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[Roleplay] Whitestar Adventure on the Open Sea - PART 1

(Please excuse my broken english, not a native speaker but I tried my best :) )

Once upon a time there was a mystical time to be alive. Brave soldiers traveled the world. Mighty wizards wove spells to surpress their enemies, wild berserker men's firm grip would strangle weaklings and swift archers would shoot poisoned arrows to slay their foes.

This is the time Whitestar existed. A band of brothers and sisters who were part of the same family and very different from each other the same time. Nonetheless they fought for each other, bleed for each other if necessary but also enjoyed good times and some booze together.

This particular story is about five members of this family. Five sisters very different from each other too but who shared a very special trip together!

Everything started with Jiva (@Internet). A mighty witch of an even so mighty breed of witches and wizards, who mastered all the destructive arts of spells long ago. She had dealt with imps, trolls and even bigger demonic creatures and after some time she got bored. So she pondered:

"What will I do with my life?" and it indeed came to her quickly: all the fishing people were talking about. This was rather lucrative! She wasn't able to buy much by killing demons and collecting their itchor as a reward. With a side glance she take a look at @Elloa, her dearest girlfriend and closest friend, and took a deep breath. She wanted to make her happy. Wanted to shower her in gifts and jewelry, everything a girl's heart desired. But magic alone did not do this deed. So Jiva sucked in air, stood up from the bench she was sitting at home, and decided to craft a ship!

Yes, a real ship! To travel to the open sea, hunt whales for their expensive flesh and maybe, even maybe, to have an adventure in her life that was more than slaying etheral entities!

@Elloa sat at the table, the setting sun low behind her, rays of light in the dusty air of her window, cutting vegetables. She was used to the knife, the experienced ranger she was. Earlier this day she has been hunting and returned with three weasles to skin and cook later - but her mind was in the air. She would never admit this in front of Jiva, her beloved girlfriend, but lately she had grown weary of hunting. Her heart has always been with the wildlife. Everything she wanted was to live beside the weasles and rabbits, to run through the rivers, sniff at flowers, live in a tree and just live a peaceful life. Instead she had, as everyone else in the village, to pay taxes and taxes needed money. So she hunted animals to sell at the market to make a living.

A sound made her aware of her surroundings and her thoughts were interupted. Jiva stood up from the bench she has been sitting on for quite a time and left the house without a word. @Elloa surpressed a sigh. Things had been a little rough lately. Life has been harsh and they could not spend much time on quality time together as a couple. It was hunting rabbits on her side mostly as well as slaying demons for money on Jiva's side.

Slowly she put the vegetables into the stew and glanced at the setting sun. Would there ever be a different life for them in reach? Would they be bound to this simple life forever?

"Get over heeere!" a tall elvish girl yelled when she ran after a little animal that just escaped her cottage. @LunaDra stomped her foot in frustration and stared at the creature disappearing into the forest. She had been giving animals shelter for a long time, rescuing bunnies hurt by traps or little fawns who lost their parents, but none has been so ungrateful like this little bugger. She has fed him with the best food whilst she did not eat anything!

With a stormcloud over her head she returned into her little home. She lived inside a tree house, many foot above the ground, in a very silent spot of the forest. @LunaDra was an elf who valued silence, peace and darkness of the very night. She was a wise woman who seldom spoke - but when she did, it was to support her friends and family with helpful suggestions and she was valued for this by everyone.

From the top of her tree cottage she could oversee the open sea. Since she was a little girl there was something she has always dreamed about: sailing on the sea. Actually she was very afraid of water, @LunaDra could not even swim. Her parents have died when she was very young and nobody had taught her how to survive anywhere else but in the tree. The young elf woman loved this tree. She did. But sometimes she also felt like in a cage. A bird who wanted to set free, no matter how afraid of the outside world.

A baby squirrel climbed her body and sat down on her shoulder, snuggling on her cheek. @LunaDra smiled at the little furry creature and gave it a soft stroke. Watching the setting sun with her squirrel friend she made a decision.

She would not spend her whole life on this tree anymore! She'd go on an adventure!

The sun was setting. Cricket sounds were the only thing in the air beside dandelion seeds visible in the orange glow of the sun. The grass was moving slightly in the wind. A peaceful night was about to approach.

When suddenly a giant black creature burst out of the forest and trampled on the grass like a single stampede. The little animals around scattered into every direction in terror, even a bear shreeked and made his big paws leaving the clearing slowly.

The black beast came to a halt, snuffling. A dark red haired woman descended from the animal, touching his nose softly. She had weary eyes, a strong build, even when she was little, and the overall look of a fierce fighter. She knelt down on the ground to touch a fresh mark in the soil.

"Look" she murmured and the beast tilted his head as it was listening. "This must be it. The witch we are following all these days."

The tiny, sturdy woman, her name was Psota (@Hultay), did rise from the ground again and narrowed her eyes. The sun had nearly set but she was close. So close to the woman she was hunting. If they'd travel the night, they'd reach her. They'd reach her for sure.

To cut her throat.

With a little grim grin she whistled. Her beast let out a furious shriek, every tree close was trembling, and approached quick to let her ascend its back. Soon they'd meet the witch. To end the witch.

Psota yanked her feet into her beast's flanks to get it going again. She wanted this kill. She wanted it eagerly!

"Oh, not agaiiiin!", @Neny yelled and threw the old boot back into the ocean. With a snarl she fetched her rod again and continued fishing.

The young, blonde woman was daughter of a famous knight who had started drinking when she confessed: all she wanted to become was a fisherwoman! He has been so ashamed of her, he became more and more a drunkard and has even been cast out of the royal guard. In this anger he had beaten up her mother, left her crippled and the children poor, leaving the village for good to search for glory in battle.

But @Neny was no woman without delight. She loved fishing more than everything in her life and it brought delight to her soul, being able to feed her family with trouts, tiny kraken and seaweed! Well... mainly seaweed. As the truth was:

She was a pretty sucky fisherwoman!

The rod reacted abruptly, @Neny was yanked forwards and a broad smile enlightened her face. "A good catch!! I can smell it!", she thought to herself and brought up all her strength to slowly reel the fish in. She was a mess to look at. All shabby fishing clothes, a grey mantle with torn bottom, holes everywhere from mishooked hooks and she did reek like a fish herself.

"Is that why I have found no man yet?" she said to herself whilst reeling the fishing in. More and more strength she used to get this catch on land. What a mighty catch this must be! So strong to avoid her, to flee again! But she reeled and reeled and finally she yanked the rod free! find another heavy shoe on the hook.

"SCREW THIS!!" she yelled and stomped on her catch with a red face. Exhausted from all the fishing slumped down on the spot, on top of this ugly, worn, red shoe from the open sea. "What do I do with my life?!?" she yelled to herself in frustration and laid aside her fishing pole.

She was just about to go home in embaressment, without any real catch but seaweed, when she glimpsed a silhouette on the horizon.. was that a ship? She narrowed her eyes. This was a SHIP! Would this be the opportunity to board a REAL big gouverment ship to fish on the open sea? To even catch a REAL KRAKEN?? She stood up again and waved her tiny arms. "Hey! Hey sea captain!! Take me with you!!" she yelled happily.

And even so, the ship was approaching her from a distance. But.. was this really a ship?

What will happen to the people in this Whitestar family?
Will Jiva(@Internet) be hunted down by the fericious Psota(@Hultay)?
Will @LunaDra finally manage to escape her tree prison?
Is @Elloa going to change her life completely?
And will @Neny finally become a REAL fisherwoman?

You can read MORE in the next episode :)

(SPOILER: including four terrible deaths!)

Whitestar Guild Tavern [RP Event]

*you see a letter pinned at the door after you left your house. It looks rough and a little crumbled but you unpin it. Attached to the writing are some little paintings of a woman behind a counter and some other pictures of groups and activities. You begin reading the written text in little faded ink*

Dear Whitestar member,

as you are part of our guild for quite a time we gladly invite you to our weekly night in the tavern in Rivenspire. You shall share some meat and mead with your friends and family, you may even bring a pet or bodyguard of yours, as this countryside is known for threat by vampires.

Day: every Tirdas
Time: starts at 20 pm but you are gladly invited to be there earlier, later or any time that day
Place: Rivenspire, Shornhelm, the local tavern "the Dead Wolf Inn"

*you can see a little map sketched next to the writing*

If you never have been in this place you are free to send a letter to a guild member who will gather his/her mights of magicka and summone you to the place.

There are no duties this night as heroes also need time to rest and brag about their victories or share stories of fallen comrades. But we never know which activities can be followed by simply sharing a beer together..

*you take a look at the attached little paintings again*

*you put those away again, puzzled by the picture of the naked man, clearly not meant for you to recieve*

Looking forward to see you on Tirdays!

(link to event)