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ESO News - Fall 2015

Greetings everyone, Whitestar still has a strong presence in The Elder Scrolls Online, and we have plenty of projects for the future! Read below what we have prepared for you!

ESO, The Office: Typhoios, Elloa, Superflyguy

To serve you better, we have added @Typhoios to the officer team. We believe he will be a great addition as he has always shown loyalty, dedication, humour and kindness! So for now, our guild is managed by @Superflyguy, myself and Typhoios. This will officialy allow @Vaetilda and @Gyudan to focus on other priorities.
If you have any worries, question or wishes, related to ESO and the guild management you can contact either of us. @Neny and @torhagen are very active in the community and they will help you gladly if you have any question or concerns regarding Whitestar.

Welcome to Orsinium

Orsinium is relased next week! To celebrate this, we have decided to drop our usual events and let everyone enjoy the new DLC as they want. However, a full week without events would be a sad week! Join us FRIDAY 6 for a maximum of fun in Orsnium! We will explore the new area together, killing some World bosses, exploring Delves and Public Dungeons.
The level of your character do not matter as every character will be battle level to Vet16!

We will kill the Serpent, together!


The Survey is now closed. The day selected for our Trials is FRIDAY. The RULES have been adapted aswell with Progressing and Relaxed run to fit all our members and find a happy middle ground. We are organising a first relaxed Hell Ra Citadel run this week to start our new schedule. After the Orsinium Week, we will attempt again Sanctum Ophidia. Our goal is to learn the fights and to clear the place before the next Trial is implemented in the game.

For progressing raid, I'll open a new thread where we can discuss strategies, build and spells to share among the team. In this way, we will really prepare ourselves as a team, together!

Gearing up our members through the most dangerous places of Tamriel!

Beside Trials, we have still lot to do to gear up our members and complete the hardest challenges. For this reasons, we are going to organize specific dungeon nights to help a member or another to gain the gear s/he wish to obtain.
We also want to complete WhiteGold Tower and Imperial Prison in veteran mode. Both instances will receive some nerfs with the release of Orsinium and should be totally doable by any our teams.

We will continue to grow our little community

As Whitestar is now spread in 4 different games, some of our members have migrated towards other games. To keep an active and dynamic guild, we are re-opening the recruitment. I'll advertise our guild, aiming towards completing our Trials team in priority. I'll keep a slow pace however, as usual, to be sure to integrate any new member nicely in our guild. I'll count on you to offer a warm welcome, and all the help needed to any new member that may apply our guild!

Whitestar News - October 2015

Whitestar is a community ever evolving and changing. We have bloomed a lot lately by improving and progressing our guilds in The Elder Scrolls Online and World of Warcraft. We have welcomed a lot of new members, and promoted our deserving Trials to full membership. We have achieved some feats aswell together, like killing Archimonde or the Mage and the Warrior Constellation.

Whitestar kill Archimonde

Whitestar kill the Constellation of the Warrior

We are organizing regularly events in our guilds and outside our guilds in other games like Evolve, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo or GW2. We try to organize funny contest and games on our forums, to always encourage bonding and amusement in our community. And we have many other projects and surprises to come!

The big new of the month, however is that we do now have a new official guild in Final Fantasy XIV. Created by @LunaDra and @Cornilius, together they have achieved to arrise the interest of a lot of our members and gather them in Eorzea. During more than one month the guild have slowly grown, gathering more and more members and generating a lot of activities and enthousiasm.
So today we are very proud and happy to tell you that Final Fantsay XIV is our third guild, and that Lunadra had been promoted as Council member and Cornilius as Officer.

The new Whitestar guild in Final Fantasy XIV

But it's not all! Our guild in Wildstar that had been put in hibernation is slowly waking up. We have a lot of members and activities in this game lately, and it might well become its own thing in time aswell. Several events are already planed: As the game is F2P, if you want to join up any of our event, you do not need to invest any money. You just need to install the game, create a character on Jabbit Eu, and poke the WiIdstar GM @Nehr or the officers @Nyah @Neny @Alakina or myself

Whitestar doing some dungeons in Wildstar

We are very happy to see Whitestar evolving and growing so much while keeping its very special, cozy and warm hearted atmosphere. Be sure to read regularly our forums, and signup our events if you are interested or not to participate.
Thanks to everyone to make Whitestar such an awesome place!

Wildstar Guild Housing Tour #1: SUCCESS!

The 9th Oct. Whitestar Housing Tour was a big success!

With special guests:

Whitestar House Owners

You can see the WHOLE HOUSING TOUR video here!

Single Housing Videos

  • @Alakina 's House Video: HERE
  • Leigh Reynold's Family Mansion Video: HERE
  • Lulu Navra's Sewer Junction Video: HERE
  • @Nyah 's Happy Beer & Dance Yard Video: HERE
  • @Nehr 's creepy Limb-Removing-Shingle Video: HERE
  • Dementia Ayuzawa's Super Mario Level Jumping Puzzle Video: HERE

And these were the actual houses we visited yesterday night:

When she heard she was invited to our housing tours she worked her buttocks off like a house slave the last two days. And the result was AMAZING!! She added a huge Eldan relict, a zen corner, a peaceful bewb queen/sword maiden waterfall and even a sheep pen! Inside the house we were all super amazed by her kitchen. Single forks, single dishes, everything custom built, absolutely brilliant! But one of our most loved areas was definitely the bathroom! The shower looks so well done as well as the bathrub area. You did an amazing work there, Jo!! Keep it up!

When I first visitied this house I KNEW I had to show it to my guildies! It looks like a SIMS house, just better! :) It provides an amazing starting pond, a tree way to the actual manor and is a huge house built around the actual house! There are several rooms for the family members, Leigh Reynolds explained to me ingame. We saw the kid's room, the master bedroom, the kitchen which even provided a goggy and his food bowl :) She added a check board as well as a tennis area outside! So many things to see. We loved the sauna in the inner house a lot as well as the little study. This house HAS to be seen! :)

All of us were absolutely speechless and amazed by this amazing plot!! At first it looked like a little forest and a small kinda Fallout Shelter but turned out to be soooo incredibly huge inside! A massive tunnel system, super smart gateways, we ended up totally lost often and absolutely speechless. It provides many "fixing" rooms, bathrooms with a ninja tunnel exit and a very big underground black market. We even met the creator Lulu by accident in her house and she continued the trip with us :) She was very, very friendly, explained a lot about her house - for example she put about 600 Platinum (!!) in it as well as more than 3 month of work! You see the love in detail and atmosphere she put into her plot. Guys, you NEED to visit this plot!

Our sweet Nyah's plot we visited next! Oooh, all dem feels when returning to her house :) She has the cutest of dance floor (being a DJ herself!) where she, Nehr and I had a dance off! \o/ She also has another party area with comfy couches and a mini bar. Inside is the After Party snuggle area with many pillows to sleep away your headache. When I first visited her house, I envied her cutie Aurin shelves a lot and I even found new things when returning yesterday! She has a stone floating above her party floor for charming purposes :) Check it out yourself at "Serenyah Saki" in Wildstar, Jabbit EU!

After Nyah's cuteness overload house we visited Nehr's creepy and morbid Limp-Removel-Shingle. Right in the front he offers special souvernirs for the visitors! You can buy time bombs, special flasks and even entrails if you need new ones after your original guts have been removed. And if you didn't make it, Nehr even has a cozy graveyard in front of his porch. There also lies Timmy. Who he found when he was dead already. Yeah...

Inside you are greeted by a huuge custom built fish tank! A creepy little Fallout Machine is playing a crazy music while you're discovering the secret passage in the back - a simple push of buttons makes a secret door appear. Behind that door lies Nehr's operation area. This is where he "fixes" his patients. According to him he can make you faster by adding a third leg. Or smarter when adding a Chua head. So you definitely want to come here fot improvements! Next time we will also see his custom built train!

Jumping Puzzle Extreme!
@Nehr and our new friend Lulu passed the level pretty quick while @Nyah and I had issues to get throug that jumping puzzle part. We ended up totally lost in the fields of nowhere, even with a bonus level on the side. Nehr instructed us to use the tornado which propelled us to the roof like tiny planes! I failed in that terrible puzzle but at least we ended up in one piece. Visit this cool plot yourself and enjoy the different levels and references :)

We also revisited Lulu's amazing sewer house again and ended up in some funny roleplay about surgeries and hiding bodies from soldier @Jezziex :) We also had a fun After Party in @Nyah 's yard, a little dance off and a sit in. THANK YOU everybody for joining or showing off your houses! It was a great and exciting tour!

Our next housing tours will be in two weeks, Friday Oct. 24th! We will visit the Interior Award #1 Winner, have special prices for the winners of a competition and even a SPECIAL GUEST! Yes, you heard right, we'll have a little VIP with us :) Notorious Aurin and Stalker Killing Machine @MrShackelberry will join us for the next tour! Isn't that exciting?

Sooo, ladies, be prepared to drool at him and everybody feel free to have fun and maybe also offer your house for a visit, too?



P. S.: Extra footage: "And suddenly... Roleplay!"

[ESO] Sanctum Ophidia, our first real raid!

During the month of September, Whitestar finaly started to regularly organise Trials events. While Gyudan had lead us in both Aetherian Archive, and Hell Ra Citadelle last winter, sharing his experience to defeat the bosses, we've never been back since then, and our guild composition was very different aswell.

Whitestar defeat the Warrior in Hell Ra Citadelle

We started slowly with Aetherian Archive. Our goal was to discover the gorgeous places where happen the Trials, to share a different experience with guildies, but also to test our skills and organization. It toke us three events to transform the joyful chaos into sweet organization. Our last event proved our ability to be efficient in the most friendly manner. Our run through Hell Ra Citadelle was smooth, pleasant and efficient in the same time. We defeated the Warrior with only a single wipe.

So we decided to explore the last Trial to be discovered: Sanctum Ophidia. The lair of the Serpent found deep in some ancient Nedic ruins, is mysterious and fascinating. We met no troubles to kill foes on our way to the first boss: the Manticore. And then we understood that we were facing our first real challenge.

Drungly, Phaith, Neny and Elloa teleported in another dimension on the Manticore fight.

This is very exciting time for Whitestar in The Elder Scrolls Online! We have a very active and dynamic guild, and every days of the week we share some fun and different adventures together. But the day we faced the Manticore is a great day! As a guild we are finally facing a challenge that we will need to work together. Our first "real" raid in ESO.
This will bring to life a new aspect to our guild that we can develop and grow in time, depending of the interest of our members. We have dabbled in Aetherian Archive and Hell Ra Citadelle while the content was obsolete. But despite being a Vet14 Trial, Sanctum Ophidia is still the most difficult and challenging place in the game. And this give us a goal: Defeat the Serpent before the new Trial currently under development is released.
What pride will we feel when we will overcome this together, as a guild?

Let's take this opportunity to organize ourselves around raiding, and to be ready, for the new content!

Whitestar first run in Sanctum Ophidia.

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