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Wildstar Server

Alright, so I think our minds are made up.

72% voted for PVE in the end. So...

Henceforth the Wildstar-guild <Whitestar> will be active on the realm Ascendancy-PVE.

While it saddens me a bit that we couldn't come up with a good compromise between PVE and PVP I really believe this choice to be the most advantageous. While we do have a plan, and while we will be an active guild, Whitestar isn't a hardcore guild. Our core is built of people who love gaming and games, we're built around our Multi-Gaming Community. We're a group of people who enjoy everything the game has to offer, be it PVP or PVE, and we have people who hate PVP and people who love PVP.

I don't want to steamroll anyones opinions or preferences (myself included) - but truth be told Whitestar doesn't really stand out as a PVP-kind of-guild. We're an open, calm and mature guild. We're a community, a family and we're friends enjoying our time together.

Playing on a PVP-server will make people feel bad, it will make them less interested in playing the game and some may quit in the end because of this. This is of course true the other way around as well. But players who want to partake in open world pvp have the option to flag themselves for pvp - while this isn't optional in every instance it's still better than nothing at all. People who does not want to be involved in pvp while leveling (on a PVP-server) has no option to do so.

I hope everyone can see why this decision was made and how hard it was. I really hope for everyones continued support and that everyone will at least give the PVE-server a chance.

So why Ascendancy and not Eko? Why not voting on where we should end up?

I have no idea on the actual number of people that will play Wildstar and I can't even guess what the numbers are in Europe. But what I do know is that no one wants to play on a server that is dying from the start.

An unofficial guesstimate from people visiting forums etc points out that around 57% of people will play on PVP-servers. Since there's only one PVP-server it means around 57% of people playing Wildstar (in Europe) will play on that server. Around 35% of people playing will be on PVE-servers - with Ascendancy being the unofficial "main server" for Europe PVE.

Usually servers are quite over-burdened the first few weeks of start with everyone trying to log in all the time and a lot of people being in the starting zones etc. But usually after (at the most) 2-3 weeks this often settles down. So the reason why we're choosing Ascendancy over Eko is that even if Ascendancy may suffer from queues the first two or three weeks I'd rather have those queues at start than a semi-dead server after 4-6 months.

Since Ascendancy is the "main server" it's a safe guess to say that it will be active no matter if there's tens of thousands of people playing or only a few thousand.

Again... I hope you all understand why it turned out like this and I hope everyone agrees. My single most important priority as guild master of Whitestar (in Wildstar) is to make sure you all are enjoying yourselves. If anyone disagrees to this, then by all means please talk to me ASAP! Wildstar headstart/softlaunch goes live within 16 hours from this was posted.

I'm really looking forward to play with you all and I honestly believe that we're all going to have a lot of fun together in Wildstar.

Thank you <3

New features - June 2014


To concentrate our activity and presence a maximum, our Main Games events will now be organised regularly on a designed day.

While not always being social events (like Hide&Seek, Murder investigations...), those events will be specifically organised to welcome as many members as possible. All our members will be warmly encouraged to join those events if they play that game.
Of course, another minor events in another game can be organised the same day for the members that are exclusively playing that other game. Be assured that we will organise our events in such a way that there will be no competition between our games.
Example: On a ESO day, a arena team training in Wildstar could be organised.

We will continue to use the TODAY, I PLAY post to organise spontaneous events and rendez vous between our members, in addition of the "Adventure in ..." day.

Weekly Schedule (might be subject to change)

  • Monday: ESO - Adventures in Tamriel
  • Tuesday: Wildstar - Adventures in Nexus
  • Wednesday: Community Night
  • Thursday: ESO - Adventures in Cyrodiil
  • Friday: WOW - Adventures in Azeroth
  • Saturday: WOW- Adventures in Azeroth
  • Sunday: Wildstar - Adventures in Nexus


To simplify our organisation, we will organise all our events along the same structure: pre-event gathering starting at 08h30pm, event starting at 09h00pm until 00h.
We hope to encourage socialisation, bonding between our members, introduction of our newest members during the pre-event. Sometimes, we might organise mini game on TS, like Quizz and other things alike. This will also leave enough time for everyone to gather and log in, and to keep the events starting in time.

  • 08h30pm: Pre-event, Guildies gather at the Meeting Place and on TeamSpeak
  • 09h00pm: Event start

Each guild will vote for their Meeting Place.

Vote for your ESO Meeting place here


To keep our guilds the most active and dynamic, we have created a new role: Guild Caretaker. The Caretaker will be an officer in game and on Anook, elected for one month by his/her guildmates.
The role of a Caretaker is to be extremly active in game. By his presence, the Caretaker will be able to observe the guild activity outside organised events, invite new members, answer members questions and blow some vitality and dynamism in the guild.
The Caretaker is a role that will be enabled or not at the discretion of the Guild Leader.
Requierement to be a Guild Keeper: being very active in game. Be a Whitestarian.

ESO Caretaker Elections – June 2014 : here


Trials will now be accompanied by a mentor that will volunteer for the task during the two first weeks of their trial period. The role of the mentor is simply to take care of his trial by playing together, answer the questions, explains how our community is working, and be sure the trial is well introduced. The mentor will give his feedback to the council at the end of the trial period.
Requierement to be a Mentor: being able to play regularly with the trial. Be a Whitestarian.

For each new Trials, starting of now, a mentocan volunteer in that thread.


We want to create a helpful thread for new members "Get started in Whitestar".

We are currently gathering questions for a FAQ here
Nuithari's 5th Dueling Night (Mist Angels)

Last saturday 5 tyrians got a little fed up and decided to take it out on eachother. ThusNuithari's Duel Night returned to show once again why we should fear Polerofki's Glue gun..err I mean Asuran mad geniuses.

Polerofki, Kaaey, @Nuithari , @Autumne , and this humble thief writing this post stepped in the Mist Angel's personal arena, and let their inner rage go wild. The idea was simple, two people step into the center of a pvp map, only one leaves alive. in total you get three round, if any of the two contestants won two round, he won!

In the first round Auty managed to play dirty (as he was a necro and his minions are icky) and beat Max twice. Though that was easy, he also managed to bring down the great Nuithari as well.

Next up were Kaaey and Polerofki. As Polerofki was dumping his toolshed on Kaaey, it eventually was not enough to win. However, in the following match Polerofki easily managed to paste Max. Of course that's not that hard as Max was too busy getting the glue out of his thief's clothes from Polerofki's glue gun.

As the event progressed we saw Autumn eventually become third, which he took very well!

Off course the main course of the evening, and the final battle was between the two asuran badasses Nuithari and Kaaey. In the end they needed to play a few matches more to see who is the real master, and even though it came really close, it was Kaaey who can call himself the most awesome Arsuran Duelist of the Mist Angels.

All in all this has been a fun night, hopefully more people will come and enjoy battling eachother in the future. Untill then we'll see you ingame!

A critical period for Whitestar

Greetings everyone,

As you know, Whitestar is our dear project : the dream to build a strong and warm community for us to enjoy long standing friendships while playing our favourites games.
Until now, we had one "serious" guild and several "distractions" on the side. In a dozen of days, we will have our second "serious" guild. This is a critical moment for us, as we will see our community being divided in two very good, brand new MMOS. It's in this moment we will see if our project is working, what we need to improve.

But while being a very exiting period, it's also a dangerous one. We risk to see our ESO guild losing interest and activity. Same with our Wildstar guild, after the first month of playtime, we will enter in the summertime which is usually a dreadfull period for guilds.
We also risk to see our players being splitted in two different guilds and have poor or none communication between them. We do not want to have the ESO players on a side and the Wildstar players on the other, especially our trials that applied to a specific game.
The Council is very aware of the dangers, and that's why we are already planning various solutions to be sure we will keep all our guilds dynamic without pushing the recruitment (which is sometimes we do not want to do as we find extremly important to leave time for everyone to get aquainted with each others) . We will do our best to keep our community united beyond the games we play!

More than ever, we will need your help! The Council is building the structure of our community. But it's up to you, our members, to bring life to it! We need you to be loyal, patient, and dedicated!

WEDNESDAY 21-05-14 at 20h30 we will organise a guild meeting before the community event. I really do hope to see all of you joining to discuss this important moment.

For this day, I'll ask you to make a little homework. Take the time to think about different things:

  • What is your biggest hope in the guild you play
  • What is your pure gamer ambitions (ex: Top PVP in Wildstar, Raiding in ESO)
  • What would make you leave the community
  • What are you ready to do for your community

During this meeting, we will discuss about various solutions to be sure to keep all our guilds dynamic and fun for everyone, and to ensure that we stay united, no matter the games we play.
We will remind you that as member, even as trial, you are very welcome and encouraged to organise events, to share your opinions, to submit ideas.
We will propose several tasks and jobs that could be done to increase the dynamism and fortify our community.

If we succesfully manage to keep both our ESO and Wildstar guild active, dynamic and succesfull through the summer, while keeping the atmosphere cozy and warmhearted as we like it, we will have accomplished a GREAT FEAT! Then we can look uppon the launch of Warlod of Draenor, and any other games that could be released with confidence. Then we would have succeeded the hardest challenge of our project!

To accomplish this, we really need you!

Looking forward to work together with you guys, to make Whitestar the best community that ever existed in the gaming community!

New features

Heya everyone, I'm so proud to see Whitestar, our dream our project, slowly taking shape. The challenge of creating a dynamic, active, dedicated but cozy and warmhearted multigaming community is huge, and there is so many ways we could fail. We are advancing carefully, slowly, step by step, but we advance nontheless, resolute and trustful.

Recently we have implemented various feature that should help us to grow a community of players that bonds accross our various games and guilds.

  • Daily Stickie "TODAY I PLAY": We want to improve the communication of all our players accross all games. this post should help to know who is in the mood of playing what, and to adapt your plans accordingly.

So far, this idea is working as intended. I've seen several "events" taking place and being organised because of this Stickie. Let's continue that way!

  • Trial Procedure: It toke us a while to discuss, decide and agree about our recruitment and trial procedure. We are now satisfied and happy to share with you our new tradition! You can read the post here.

We wanted to make the passage from Trial to Whitestarian something important that each of you, new members, will remember. In MistAngels, we organised a special ceremony with hardships and games. This is not something possible in Whitestar as not everyone play the same game, which is why we decided to implement the Gift tradition. We hope this new tradition will something that will amuse you and create unforgettable memories.

  • Community Night: Every Wednesday, we are organising the Community Nights event in various games that everyone can easily pick up. We have decided to organise them one month in advance and heavily promote them on our forum.

The purpose of those Community Nights is to have a break from our main game routine and to have the possibility to play with members we usually never play with.

  • Monthly Community Meeting: The first Wednesday of each month, we are organising a Community Meeting before start the event. This is the occasion for the council to share various informations, welcome new players and for you to ask questions, propose ideas, or simply chit chat with everyone else. We also want to have that one moment we can gather everyone at once.

We thank you for your presence in Whitestar. Every post you write, every screenshots you share, every comments you add are blowing life into our project and this is how we can build our community, together. So continue to be present, to simply be there, and sharing moments of our gaming life all together!

Do not forget to check our Calendar regularly and see if you want to participate to the events we are organising.