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Saturday Night TEAM SPEAK Contest

Greetings everyone,

Let me introduce you to a new concept to have fun together the Saturday evening in our TeamSpeak meeting: Saturday Night TeamSpeak Contest!
Regularly during our weekly meeting, we will organize a fun little game, where you will have the occasion to earn points. The Winner of a game would win 10 points, second place 5 points, third place 3 point and all others 1 point to have participated.
While it is fun to celebrate and congratulate the winner of the week, we though more fun to encourage you to participate every week and give you a good reason to do so! So we are organizing Seasons. A season will be made of 10 games and we expect it to last three months. At the end of the season, the member having gathered most point will receive a beautiful prize for his main game. It could be gold, or rare items, mount, pet or housing furniture. We want it to be a nice prize, so do not be afraid to receive a Pelt Banner or a Undercity cockroach!


  • (Almost) Every week we organize a fun little game on TS
  • Winner will recieve 10 point, second place 5 point, third place 3 point, and everyone else 1 point.
  • Every week, result will be register on our Leaderboard (@Nyah is working on it)
  • A season is made of 10 games, and should last about three months
  • At the end of a seasons, we count the points on the leader board
  • The Winner of the Season will receive a beautiful prize

We are starting this Saturday!
Yes indeed! Why wait longer? Our first game is organized this Saturday, and we hope to see a LOT of you participating and gathering points!
Check out the rules of the first game!

1. What game it is?

  • Council will show a selection of screenshots, one by one and players will have to recognize which game it is to earn points
  • Games selected: ESO, Wildstar, WOW, Tera, GW2
  • There will be screenshots worth 1 points, some more difficult 3 points, and lastly some screenshots worth 5 points.
  • The screenshot will be linked in the TS chat, and the first players to answer correctly in the TS chat would win the number of points.
  • Example (3 points)
Saturday Community Night

Greetings everyone,

As you know in Whitestar we have different members that come from various horizons and enjoy to play different games. Some of you might even never play with certain others as your tastes and occupations completely separate you.

Our goal in this community is to create a relaxing, reassuring, cozy home for all our gamers! We want to cultivate the feeling of appurtenance to a big family on the web. This is why, it's very important for us to encourage bonds between all our members.

The Saturday Community Night had been set up with the purpose of gathering everyone in a Free to Play game, and give the opportunity to members that usually didn't played together to meet and get acquainted. Before, we were organising Tera and Diablo events.
Today, we have decided to go a step further by organizing a weekly meeting on TeamSpeak, starting at 20h30.
We warmly encourage all our members to join. If you are shy, do not worry, everyone in Whitestar is nice and understanding. We will never force you to speak if you feel uncomfortable!
Sometimes we may organize little games and contest, sometimes we will take the chance to communicate important information.

After the meeting, you will have the possibility to play with members you never play with. We dearly encourage you to make a step towards the person you know less.
We have decided that we will leave you opportunity to create your own events - spontaneous or prepared in advance - in the games of your choosing. It can be anything you fancy!
If you need any help, the Council is always ready to encourage you and give you a hand!

How to do? It's really easy! You are in the mood to play Terraria, or Battlefield4? Propose this game in the forum and see who own the game and would be up to join you. The you organize a little rendez vous for the next Saturday!

Our goal with the Saturday Community Night is to create the feeling of having one community, warmhearted and dynamic, by encouraging group play between members that are in different guilds.

We hope to see many of you every Saturday on TeamSpeak for our new Weekly Meeting!

Our plans in WildStar

Greetings everyone,

We have discussed with the Council about our plans in WildStar, and this are the different ideas we have come up with.

Wildstar is a new concept, a new game with a new combat system which can be challenging for both experimented MMO players and new players. We will all need time to adapt ourselves to the new difficulty. Some may need less time to learn than some others, but we are a guild and we will progress together.
Like many other guilds our first reaction was to try to get our guild ready for raiding: gearing up, attunement, etc. But we have understood that the Veteran Dungeon represented a challenge in itself that can be compared to 5man raid. We have decided that we would consider Veteran Dungeon for what it really is, a worthy challenge, a goal in itself, a first step for our progression.

Instead of battling to raid, we will pride ourself into progressing through all veteran Dungeon, and aim for Gold runs as Ultimate goal before to step up into the 20man raids.
This will be easier for us to organise and achieve with our little number, will allow each individual to gain confidence and skills and give us the time to recruit more players and grow the guild at our pace. This will also relieve us from many stress.

We will still work on the side to ally ourself with the best partner possible to offer the possibility of our more skilled players to particpate to raiding in good conditions as soon as they are ready, and ensure they do not grow bored waiting for everyone else in the guild.


GOAL: Mastery of all Veteran Dungeon, aim for Gold run.
This will be considered as our end game, and we will pride ourselves for each of our progress.
Our boss kill will be announced on first page, and we will create a stickie thread where to save our progression.

  • GEAR: Regular events will be organised in Veteran Adventure to gear up
  • TRAINING: We will train in Normal Dungeon regularly with a mix of low level and 50ies to be sure everyone know the tactic and their role perfectly. Everyone willing to learn will be welcome.
  • RAID DAYS: We will start "raid" events with the seriousness and discipline requiered for such. (see Raid behaviour) Those events will be organised once a week first, then twice a week.
  • SOCIAL EVENTS: We will continue to organise normal adventure and relaxed event where it will be encouraged to mix up teams to be sure anyone is playing with everyone.


  • Tuesday – RAID
  • Wednesday – RAID (in August)
  • Sunday – Social event (adventure, roleplay, PVP)
  • Others days – Gearing up (Vet adventure), Training (Normal Dungeons)

To ease this project several officers will organise events, but the help of members will be wished and encouraged aswell. The best would be to have one person specialised into a particuliar project that would be responsible to organise on the calendar the right event, and lead it to success. Example, someone take in charge all gearing up events, and make the plan for the week to come, being sure to get balanced team and that everyone have the chance to participate.

  • @Hultay. will take in charge 2 events/week according to his own shedule
  • @Nyah and @Alakina will take care of relaxed runs
  • @Elloa will focus on Sanctuary of the SwordMaiden runs. Training, then Veteran.


As player:

  • Sign up event on Calendar precising your role. The organiser will Confirm your presence. If you are not confirmed, you will be a reserve in case someone is missing.
  • Know the tactics of the bosses
  • Arrive in time (10 min before the event starts)
  • If you are missing, warn the organiser as soon as possible, so a replacement can be found

As organiser:

  • Confirm your team as soon as possible
  • Be capable to lead the event and explains tactics
  • Wait 5 min after the event starts for a missing persons. At 6 minute replace the missing person by a reserve.

ROLES: everyone DPS!
To make our organisation easier, be sure that everyone can enjoy their favourite role and be sure that everyone can play both roles if needed:

  • All our Support (tank, heal) will need to have a DPS build and work on a DPS gear
  • We will organise something with our crafter to provide some help. It will be a project and we will ask everyone to participate by donating ressources.

Please, sign up events! Be present and motivated, willing to wipe with a smile and learn from your mistake: If you want to organise some events, please do not shy away and let us know we can count on your help!

Voilà! Hope you are as enthousiatic as us concerning our future plan in WildStar! If you have any questions or suggestions do not hesitate to speak up your mind!

Whitestar, our Shelter

Sometimes, or often maybe, we struggle through Life without even understanding why it's so hard. Things should be simple and easy, but we are living in an unforgiving, merciless world, within an absurd civilisation, and it's often difficult to make any sense of all of this. All we need is Love, Joy and Truth.

Whitestar is only a little place, a little bubble within the big world. It's nothing much, and it can not replace a family, a circle of friends, a loving partner. But this place has a purpose: it aim to be a shelter for you to find rest and comfort, peace and serenity. Joy and Love.

Why are we here, together? Why have we met in this virtual Home? What have lead us toward each others? Who are we and what are we doing here? We are all differents. Our dreams, our wishes, our personalities, our qualities and our weakness. But we are all beings with a soul and feelings. And we all struggle. So I can tell you that we, people from various countries, various age, various political affiliation and spirituals or non spirituals beliefs, poeple with different tastes and opinions, we are all gathered in Whitestar to take care of each others. To be nice and gentle, to be encouraging and supportive, to be loving and caring. Because we are living beeings, and because life is hard, we all deserve a moment of rest and peace. We all deserve to be loved.

But more than a place to take care of each others, Whitestar is also a place to explore who you are. Whitestar is a small tribe, a mini society, a tiny civilisation. And therefor, here you can take the place you can not in the real world. It's the occasion for you to try out something different, or something similar, no matter. What do you dream of yourself? What would like to become? What's the highest image of yourself you would like to reach? In Whitestar, in a very small scale, you can try. You can explore. You can experiment. You have nothing to lose. You are safe here, surrounded by understanding friends that are here to encourage you and cheer you up. Friends that can allow you try to become what you dream.

In Whitestar, we are playing games. But more than that, we are recreating a society. A civilisation that fit better our needs and comfort us when the Big Bad world outside is too hurtful. Because in this shelter we can regain strenght, and hope, and courage, and face the world the chin high, without fear, the heart filled with the love of our friends from all over the world.