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Thank you Vanelope and Ramagh

Greetings everyone,

@Tuff and @Ramagh have steped down from the Council position. We have decided to create a special rank "Elder" that would be given to ancient Council members, giving them access to the Council forums and allowing them to take part in discussion and meetings as they wish, but relieving them from their responsibilities. Vanelope and Ramagh are now Elder of the Whitestar Community. May their Stars shine uppon us for ever!

Vanelope! Ramagh, we may not have always seen eye to eye, but you will always have my bewbs. Thanks for your time in the council, dont disappear on us now!
- Alakina

Ramagh and Vanelope take care of yourself you only got this one life on this Mudball :) Thank you both a whole lot for the time you invested and if your time permits it hope to still hear you Feedback
- Torhagen

Wish you all the best Ramagh and Vanelope. You both were a big part of making Mist Angels a success, I owe you both a lot for that. Thank you for the time you've spent in the Council and the work both of you have done. Take care and don't be a stranger.
- Autumn

Take care, Ramagh and Vanelope! It's been a pleasure having both of you in council. It was a nice experience to create the new Whitestar logo with you, Vanelope and I'm looking forward to some guidance in Landmark once it's released, Ramagh :) Thanks for all the fun so far, you know where to find us if you wanna chat or grab some bewbs <3
- Nyahna

Thank you both for the time you've spent in the council, helping us build what we are now. I'm sad to see you both step down, but I know that you will be with us whenever you have time. I'm however happy knowing that this isn't a goodbye, but rather a thank you!
- Nehr

You are both very dear to my heart, for everything we have known together, all the fun moments spendt in game, and the things we have build in both MistAngels and Whitestar. As a collegue I thank you deeply for your contribution and your help. As a friend I say "I miss you" and I know this is not a good bye, because I'll not let it happen.
- Elloa

Contest: TEAMSPEAK Promotional Poster!

Contest: TEAMSPEAK Promotional Poster!

Greetings everyone,

TeamSpeak is a wonderful tool that we want to promote in Whitestar! Not only it's an awesome voice chat, but it's also an excellent way to see who is playing what game and to allow our community to communicate directly accross our various games.
We would like YOU to convince your guildmates to join TeamSpeak more often.

For this purpose, Whitestar is organising a contest! You have one week (Tuesday 02-09 midnight) to create a Media promoting the use of TeamSpeak.


  • How to do: Post your entry on the Whitestar Wall, as soon as you want! Add as comment "My entry for the TS contest"
  • Ending: tuesday 2 september 23h59 (Paris time)
  • Media allowed: Poster (image), Video clip (1 min max), Audio Clip (1min max), Text (350 words max), Comic (One page)
  • Subject: Promoting the use of TeamSpeak in Whitestar
  • Style: Commercial, but any style of commercial is allowed!
  • Winner: 1 Winner will be elected by the council, and 1 Winner will be elected by Anook community (most Like)
  • The Council will vote your creation with those 4 criterias: Respect of the Rules, Originality of the Idea, Excecution, Efficiency of the message.

The 2 winners will be announced in a Special Blog post and will earn 10 points for the Leaderboard each!

As reminder:

  • It is not enforced to speak on TeamSpeak
  • TeamSpeak can be used as written chat as much as voice chat
  • In a ideal world, we would see all our member log in TeamSpeak in same time than log in game, even with muting their sound, so we could see who is currently playing what game.
Diary of an Adventurer

Unfortunately I missed this week's session. So I levelled my character on my own to the same point.

Current Progress
Bleakrock Isle - COMPLETE
Balfoyen - COMPLETE
Davon's Watch - One quest line completed (Saving Davon's Watch and summoning Balreth)

TeamSpeak Contest #1 The result!

Saturday, we hosted our first TeamSpeak contest! Nine members were present and we had a lot of fun and laugh. The game was simple: the players had to find the hidden name of a Whitestar member in the images presented to them. Each right answer was worth a point, each wrong answer was worth a boob, and the first player to answer had a bonus point.

It was really great to see so many members joining the evening, including new members like @Grimmauch, and @ZiggsTV who was at his work and interrupted by customers! @Nyah was on fire, motivated by the prospect of beating @Nehr, she got most of bonus points, but unfortunately her spelling mistakes cost her the victory, as she earned too many boobs. The gold boob was earned by our Bewbie Queen though, who answered Cenarion instead of @Lahndon on the first image.

( I had explained the game enough, she had no excuses :P)

Everyone fought well and deserved their points for having participate to the game! You can check out the Stickie Leaderboard here!
We will see you in two weeks for another crazy and fun TeamSpeak contest!

Diary of an Adventurer

Serious Part

ESO Re-Roll Project

The first diary is somewhat limited, hindsight not withstanding. I'll keep more detailed diaries in the future.

Our unlikely band of heroes met in Stonefalls to start our quest.

Progress - We have completed Bleakrock Isle and all associated quests on this island.

We have settled down for the long, and hazy night in Bal Foyen. If you plan on joining the next session please try to get your character to this point.

Our plans for The Elder Scrolls Online

Greetings everyone,

Our Elder Scrolls Online guild has ended its hollidays! We have gathered, we have shared our opinions, and we have taken decisions! We are back to share some wonderful moment in Tamriel together!

The direction of our guild
We have agreed that we were more PVE players in general. We do enjoy Dungeons, and we would like to enjoy together, as a group, the Adventures Zones Craglorn, and Murkmire (once released), and enjoy Trials together. However, we do not want to push anyone to level faster than what they want. We respect the rhythm of each of us.
The fact that we have few active players in same level range make difficult the creation of common activities. To compensate this, our focus days are Monday and Thursday, and we hope every member having an active subscription will play those days. We will organize time to time social events, including our reroll project. We also decided to start to push a little bit our recruitment. To do so, each of us, will be attentive while grouping with other people, to build new friendship and suggest our guild if we feel they could be a fit.


  • Our goal in long term is to experiment Adventures questing together, Veteran Dungeon, and Trials
  • We are stocking the Iron Bank of Whitestar with blue quality of materials to help our guildies to gear up once we reach "end game"
  • We aim to provide help with Crafting. We use our guild bank as an exchange platforum for green and basic crafting materials or item to deconstruct.
  • We leave each individual to level and experiment the game as he wish.
  • We will organise non regular social event to group together, probably in Cyrodiil.
  • We are starting a REROLL project that will be organised as event every week or every two weeks.
  • We are starting to actively recruit

We have choosen the design together in the meeting.

The changes in the ranks as following:

  • Elloa
  • Officer
  • Whitestarian – Are the active members that have passed their trial and are part of the community
  • Shadow - Are the non active members that have passed their trials and are part of the community
  • Trial - Trials members
  • Guest – Players that have been invited but have not applied on Anook yet.

[*]Whitestarian, Shadow and Trials have the exact same permissions: can deposit and withdraw from the bank. Can not withdraw gold from the bank.

  • Guest have heavily restricted permissions

We are creating EbonHeart character to level together as group, exclusively during organised events.
Those characters serve the sole purpose of playing together and will not be touched otherwise (unless you missed an event and need to catch the group)
Already participating to this project: @torhagen @Chakra @Elloa @sg17a8000 @SabreWulf

Neny (now a Whitestarian!) wants to THANK YOU!

Dear fellow Whitestarians,

you cannot imagine the happyness just exploded in my mind when I received a message from @torhagen that - after my trial period and moving time - I was accepted as a member!!! \o/

I already told you many times but I enjoy time in your - now OUR - guild so much!! My old gaming life was lonely after my fiancé quit playing, I tried multiple MMOs on my own but one got me even more sad than the other. I was wandering on my own and missed a guild life so much - talking with people about gaming! About their or your own life, about music, movies, books, about EVERYTHING and to feel "home" in a game - this is a completely new experience for me in Whitestar!

@Nyah, @Elloa, @Nehr, @FlamingTomato, @Cornilius, @Alakina and all the others gave me such a warm welcome, guild chat is never quiet (let's not begin with TS :D Beware @Alakina 's presence, I have to get myself together not to pee myself when she's doing all her bewb jokes!), you are such a great community, also helping each other, having friendly hints or words in general for each other. You spend time of your real life to invest in the gaming life, to spend time with other people you haven't seen before but putting so much joy and effort in it - this is very, very rare these times!

So I want to THANK YOU everybody - for your time, your words and the guild in general for letting me become a proud Whitestarian!

Please beware that my graphic skills are very limited and I have no other softwares than ye good olde paint but I want to leave this as the symbolic gift to you after my promotion. You are the best bunch! THANK YOU!!