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ESO Summer Plans

As everyone have realised our ESO guild had been deserted lately. This is partialy my fault, and partialy due to the course of events.
A lot of people that joined ESO the first months, were actually people that didn't planed to play it in the first place. Those persons stopped to play it after the first month for their own reasons. My mistake had been to take them in consideration as "active" members and to not stress out to find more "real" ESO fans.
The other thing that happened is the unfortunate very close release of WildStar. WildStar is a very entertaining game, very different from ESO, but that has a huge advantage of being a lot more social.
This doesn't mean that we will close our ESO guild. Far from it!

We have discussed together either on TeamSpeak or on those very forums, and when I proposed to find another guild to ally with, or letting our ESO fans joining another guild, the reaction had been one : NO, we want to play ESO in Whitestar!
And so that's excactly what we will be doing! But not right now. For now, as it's the summer, the hollidays, the release of WildStar, it feels pointless to put a lot of effort and energy into the guild right now. So I'm placing the guild in Sleeping Mode. For the time of June and July, no effort will be put in our ESO guild to devellop it or to improve it. The players that enjoy the game will continue to play it at their own rythm.But they are not to expect anything to happen during that time beside our weekly days, unless they are organising it themselves!

Weekly event:
To take some good uses for future, we will continue and I encourage all our members to gather for our Weekly event on Monday and Thursday.
We will gather in our Meeting Place, in Wayrest, starting at 20h30 (Paris time) and on TeamSpeak for some chat, and arround 21h, we wil start our event, improvised on the go! As we are very little to play ESO, and spread in the levels, it's very difficult to imagine something to do together. Instead, we will decide on the go what we want to do. If everyone prefer to quest on their own, or if some players want to group up for some Cyrodiil action or Dungeon runs, or if we simply want to hang out and chat longer.
But At least we will get used to gather twice a week and to save sometimes twice a week for ESO. This will prepare us to be regular for when we wil become more serious.

Krang Manor in Wayrest, our new meeting place!

Once I'm back from Hollidays, I'll start a poll to mesure the interest of Whitestar in ESO. But even if we are very little players, it will be enough to build a solid core of players and start to work on a plans for August and September!

This month will be used to prepare ourselves for September.
Defining our officers roles and task.
Leveling our characters
Deciding the Colors and Emblem of our guild (assuming Zenimax deliver the promised patch)
Using our weekly events for more serious group content
Discussion about our goals, rules and how the guild works
Presentation of our guild to post in our Nook and New Recruitment propaganda
Preparation of Public event to host on our server!

Our goal in September will be to get ready for Craglorn. If we do not have enough members ready to enter in the Adventure zone at that point, we will organise group leveling, Veteran Dungeon runs, anything to reach our goal.
My idea is to use our two weekly events for Craglorn. Trials if we manage to have 12 members ready, otherwise, adventures and Dungeons by group of 4.

VoilĂ ! This are the plans for our guild in The Elder Scrolls Online. Even with a very small group, I'm sure we can start to build a solid core of motivated players and save our weekly events for the most exciting content of the game!

Mist Angels - Spring Break's Over!

That's right, Spring Break is officially over! To celebrate, we organised an exciting Guild Darts event, although I must admit, the hilarity of seeing our members plummet to their deaths was another reason we decided to organise it. In all seriousness, before the event started we decided to meet together, as a guild and have a 'Guild Meeting', where we discussed our future plans, things that we could improve on and also to have a chit-chat.

The Council had been discussing a lot during the Spring Break on things that needed to change, ways to keep the guild healthy, alive and active. Simplifying the events by replacing WvW, Dungeons and PvP nights with Adventures on Wednesday, Community Nights on Friday and Guild Missions on Sunday was one solution. Splitting the Council into 'roles', with Admins, Moderators and the Leader was another. Simple solutions that we believe will breathe new life in to the guild and build a solid foundation for the future. You can read about these changes in greater detail on the forum within the next couple of days.

After our successful Guild Meeting we met up in Queensdale for the Guild Darts event. With Neveah being our 'marker', the members took it in turns to try to jump and die as close to his body as they could. After Neveah was squished numerous times, Max decided to take the job of 'marker'. It was hilarious fun and everyone enjoyed themselves, there were even a few prizes handed out also.

Our top three jumpers were; Wolfie, Don and Eirean, they each got rewarded an exotic from the Guild Bank.

All in all, this was an amazing night and it was great to hang out as a guild again.

Here is a small clip from tonight's event.

ESO News June 2014

While June is the Wildstar month without any contestation, we are not forgetting Tamriel and our dear Daggerfall Covenant guild! Sharing with you the latest news!

@LunaDra @Elloa @Zorless @gcdarko @Ylfing posing arround our new officer

New Officer!
We thanks very much @Vordt.Ororyu and @Hultay that has been our ESO officer at its release. They have stepped down to focus on other things.
@Zorless had been selected as new officer. His passion and dedication for the game and the guild make him the ideal successor! Hourrah for Zorless!
Together, @torhagen, Zorless and I, will work to ensure our guild a bright future. We have many plans that we will share with you once ready!

Guild Caretaker:

As Zorless had ben selected to be a permanent officer, we are still looking for a guild Caretaker to be elected for June and July. If you wish to be a guild Caretaker, please have a look at this thread
The guild Caretaker need to be a very active member in game, reliable and trustable. The task is simply to be present, listening to players, answering their questions if they have, etc.

Our weekly events!
Following the new weekly schedule in Whitestar, every Monday and Thursday are ESO days! We will organise events to please every taste, and that include every level! You can expect a balanced share of Dungeons Night, Cyrodiil adventures and Social events.
In addition, every Thursday, Zorless and GcDarko will regal us with a weekly riddle! Solve the riddle and earn the prise!
If you have a subscription running for ESO but are not playing regularly, we recommand you to join our weekly events! More we are, the better! And maybe to taste again ESO will revive your interest for the game.
Pre- event are starting at 08h30pm (Paris time). We gather on TeamSpeak the time to have everyone coming online. The event themselves start at 09h00. However, this might be subject to change if many players ask for later start. You can check the POLL there and give your opinion.

@Zorless @Ylfing @Elloa @Lahndon and @Hultay during a Cyrodiil adventure night

Our future!
We had a lot of activity at the release of the game, and now, as it happen often, a lot of our members have stopped to play to focus on other games. We still believe that ESO have a bright future and we will work together in that direction. We are currently working to concentrate our activity on Events Days (Monday and Thursday) to revive the interest for the game for our current members. We have decided that we wanted to build our guild arround an objective: Craglorn. We will prepare the guild to delve into the adventure zone in September. We will give you more details about our plans once we know more about this!
Your opinion and advice is wished in this thread!

Choosing our gathering place!

We are still discussing the place where to gather for our pre-events and social event. You can read the thread concerning this here.
At the moment we had three propositions : Fell's Run, Stros M'Kai and Eyevea

@Elloa @Lahndondon and @Chakra adventure in the Wayrest Sewers

Celebrating our new Whitestarian

In Whitestar, becoming a member, a Whitestarian is something to celebrate. It means that we have discovered new friends, that our core and the heart of our community is growing. Today, we are celebrating the promotion of seven new friends, that along the last weeks have proven to be part of our family. Each of them have spent more than one month in Whitestar before deciding that it was the home for them, the right place for them to enjoy friendship and play games. Each of them have offered a Gift to the community, to prove their affection. Today, from the bottom of our heart, we are welcoming them a second time, and we are thanking them for their presence, their compagny, their friendship. THANK YOU!

@PedroAlmeidaTV has proven his friendship by insisting and convincing @Alakina, our WOW guild leader to try The Elder Scrolls Online: Back then, he didn't knew her and wasn't playing with her. But that's excactly the spirit of Whitestar: be friends no matters the games we plays or do not play: Once Alakina joined ESO, he offered her her dream horse!
Thank you Pedro! We hope you will find your dream job and be back playing with us very soon!

Since the first day, @Baggie had shown a warm hearth, a kindness and a dedication to the community. Always ready to help, to participate to guild activities: He proved his friendship by installing Tera a game he didn't enjoyed, and bought Wildstar, he wasn't interested by in first place, to continue to play with everyone else!
To show his friendship, he gathered players of The Elder Scrolls Online for a screenshot in the very first place het met the guild.
Thank you Baggie! We hope you to have a great life with the ones you love and to spent many more time with us!

The only fact that @Vonblack is playing with us is a prove in itself of his friendship. Living beyond Lands and Oceans, the time zones are cruels, we certainly have not enough occasion to spent time with him! However every event shared together had been a great moment! I could not forget this wonderful Banished Cells run, and Vonblack playing his baby nightblade (created to look alike his beloved wife) and being one shotted by the Final Boss. To prove his friendship, Vonblack has offered to everyone playing ESO in Whitestar a Humble Dagger, a token to recieve a weapon of our choice.
Thank you Vonblack! We hope you take care of your real life, everything happens smoothly, and will have more time to play with us soon!

@gcdarko toke some times to reveal himself within the community. What grow slowly is often more solid and strong. Dedicated to The Elder Scrolls Online, Gcdarko is always ready to help, and share a nice word. We will need members like him to strenghen our guild in ESO and achieve our objectives.
Gc contributed to the community by offering this video opening to use for guild movies. Not only he toke the time to create it, but also had to learn the program to be able to make it!
Thank you GC, we hope you find in Whitestar the home you were hoping for! We wish your health to improve and to be very happy! Take care!

No wonder @Zorless has become a great friend of GC, they share this love for ESO and the will to help the guild to flourish and grow. @Zorless has shown a great dedication to the guild. Being the most active player in ESO, he prove his friendship by his patience and loyalty. Always willing to help, his presence bring a needed vitality to the guild.
He decided to organise a Dungeon event that didn't happened yet, but that has a kickass trailer!
Thank you Zorless! We hope to see your activity and dedication being properly rewarded very soon!

Alike Vonblack @HelstaagRus prove his friendship by making the effort of playing on European servers to spent time with us! Friendly, always up for anything, Helstaag have a strong, solid presence in the guild, despise the time zone difference! I spent many great evening, fighting in Dungeons alongside him, I really hope to share some more moments like those!
To prove his friendship, Helstaag share with us this beautiful, moving poem, describing the Whitestar spirit!
Thanks Helstaag! We wish the best life possible and to spent more time together!

@Lahndon had immediately be part of the family. He is easy going, funny, chat easily and is always ready to take part of guild activities. Lately he choose to preorder Wildstar aswell, to spent more time with the community, and both guilds, ESO and Wildstar have earn a great buddy!
Lahndon gift is an impressive list of crafting materials that will be very handy for our Crafting Fair in ESO!
Thanks Lahndon! Your friendship is very precious! We hope you to very happy and share moment with us!

It's a great moment to realise that we have win such good friends in so little time!