"Whitestar never die, Whitestar is like a phoenix and reborn from its ashes"
It's the third time Whitestar had been resurected by old members. Members that has never stoped to believe in Whitestar ideals.

Today, we are happy to see our first project within Whitestar, our dear gaming community, taking shape!
We have gathered friends to create a guild for The Elder Scrolls Online and we have happily decided our faction. After little hesitations, we decided that Whitestar would swear allegience to the Daggerfall Covenant.

@Ramagh @Chakra @Elloa @Autumn and @Vordt.Ororyu

To celebrate this great news, we have gathered in the last beta week end. We started by a crazy beach party on Stros M'Kai shores, and we continued the celebrations by adventuring in various dungeons in the surrounding of Daggerfall. The evening was a success and we all enjoyed ourselves greatly.

This is a good omen for our future adventures in Tamriel! The 30 march can't arrive soon enough!

@Ramagh is happy