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[WoW] Legion Launch L'extravaganza

To celebrate World of Warcraft: Legion launching at midnight on the 30th of August, Whitestar WoW is organizing several events to prepare you for the coming onslaught! Renew your subs, update your addons, sharpen your blades and make sure you have enough mana because The Burning Legion is returning!

On Wednesday the 10th the Tomb of Sargeras on the Broken Isles will be opened and after ten thousand years the Legion will return to Azeroth. And they mean business this time! Invasions will start occurring in specific zones all over the world and with them come the spoils of battle.
Be part of Whitestar's Fel Hunters, the Alliance's foremost demonslaying group as we travel from hotspot to hotspot in search of glory, honor and phat lewt! Rewards include:

  • an event exclusive toy
  • a Fel Bat Pup battlepet
  • a limited time available Fel-themed transmog set for each armor type and matching weapons
  • ilvl 700 gear and 725 weapons for those catching up with gearing
  • and of course achievements for those that believe keeping the Demons at bay is worth at least 10 points.
  • Oh and also Demon Hunters!

On Friday the 12th Whitestar is going back in time to a few years ago when things were more.. tranquil. We'll be gathering as many people as we can to get 'attuned' for next week's event by stomping all over the normal versions of Tier 14 and 15 raids (Terrace of Endless Spring, Mogu'shan Vaults, Heart of Fear and Throne of Thunder). There we hope to collect, of course, many cool transmogs, pets, mounts, achievements and most importantly a good time.

On Thursday the 18th we'll kick it up a notch and revisit last week's raids on Heroic in order to claim the Guild Glory of the Pandaria Raider achievement to unlock the sexy Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent for our guild collection. Doing this requires you having cleared at least the normal version of the three Tier 14 raids so make sure you have (by joining the previous event!). Afterwards we'll pay the Thunder King another visit on maximum difficulty and maybe even the Heroic only boss Ra-Den. All the lores!

On Tuesday the 23rd we have Siege of Orgrimmar on the schedule due to frequent (and *cough* stubborn) requests. Join us in beating Garrosh's smug face in and making fun of Horde architecture in the process. Difficulty will depend on the amount of signs so the more people YOU can convince to join, the more awesome your transmog sets/achievements will be!

And finally, on Monday the 29th, in the evening preceding the Legion midnight launch, Whitestar will gather at a place to be revealed later for an event that won't be spoiled yet to say goodbye to Warlords of Draenor and rally the troops for a direct frontal assault on the Broken Isles! RP will be had and tears will flow. Maybe because WoD is actually over but mostly because we'll finally have new content.. I hope to see many of you there!

Savian, guildmaster of the Whitestar WoW guild.

Overwatch brings people TOGETHER!

Dear Guys!

I want to use the opportunity of this Sunday Night to THANK you people for all the fun we had together in Overwatch!

I only played some Quake in my young years but was always a typical girl who prefers to heal or pet little kitties instead of shooting things. When Blizzard announced Overwatch, I thought "Mmmh okay, this might be fun" but I had no idea how MUCH fun this would be!

Of course I love playing with all my Whitestar guildies and real life friends, but I had such a BLAST with you this weekend!

@Tuff & @Shields who must only be named in ONE phrase as they are the TWO MAN(/woman) ARMY ON A MISSION!! If you have not played with them yet, you have NO idea. Shields just goes NUTS with his rockets like the badger in Guardian's of the Galaxy with pretty Vanelope in his back. The enemies must loathe them for sure as they bring terror and death among their path!

@Wolle0rism who, besides his maniac fable for things to be PERFECT and not askew, is such a chilled and nice guy to play with, who is just so honest. He is confused when dying, not trying to deny his fails (if he ever has any). He is very light hearted and very cool to play with, to have fun and not rage about defeats :)

@Firkan Recently joined us with his hottie Widow buttocks *still stares at those firm cheeks*. He's got some sniping skills no team wants to miss. Also he's so great to play with, always happy thoughts and positivity in his tail! *mimes Wolle* Firken Firken :'D

@Hultay is THE most chilled person I ever met. Do they provide special drugs in Poland to chill you out AND make you an superior player? As wtíth Hultens you never lose! His Reinhardt is the most aggressive I ever saw, the face we trust! And Paul himself as a guildie you wish for - so laid back and always kind and helping and always a super sweet smirk in his voice. Thank you for being this wonderful guildie, Paul, seriously!!

@sM0Ke of course special thanks to my Smokie for always being in my tail and sniping stuff with Hanzo/ defending like a pro dwarf as Torbjörn or smashing faces with Reinhardt! You may be raging from time to time but I bet everyone does when push to talk is not rdy ;) I love you more than anything in this world, let's keep having fun together!

And last but not least a great honor to finally have @Smithzero again in our party! We met in WoW, I never met such a skilled as well as kind hearted tank in a progression guild before - you always were this gentle person with only positive thoughts, no matter what life brought up. It's sad we had no opportunity to meet more often since GamesCom but definitely looking forward to do this again and playing more matches in the meantime :) Thanks so much for joining us!!


Of course I also enjoy playing with my other guildies! Like @Aeyvi who has amazing healing powers like @Elloa and squeeks so cute when being attacked. Both are surely hated by their enemies for providing all the great heals and keeping the team alive!

Also @Internet and @Vordt.Ororyu who I would NEVER want in my enemy team again as they are such pros, hooking/sniping people like they were born to it! Leaving only ashes of their enemies in their tail.

And of course everyone else - Overwatch brings people together who never played in a team before! We have the opportunity to get to know each other - more or for the first time ever. THANKS a lot for this opportunity! Has been amazingly FUN!

Wildstar Guild Housing Tour #1: SUCCESS!

The 9th Oct. Whitestar Housing Tour was a big success!

With special guests:

Whitestar House Owners

You can see the WHOLE HOUSING TOUR video here!

Single Housing Videos

  • @Alakina 's House Video: HERE
  • Leigh Reynold's Family Mansion Video: HERE
  • Lulu Navra's Sewer Junction Video: HERE
  • @Nyah 's Happy Beer & Dance Yard Video: HERE
  • @Nehr 's creepy Limb-Removing-Shingle Video: HERE
  • Dementia Ayuzawa's Super Mario Level Jumping Puzzle Video: HERE

And these were the actual houses we visited yesterday night:

When she heard she was invited to our housing tours she worked her buttocks off like a house slave the last two days. And the result was AMAZING!! She added a huge Eldan relict, a zen corner, a peaceful bewb queen/sword maiden waterfall and even a sheep pen! Inside the house we were all super amazed by her kitchen. Single forks, single dishes, everything custom built, absolutely brilliant! But one of our most loved areas was definitely the bathroom! The shower looks so well done as well as the bathrub area. You did an amazing work there, Jo!! Keep it up!

When I first visitied this house I KNEW I had to show it to my guildies! It looks like a SIMS house, just better! :) It provides an amazing starting pond, a tree way to the actual manor and is a huge house built around the actual house! There are several rooms for the family members, Leigh Reynolds explained to me ingame. We saw the kid's room, the master bedroom, the kitchen which even provided a goggy and his food bowl :) She added a check board as well as a tennis area outside! So many things to see. We loved the sauna in the inner house a lot as well as the little study. This house HAS to be seen! :)

All of us were absolutely speechless and amazed by this amazing plot!! At first it looked like a little forest and a small kinda Fallout Shelter but turned out to be soooo incredibly huge inside! A massive tunnel system, super smart gateways, we ended up totally lost often and absolutely speechless. It provides many "fixing" rooms, bathrooms with a ninja tunnel exit and a very big underground black market. We even met the creator Lulu by accident in her house and she continued the trip with us :) She was very, very friendly, explained a lot about her house - for example she put about 600 Platinum (!!) in it as well as more than 3 month of work! You see the love in detail and atmosphere she put into her plot. Guys, you NEED to visit this plot!

Our sweet Nyah's plot we visited next! Oooh, all dem feels when returning to her house :) She has the cutest of dance floor (being a DJ herself!) where she, Nehr and I had a dance off! \o/ She also has another party area with comfy couches and a mini bar. Inside is the After Party snuggle area with many pillows to sleep away your headache. When I first visited her house, I envied her cutie Aurin shelves a lot and I even found new things when returning yesterday! She has a stone floating above her party floor for charming purposes :) Check it out yourself at "Serenyah Saki" in Wildstar, Jabbit EU!

After Nyah's cuteness overload house we visited Nehr's creepy and morbid Limp-Removel-Shingle. Right in the front he offers special souvernirs for the visitors! You can buy time bombs, special flasks and even entrails if you need new ones after your original guts have been removed. And if you didn't make it, Nehr even has a cozy graveyard in front of his porch. There also lies Timmy. Who he found when he was dead already. Yeah...

Inside you are greeted by a huuge custom built fish tank! A creepy little Fallout Machine is playing a crazy music while you're discovering the secret passage in the back - a simple push of buttons makes a secret door appear. Behind that door lies Nehr's operation area. This is where he "fixes" his patients. According to him he can make you faster by adding a third leg. Or smarter when adding a Chua head. So you definitely want to come here fot improvements! Next time we will also see his custom built train!

Jumping Puzzle Extreme!
@Nehr and our new friend Lulu passed the level pretty quick while @Nyah and I had issues to get throug that jumping puzzle part. We ended up totally lost in the fields of nowhere, even with a bonus level on the side. Nehr instructed us to use the tornado which propelled us to the roof like tiny planes! I failed in that terrible puzzle but at least we ended up in one piece. Visit this cool plot yourself and enjoy the different levels and references :)

We also revisited Lulu's amazing sewer house again and ended up in some funny roleplay about surgeries and hiding bodies from soldier @Jezziex :) We also had a fun After Party in @Nyah 's yard, a little dance off and a sit in. THANK YOU everybody for joining or showing off your houses! It was a great and exciting tour!

Our next housing tours will be in two weeks, Friday Oct. 24th! We will visit the Interior Award #1 Winner, have special prices for the winners of a competition and even a SPECIAL GUEST! Yes, you heard right, we'll have a little VIP with us :) Notorious Aurin and Stalker Killing Machine @MrShackelberry will join us for the next tour! Isn't that exciting?

Sooo, ladies, be prepared to drool at him and everybody feel free to have fun and maybe also offer your house for a visit, too?



P. S.: Extra footage: "And suddenly... Roleplay!"

TeamSpeak WInners!

Greetings, dear Whitestarians!

It’s time to announce the TeamSpeak winners! We were very happy to see such lovely entries from you. Believe me when I say that it wasn’t easy to pick the winner! To me, everyone is a winner <3 After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, we decided that @itslifejim had the winning entry! Congratulations!

The jury found Jim’s entry very original and noted that he probably spent plenty of time on his video. We liked the message (especially the ending, right @Alakina?) and found it generally awesome!

Good job Jim!

The second winner is @Neny, based on the likes her entry got. Congratulations, Neny! You did an awesome job as well!

Each participant will get 1p and the winners will get 10p. These points will be added to our seasonal contest’s leaderboard.

Thanks to everyone who participated, you have all done a really great job!

Take look at the links below to see the awesomeness again!





Mist Angels: jumping like a bunch of wingless angels

There they were, the brave few angels ready to ascend to the heavens. Alas, their wings did not function, as most of their attemps ended in them plummeting towards the cold hard ground. Yet from the mists these brave warriors arose again to tackle those places hidden from the simple land lovers whom are unable to leave the ground.

Neveah, chad, tifa, autumne, telandrill, polerofki, Jrein, Zan. Amongst others these people climbed every mountain, scaled every sea, tolerated a certain pirate captain's ghost, withstood the madness of the chrystals, avoided ascalonian traps in ruins, and survived the winds, storms, and cold of an impractical laboratory in the metrica sky.

We salute you, brave heroes for boldy going where no (fill in your own race here) had gone before. Except of course all of those who finished these jumping puzzles before this jumpin puzzle night we had last friday on the 25th of april.

Join us next week when we enjoy a nice cup of Omnomberry juice, belch out the biggest burp and try to end on top of the ladder that is made from the best belchers in the guild. We even have an introductionary course for those who are so "civilized" that they dont know a good belch if it hit them in the behind...oh wait...thats called a fa...anyways, cya next friday with belchers bluff y'all.