of various levels.
  • Dungeons run: Those are spontaneously organised by our members when they can. In time, more serious Dungeons run will be organised as our members reach the veteran ranks.
  • Social gathering: sometimes, we simply gather together. It can be to do mini games, like "Hide and Seek" or "Solving puzzles", or some light roleplay.
  • Monday 22h: Reroll event on the Ebonheart Pact
  • Thursday 21h: We may organise a social event that day, followed by a PTS event.. (This will be replaced by Vet Dungeons /Trial in future)
  • An additional event is organised another day of the week depending the general activity of the Community.

ESO guild is organised and lead by Elloa, assisted by the Officers, which are dedicated, active and trustable members. The feedback and suggestions of all our members is highly encouraged.
Alike all our guilds in Whitestar, our guild in ESO is a democracy, and we evolve according to the wishes of our members. Not the other way arround.


  • Elloa
  • Officer
  • Whitestarian – Are the active members that have passed their trial and are part of the community
  • Shadow - Are the non active members that have passed their trials and are part of the community
  • Trial - Trials members
  • Guest – Players that have been invited but have not applied on Anook yet.

In addition of our guild bank that is used as platform to exchanges materials and items between members, we have two other banks, managed by the officers.

  • The Ironbank of Whitestar: serve to gather all precious crafting material and piece of gear, to help our members once they reach veteran ranks.
  • Whitestar Tavern: Our alchemy – enchanting – provisioning bank

Our members are not enforced to join those two additional guilds, but they are accessible to them to help them to improve their crafting, gear and consumables.
We do not have a guild store and have no commercial ambition at this day.

We exclusively recruit via application on We recruit slowly, as we want to leave time to each new member to get properly introduced in our community.
We have several recruitment post on fansites and forums, but we do not promote ourselves via the game chat.

If you are interested into joining, please read our Recruitment thread here

Diary of an Adventurer

Sorry its late people. I'll try get them up in a more timely manner. Also it should be noted that these aren't detailed diaries of our activities, just something to add some fun and make it more immersive. For an actual detailed log keep an eye on this thread.

Diary of an Adventurer

Unfortunately I missed this week's session. So I levelled my character on my own to the same point.

Current Progress
Bleakrock Isle - COMPLETE
Balfoyen - COMPLETE
Davon's Watch - One quest line completed (Saving Davon's Watch and summoning Balreth)

Diary of an Adventurer

Serious Part

ESO Re-Roll Project

The first diary is somewhat limited, hindsight not withstanding. I'll keep more detailed diaries in the future.

Our unlikely band of heroes met in Stonefalls to start our quest.

Progress - We have completed Bleakrock Isle and all associated quests on this island.

We have settled down for the long, and hazy night in Bal Foyen. If you plan on joining the next session please try to get your character to this point.