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The Story of Whitestar - Chap V : Whitestar evolve

It's now five years that Whitestar had been created. Every week (or so), I'll share a Chapter of our Story. I hope our newest members will find amusing and interesting to learn how everything started.In the last blog post, we remembered the first steps of Whitestar as a true raiding guild.


While the Whitestar guild in World of Warcraft entered in hibernation, an hibernation that would last several years, I was hunting for the new game to settle in. I had a bite of Rift, but that game didn't managed to get the interest of @Internet more than two weeks, I had to seek somewhere else.
Two games semt promising at that time: Tera and GuildWars2 They still were in devellopement, but I started to follow them closely. As I was watching a video of Tera's amazing combat on gorgeous landscape, my boyfriend told me that it looked interesting. I didn't need more to be sent on a Crusade.

I started by being extremely active on Tera European forum, and seak for informations a bit everywhere. I participated to a contest where we had to create a trailer. That was the first time I used a video editor, and the very beggining of a passion!

...Tera Online Fan trailer by Elloa

I also decided to create a solid project for Whitestar, find members that would be as excitted and passionated by the game than I was myself, and hopefully this would get the attention of my friends. I created a recruitment thread to build up from scratch a whole new project. I explained my ideas and the vision I had for our future guild. Very fast, I got several answers. The first person to apply for Whitestar was @torhagen a person with whom I was arguing constantly on Tera forum. We rarely agreed but we somehow enjoyed to argue together.

Name: Anthony
Age: 34
Location: Swiss
Short presentation : I'm am an Idealist a social and talkative person. I like fantasy and Scifi a lot one of my favourite Movies is V for Vendetta.I'm quite interested in Anime and Mangas Why do you feel Whitestar is the guild for you?
I am looking for a Clan that offers a familiar atmosphere like you wrote in your post on the European Forum.
I too remember the First Year of WoW fondly

Little time after, I received a very friendly message from someone asking me if s/he (?) could join with his boyfriend. I didn't realized immediately than the person writing was a guy and not a girl This is how @Acharial joined Whitestar with all his fabulousness, and his shy boyfriend. While the sexual preference of a person doesn't matter, in the case of @Acharial it was important. You need to imagine @Alakina and her bewjokes replaced by "how-boobs-are-disguting jokes" and pictures of "sexy" guys shared on Skype and you will have an idea of how was Whitestar during this period! Ooh...and "Low Carb High Fat" diet discussions....
Acharial is not part of Whitestar anymore, but for several years he had been one of the key members, shaping Whitestar, and transforming it for ever.

Name: Peter, but people call me Chucky. A nickname from when I was really young.
Age: 22
Location: Sweden
Short presentation : I'm currently studying economics and tourism, this is my last year; thank god! Other than that I'm a very social and talkative person. I like reading fantasy a lot and my favorite book series is "A song of ice and Fire". Anime and Manga is also a huge interests of mine.

While we were waiting for Tera release, we didn't had much to do beside chatting on forums or in our Skype group, following the news, creating our logo, and our forum signatures...and that was about it! We knew that we would have to wait for a long time before to see our game released. So we decided to join the Korean server and to finally play the game! It was really great, as for the very first time, we could play together, and discover this amazing game that we expected to be our new paradise for the years to come!

...Whitestar VS BAMs
The Story of Whitestar - Chap IV : Cataclysmic Raiding

It's now five years that Whitestar had been created. Every week (or so), I'll share a Chapter of our Story. I hope our newest members will find amusing and interesting to learn how everything started.In the last blog post, we discovered one of the most creative roleplay project of Whitestar: Whitestar Magazine.


The goal of Whitestar was to offer two or three days of progressing raiding with a tigh-knit group of friends. Our hope was to mix casual with progress, a relaxed but serious attitude, and most problem that would be eliminated by the trust we carried for all our members. We wanted to achieve this by building a stable team of ten players that knew each others very well and could work great in team because of this. We didn't wanted to have to bench anyone, so our raiding group was almost just 10 members, with the possibility to replace a missing raider by one of our few social and roleplay members. At least this is how we had planed things...

Presentation of Whitestar
Whitestar is a social guild with a core of players who have played WoW together for a long time. We have chosen to stay a small guild, where people know each other very well and where our members can feel a sincere, international friendship. Our organisation is made to fit casual and active players. We are playing on the server DefiasBrotherhood EU

Our goal for Cataclysm

  • We want a serious, regular raid team that's close to a class run to raid and progress two evenings a week
  • We'd like to see a lot of activity where social raids, PvP and RP events take place within our guild for all our members to enjoy
  • We want Whitestar to be a place you want to call home!

We started the expansion by delving into Dungeons and Heroics together, always in group of five, we only used the relatively new Dungeon Finder to teleport in the dungeon, but we almost never "pugged". Cataclysm heroics weren't as easy as they were in Wrath of the Lych King, or later in Pandaria or even Warlords of Draenor. This difficulty was nice to train as a group, as a team, and to get to know the game style of each others.
From the members that are still active today in Whitestar, we had @Sharlena playing as a restoration druid, @Alakina as herself, well I mean... a shadow priest, @Internet as a worgen arm warrior, and myself as restoration shaman.

While we achieved to gather a nice group of commited and friendly players, we got struck by misfortune. For example @Sharlena had severe internet connection issues and I had a weird problem of FPS during fights using a lot of fire effect. Considering we were trying to progress in Blackwing Descent and that the first boss was was bad. Very bad. This caused us serious issue to keep our motivations going, as we were spending so much time wiping on fights we knew for technical reasons. Our raiding group was also so tight that once someone was missing, we had no one to replace him or her.

We tried to open up our recruitment a bit, and we met some great persons.One of those person was @Chakra. But we also lost several players that weren't interested by World of Warcraft anymore or were called by real life issues.
We managed to progress in the third raiding instance until the last bosses. We worked a lot on Chogall, and we almost killed it. We worked on AlaKir, and we almost killed it aswell. I don't remember if we ever attempted Nefarian. Our raiding team stoped there, and with our raid events abandonned, most of our members stopped to play World of Warcraft. Whitestar, once more, was put in hibernation...

That's when I decided it was time to move on to other games, and made the first attempt into transforming Whitestar in a multigaming community. For the very first time in six years, I decided to stop my subscription.

The Story of Whitestar - Chap III : Whitestar Magazine

It's now five years that Whitestar had been created. Every week, I'll share a Chapter of our Story. I hope our newest members will find amusing and interesting to learn how everything started. Last week, we discovered the roleplay background of Whitestar and how the guild went unactive for a time.


It's amusing how an argument can sometimes bring positive events. The reign of the Lych King came to an end. Most guilds had eliminated the vilain, including Luminous Path, but not with the twin priestess. @Internet and I had raided for weeks and our team were close to victory, but the day of the kill we had been replaced. This left us a sour taste, and we didn't had the heart to raid anymore. We mostly played on our alts, and spoke about the Cataclysmic future. I wanted to play with a Goblin Shaman, while Internet wanted a Worgen. Obviously, we had an argument.
So the night of my 31th birthday, I secretly created a Draenei shaman, and started to level her to show my good will to my boyfriend. I choose to pick up my most favourite name to give her importance: Elloa.

As by this act we settled to play on Alliance for the new expansion release, we asked to our old friends if they would be interested to play in Whitestar again, and to prepare our guild for Cataclysm. Our plan was to have a small tight knit 10 man raiding guild, with optional roleplay on the side for those that wanted. Our idea met a serious enthousiasm, even though most of our friends didn't planed to play World of Warcraft before the expansion released.

During the meantime, I started to seriously roleplay my Draenei together with @Alakina. We decided that we would bring back the Whitestar Magazine on a most serious level. Alakina created a blog for us to incarnate the reporters of Defias Brotherhood and bring all news about what was happening on the server!
We had amazing adventures: the discovery of the Furlborg tribes, the exploration and study of the ruins in Ashara with the GAIRDAS Institut, a royal Wedding in the Arathi kingdom, the Theramore Ambassy Gala, or the War ravaging Swamp of Sorrow. And of course the premices to the great Cataclysm that would change the face of Azeroth for ever! We didn't missed a single occasion to write scandalicious articles!

Whitestar Magazine n°1
Whitestar Magazine n°2
Whitestar Magazine n°3

Alakina and I spent several weeks to play and work together, and we really had great time. This are memories that I cherish. We never had play that much together in the past, and we never did it again later. This is a particuliar period of our life as friends where we had the occasion to be more intimate.

Once the expansion hit we continued to publish the Whitestar Magazine. We recruited several reporters that helped us to provide more content in our pages. We also had regular meeting in a house in Stormwind, that we shared with Ere Argus. It was really fun, but also a lot of work! We had to take part of as much event as possible, and Defias Brotherhood was a very active server at that time.

However, as a guild, Whitestar main focus became our PVE progression...How we succeeded in our ten man raids will be a story for next week!

The Story of Whitestar - Chap II : An organisation of Heroes

It's now five years that Whitestar had been created. Every week, I'll share a Chapter of our Story. I hope our newest members will find amusing and interesting to learn how everything started. Last week, we learn how Whitestar had been created for the very first time.


Whitestar is born when Tintam Spindlefirework and Elenoza Whitestar assisted to the fall of Bolvar Fordragon along the Wrathgate battle. Tintam, was admiring her hero with such passion that she could not accept his death. She wanted create a organization of heroes which would follow the path of Bolvar Fordragon. This purpose fit the aspiration of Elenoza, who came in Northrend with her twin sister Eledeza to help the world of becoming a better place. "A place to call our own..."
Close to be called <Bolvar's fan club>, the organization had been named Whitestar because of the family tabard tailored by Eledeza. It represent a dark sky sparkled by stars. More there is stars shinning in the sky, more Hope and Joy can make the world brighter.
Want to know more about the Roleplay story of Whitestar? Check here and here

DefiasBrotherhood was back in the days, a very popular and active Roleplay server. The community was deeply involved. I didn't had roleplayed since I left Scarshield Legion and The Darnassus Sentinels, and I fancied to go back to my roots. We decided that Whitestar would be a roleplay raiding guild, a concept that was missing on Roleplay servers. An organization of heroes adventuring in dark Dungeons to save the world!
I initiated @Internet and our friends @Sharlena and Murhammies that were not roleplayers, we recruited several persons interested by the concept, and soon @Alakina joined us as Alakina Aisling the reporter adventurer!
We had regular gathering in the Inn of Dalaran, our head quarters. We hosted our first expedition in Naxxaramas, and we organized a big Tournament on the Argent Crusade Ground. That event was very successful. A lot of roleplay guilds, both from Alliance and Horde joined to compete. And Alakina was present to interview all participant and write the very first Whitestar Magazine.

But roleplaying while raiding was more difficult than we were expecting, and the interest slowly faded away. The guild that were very small, became inactive, and Internet and I missed more serious raiding. After a long period of inactivity, we decided to leave Whitestar as small quiet guild of friends, and we researched a good raiding guild that would be friendly and competent in the same time for our priestess. We found a Horde guild that pleased us both and that would allow us to progress through Icecrown Citadelle: Luminous Path. In this guild we made the acquaintance of a Blood Elf mage: @Savian.

The Story of Whitestar - Chap I : A place to call our own

It's now five years that Whitestar had been created. To celebrate this and remind us old memories, every monday, I'll write a small Chapter of the History of Whitestar. I hope our newest members will find amusing and interesting to learn how everything started. I also encourage our old members to share their memories and their version of the facts!


Several years ago, Azeroth.
To understand the roots of Whitestar, we need to go back in time far beyond its creation. During the Burning Crusade I was playing in a guild on The Maelstrom called Wardens. Originaly a PVP guild created and lead by the father of my kids, Wardens slowly evolved into a raiding guild under my influence. I toke in charge the organisation of our raids and to find players to better our roster. We played through The Burning Crusade as casual raiders, and started anew in Wrath of the Lych King, having some steady progress and accomplished some nice feats. In this guild I met @Internet and @Sharlena, that were still a couple back then and @Alakina. We were also playing with @Aegis-nor (aka Alyria, Starsha, Teariel or Geir for those that remember him) I've fond memories of our raiding nights in Naxxaramas, our work on Satharion and three drakes that ended by a proud victory and a mount! Our exploration of Ulduar with our 25man raids and doing achievement with the hardcore team! Some of my best memories in World of Warcraft lies with Wardens. It's also where everything started...

In the front, three priestess: Alakina, Sharlena and Aozora (Elloa). Somwhere must be Vizann (Internet)

When @Internet and I fall in love in Autumn 2009, it created a big shockwave, both in real life and in game as you may guess. Wardens dismanteled and most players where shattered in different guilds or servers. Internet and I followed Aegis and transfered to DefiasBrotherhood. It was some very happy and very dark time at once! We created a guild for ourselves that we called Whitestar. The name had a special meaning to us, and it felt a good surname for our twin Kaldorei priestess. We had no place where to be together, we were living appart, and it was troubled time. I created a forum for our personal use. So we would have a virtual space where to share ideas, projects, hopes... A place to call our own. We also decided to invite our friends from Wardens, with whom we didn't had any contact anymore.

And Whitestar was born...

Welcome to Friends!
Written 06-12-2009

Consider this as a comfortable lounge in a little house lost somewhere between dimensions. It’s warm, quiet, peaceful, joyful… everything you wish. Be welcome here, we have cookies and hot chocolate !
Every time you have time to lost, an irrepressible desire of spamming and trolling, every time you are bored at work, stop by here, and enjoy ! You can speak about anything you want, share some news, ask for news… This place had been created to keep in contact wherever we are going, in all dimensions.