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Why have we created Whitestar?

I think it's important to remember the reasons that motivated us to re-create Whitestar, and to re-affirm our objectives.

Why have we created Whitestar?

  • Because we want to play several games within a same community of persons we love and we trust.
  • Because we do not want to seak for a new guild everytime we want to play a new game.
  • Because we do not want to say goodbye to old friends everytime we want to play a new game.
  • Because when we join another guild, we never know what good or bad surprises is awaiting for us. However when we build our own guild we know that we recieve back exactly what we give.
  • Because Whitestar is the challenge of building a better society where we can explore ourselves while gaming.

What's the mission of the Council?

  • Ensure that the atmosphere and ideals are respected at all time.
  • Ensure that every members feel at home
  • Ensure that every guilds evolve according to the wishes of our most active and dedicated members
  • Ensure that our community stay dynamic, joyful and productive
  • Ensure that our community expand in such a way, we are not losing ourselves

To do our mission

  • We need to have a clear vision of what Whitestar is, and where we want to go with our guilds
  • We need to be courageous, open minded, persistant and patient
  • We need to be carefull to our members and how they feel
  • We need to remember that dreams do not come true by themselves. If we want something, we need to make it happens.

What a Member need to remember

  • The Council can not guess what you think. Be sure to speak up your mind if you have anything to say, good or bad.
  • Whitestar is like a garden. Take care of it, sow some seeds, and you will see it growing and flourishing. Do nothing and it will stay barren.
  • Other members are like your brothers and sisters. Be on their side, protect them and take care of them.
  • Playing games is fun. Playing games with your dearest friends is thousand time better!
Mist Angels: jumping like a bunch of wingless angels

There they were, the brave few angels ready to ascend to the heavens. Alas, their wings did not function, as most of their attemps ended in them plummeting towards the cold hard ground. Yet from the mists these brave warriors arose again to tackle those places hidden from the simple land lovers whom are unable to leave the ground.

Neveah, chad, tifa, autumne, telandrill, polerofki, Jrein, Zan. Amongst others these people climbed every mountain, scaled every sea, tolerated a certain pirate captain's ghost, withstood the madness of the chrystals, avoided ascalonian traps in ruins, and survived the winds, storms, and cold of an impractical laboratory in the metrica sky.

We salute you, brave heroes for boldy going where no (fill in your own race here) had gone before. Except of course all of those who finished these jumping puzzles before this jumpin puzzle night we had last friday on the 25th of april.

Join us next week when we enjoy a nice cup of Omnomberry juice, belch out the biggest burp and try to end on top of the ladder that is made from the best belchers in the guild. We even have an introductionary course for those who are so "civilized" that they dont know a good belch if it hit them in the behind...oh wait...thats called a fa...anyways, cya next friday with belchers bluff y'all.


Mist Angels - Promotion Ceremony #11

For our 11th Promotion Ceremony, we decided to re visit one of our previous successful Idea's. The basic principle of It was that our promo-tee's got separated In to different teams, either Red or Blue. The teams were - Lou, Franz, Fesk and Ash on Red with Wolfie, Jrein, Moomin, Sarah and Burnfaaz on Blue. Each promo-tee then had to pick a non promo-tee to join their team, once both teams were full, we had a 10 vs 10.

To get promoted each promo-tee had to earn three points. They earned a point if their team won and a point for if they came top of their team. It was an awesome fight with both teams clashing In the middle and turning It in to a Deathmatch. Teamspeak was alive with rivalry and passion. Lou in particular, who was apprehensive before the event because she isn't much of a PvP'er, turned In to a feisty demon on the battlefield.

Everyone was enjoying themselves and having fun, even those who weren't getting promoted got to join In on the action. All In all It was a very successful event.

Congratulations To.

Recruits to Members

Members to Elders


Elders to Maestre

I hope everyone had fun and looks forward to our future Promotion Ceremony.

Mist Angels - Upcoming 11th Promotion Ceremony

Hiya everyone!

It was about time that we organised our 11th edition of the Promotion Ceremony. We apologies for the time it took, be sure that most of you, dear recruits, were already considered as members in our hearts! Time to make things official though!

We invite you for our 11th Promotion Ceremony, this Friday April 11th at 20h00 (GMT+1). We will gather in Hearth of the Mist, to challenge our Recruits and Members in a very special hardship. This should give you a hint of how to spent your Friday afternoon to be ready for the evening!

The candidates named below will have to prove their worth along the evening.

There will also be a reveal of the winner of the monthly Screengrab competition of March!
We wish to gather most members as possible. Even if you have already been promoted, or you are a recruit that had not been listed here, please join the fun! Come and encourage our future members as they will suffer through their hardship!
See you next Friday everyone for a grand Ceremony!

Recruits, future Members
  • Moomin
  • Karl Franz
  • Sarah Thackaray
  • Burnfaaz
  • Jrein
  • Aedh
Members, future Elders
  • Lou
  • Liam
  • Lennyboy (wolfy)
Future Maestre's
  • Ash
  • Symph
  • BlackWindow (serial)

(Written by Max)

Our first week in The Elder Scrolls Online

Sunday 30 march 2014, at noon, started The Elder Scrolls Online early access. Less than ten minutes later, our guild Whitestar had been created on the European Megaserver and the first members had been invited. @Kantrellk was the very first to join. Others followed quickly.

We have proudly joined the Daggerfall Covenant. Our guild gather however a nice mix of various races: Argonians, Khajiit, Elves and Imperials are almost as much numerous than our Redguards, Bretons and Orsimers.

We have at this day 23 members, of all ages, and nationalities, some coming as far as North America and Australia! Many have been so enthousiastic about the game that they reached level 30 already, while still enjoying every little bit of the game. Some others, having less free time to enjoy The Elder Scrolls Online are reaching the first level cap of our system of double leveling: 12-15. Recently, several members that didn't planed to play the game originaly, like @Nyah and @Nehr, joined us aswell! It's really great to see so many friends getting hooked by such an amazing game!

Our first week and we already had three events. A screenshot party that ended on the beach bording Daggerfall. We also had a Dungeon Night with two groups running Splindeclutch and Fungal Grotto. Lastely, we got a taste of Cyrodiil by joining the campaign Chrysamere. We had lot of fun running arround capturing farms and mills, and capturing our first Fortress! Fort Ash had been claimed by Whitestar!

This week had been exiting and fun! We expect to share much more quality time between friends in the future!