February 12th - 14th has been our first Twitch Community Stream weekend and it was a huge success! We had several streamers playing all kind of games, from super scary and difficult Dark Souls to silliest of all: Deadpool! Our streamers have been entertaining and had such a huge support by the guild as well! The chat went from hilarious "pulling the snake" quotes to huge hilarity when Aeyvi fell off cliffs in Dark Souls. As none of us is a professionel streamer, this weekend has been a real success nonetheless - everything thanks to this admirable support by the Whitestarians! You are awesome, guys!

The weekend's schedule:


  • @Neny played "Octodad - Dadliest Catch"



So many of our guildies have been present, cheering in chat and being excited with the streamers. Also beta keys have been handed out as give aways in all the streams, generously provided by @Lonrem (the Whitestar Community gives you their regards again! Many Thanks!).

Also, instead of writing a long and unpleasent blog post about what happened in every of the individual streams, I worked two evenings (and gazillions of Software crashes later, grrrr) on a video summarizing all the best minutes of the whole streaming weekend! Sadly some of the footage is a bit laggy due to my connection on Sunday but I hope you guys will enjoy the highlights!

THANK YOU everyone! Not only the wonderful and entertanĂ­ning streamers - who as well kept each other company -, but also the super great support from the guild, for example @Firkan @Savian @LunaDra @Xera @Hultay @Typhoios @Vijo @Vordt.Ororyu (who might or might not have tricked an innocent woman into continous deaths) @Lahndon @FlamingTomato @BeerbongGinn @Sigtric @Ramagh @Agagor @torhagen @Internet @DeviateFish and everyone else!

See Best Of Video Here!