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[ESO] The direction of our guild! New weekly and monthly events.

Our Elder Scrolls Online guild has evolved a lot. We have seen many members joining the guild, being active for a time, then leaving and coming back, following their mood and the state of the game.
As leader I've always tried to follow the desire of the majority of our active members, and find activities and a structure that would please them and amuse them. It has not always been easy to do so, as we gather so many different players and so many different personalities.

Until now, I have kept the guild very flexible, and we didn't really found ourselves. We didn't had a clear path. We were just trying different things. This is going to change.What I try to do, is to understand the nature of our guild, our style, and then affirm it so we can continue to evolve together, and flourish. I want to get the best out of our guild, and see us progressing in the path we have choosen.

Observing the activities our members seems to prefer and the various reactions during our meetings I understood that The Elder Scrolls Online guild is clearly different from the World of Warcraft, or the Final Fantasy guild. Our active members are generaly older, and have gaming background mostly in other games than World of Warcraft. We are a bit more "oldschoolish". Favourite activities are mostly doing group content together: getting things done but in a relaxed and friendly way. We are not a "progression" guild so to speak, but with a better organisation we could be a soft progression guild.

Therefor this is in this direction I'll lead our guild from now. With the help of our current officers @Superflyguy and @Typhoios, I'll work on organising the guild to have regular events where we can train our skills, gather some gear, and progress together at our own pace. I'll be sure to include everyone, including lowbies and less experimented players. So together, we will help each other to become better players, we will learn how to really play, and we will be able to accomplish challenges and progress.

For this reasons, you can mark on your calendar two events that will happen every weeks.


  • Main goal of this events is to create bond between our various members, and doing some content without stress. This will be the ideal day to farm some gear, playing with alts, trying a new build, or getting introduced to the guild!
  • There is no requierement to participate to this event. We will adapt our groups and the event to the participants. Please sign up to help the organisation.
  • Depending the number of players, and the general mood we will choose from setting up several groups for Dungeons/Craglorn/Orsinium adventures OR setting up a large group for Imperial City for Bosses and Telvar Stone farming (avoiding PVP as much as possible)

Dungeons groups requiere 4 players with proper roles, while Craglorn and Orsinium content allow more flexibility.

21h: Gathering at Klang Manor, Wayrest and on TeamSpeak. 21h10: Groups are setup and ready to go

FRIDAY PROGRESSION PVE – the day we do our best!

  • Main goal of this event is to improve ourselves individually and as a team. We will do challenging content, and be ready for it. We will be prepared with a good build, consumables, and equipment.
  • As soon as we have 12 capable players, we will do Trials. At some point, the Friday will be saved for Trials exclusively.
  • But if we do not have 12 players, we will use this event to train ourselves in small groups. Depending of the participants, we will create different groups and adapt the content to allow everyone to progress at their own pace.

This mean that low level characters and unexperimented players are most than welcome in this event. We will organise "initiation" groups to teach them the basic of the group content and allow them to progress.

  • Please sign up the events, and be ready in time.
19h50: we start to gather on TS and get ready
20h: we create the groups
20h10: Missing people are replaced, groups are ready to go
+-21h/21h20: second run

Progression is all good, but sometimes we just need to have fun! Once a month, @Neny and I will prepare a pure social event. It will be fun games open for every members.
We hope to gather a lot of our active members, and encourage our old and non active members to join up for a night! This will allow them to discover Whitestarians they do not know and share some fun time with us!

Our active members are very passionated and very present in game. You can be sure to find fun activities to do with everyone else in the guild every day! This might be pure PVP in Cyrodiil, undaunted Pledges or Imperial City/Orsinium dailies! Whitestar is most active on evening, but you will find some poeple to play with during the day or the night aswell!

My Life For Auir

So my starcraft journey has come to an end. It truly feels like the end of a legacy. Ive had a blast. The protoss rallyed their forces to face the end war and came out as victors. But this war changed everyone, for better or for worse who can say? But change has come, it is their decetion wether to embrace it or to reject it. It was a touching story about a broken race, lost in the darkness, who had lost their home, Auir...their family..and all hope. Yet they found hope in one man, Zeratul, who warned them, and with that warning they united the lost factions of their proud race to face the end war head on. The Khalai, or the Temlar as they are more commonly known as, after the loss of their home united the factions of the protoss. The Dark Templar, the Tal'darim and the Purifiers. One thing I kept thinking of while playing through this game was how I felt the protoss paralleled our home of Whitestar. I felt each faction represented each part of our community.

The Khalai

The Khala is the defining trait of Khalai culture. With their highly advanced technology and potent psionic abilities, the Khalai have long considered themselves the most powerful species in the known galaxy.
They have a connection with the Khala allowing them to feel every other Khalai's emotion, every thought and every action. They fight as one, knowing exactly what every warrior beside them feels however recently during the end war they had to sever their conection to the Khala. They had to feel what it is like to be alone, and face the dark times. When i see them I only think of our Warcraft guild. I see the WoW guild as a group of freinds working together and fighting as one, they feel what each other feel in order to function and now face dark lonely times as they wait fot leigion, most of them severed their bonds to start anew as they wait,

The Dark Templar

"Alone. It is said that those of our kind suffer, separated from the glory of the Khala. But none of us are ever truly alone. For our warrior hearts are bound by honor..tradition...battle is waged in the name of the many..the brave who generation after generation choose the mantle...of Dark Templar!"-Zeratul When I see Dark Templar I can only think of our brothers and sisters over at Mist Angles. Though they sever their physical bonds too us by not bearing the mantle of Whitestar, you are never truly alone. We are still family, and in the darkest times I know I can count on the Mist Angles to turn to. To house us when we have no where to turn, to help us when we lose everything, just as the Dark Templar do.

The Tal'darim

These Tal'darim believe in the concept of survival of the fittest and carry out sacrifice. In the day cycle of Slayn, these Tal'darim are expected to fend for themselves, while at night, all are equal in their god's gaze. Their society operates with the concept of the Chain of Ascension—obey those above you, while being superior to those below you. One may ascend the chain through Rak'Shir duels. One on one battles to overpower and kill your opponent. However the Tal'darim are not all blood and vengance. They believe in honor, they are united to find a home. They once belonged no where so they made their own home with blood and sweat. What would you do to defend tradition? Would it be worse than what they do? When I see the Tal'darim I think of our Elder scrolls guild. I see the ESO guild as powerfully and ineradicable skilled at what they do. Yet they always felt disconected from me untill recently just as the Tal'darim were. They have tradition and a certain way of doing things. Its hard to put into words how I feel but I assure you they are good thoughts. I hope to get to know the ESO guild better over the coming months.

The Purifiers

The purifiers were built under direct order of the Conclave to be an ultimate fighting force. The program was originally kept in shadow and unified by the belief that consciousness could be turned into data, thereby used to preserve the thought-process and decision-making ability of a formerly living being. They where viewed as war machines, nothing more than slaves to do the Protoss's bidding despte them having a concussion and emotions. They are fallen warriors given a second chance to fight. However in recent times, Artanis, higherarc of the Protoss revived the program and gave them rights. The ability to choose their own path, so they choose to fight along side the Protoss race's. I can only think of the Final fantasy guild when i see the Purifiers. Fallen warriors given a second chance. When someone falls of another game, when they die in battle waiting for legion, they are reborn here, and they are given choice to do what they want. They can stay and help build this amazing comuinty like our lovely leader Luna does, or they can leave again to go back to their old ways, its up to you what you do.

My time spent in starcraft was good, and I will no doubt go back to it from time to time. I know not everyone will see eye to eye with me on this symbolism but thats the great thing about interpritation, its up to you what you make of it and I'd love to hear what you think about it. Sorry if ranted on for to long but I love this game so much<3 and sorry I couldn't convey what I meant about the ESO guild its just very hard to put into words, Love you ESO guys and gals<3 Thanks for reading, and unless it isnt obvious, I would highly recommend Legacy of the void, its a fantastic game!

My Life For Whitestar

[WoW] Home & Every End is a New Beginning

Savian rubbed his hand across his forehead, a weary look across his face as he opened his eyes again and looked around. The view was stunning that's for sure. Though the fel taint was slowly disappearing from the jungle it was still very much present. The green glow added a certain kind of atmosphere to the picture though, like leaves rustling on the trees after the passing of a massive storm.

And what a storm it was. They had set out from the guild garrison at Lunarfall towards the Citadel weeks ago with a clear purpose: to put an end to the Iron Horde once and for all so they could all safely go back home. When they arrived there and the initial shock of finding the fortress infested with Burning Legion minions had passed they had become even more assured in their convictions. Whitestar would purge this vile hold of any and all malicious inhabitants. Not only for the safety of this world that some of them had grown quite fond of but the safety of Azeroth as well.

The siege did not last long and the first lines of defense, some orc rabble with cannons and a dinky mech, had fallen fast. The inside proved more difficult though. Days upon days of slogging through labyrinthine hallways filled with the stench of fel magic and the occasional unsuccessful assassin. Camping beneath the roaring skies or whatever shelter they could find as some stood watch against nightly incursion. Finally they had reach the upper echelon of the Citadel where they faced Gul'dan and a resurrected Pit Lord. But he escaped them again and managed to concentrate his power long enough to bring Archimonde into this realm. That fight was glorious and will be retold in their guild halls for generations to come but it was also a hollow victory in many ways. Gul'dan had escaped to who knows where, Draenor lie nearly in ruin and many of their comrades had fallen in the final battle and all the ones before it.
So there he stood, on top of what was once called Hellfire Citadel. Hands in his pockets, gazing across the quiet jungle towards the wreckage of the Dark Portal where tiny figures crawled around like ants. Mages of the Kirin Tor, with help from the natives, were trying to get a stable portal opened to Azeroth so they could all go home. Or could they?

Had it all been worth it? What had they achieved here? And had the price of victory been too high? A deep sigh escaped his lips and Savian hung his head slightly. He did not know the answers to those questions.

A furry hand was lain on his shoulder and a familiar voice spoke to him with the accent of the Pandaren. 'What are you looking at Boss?'
'Everything and nothing. Just thinking about them, you know. All of them'
The Pandaren nodded as he knew what Savian meant. He too felt the loss of all those they had to bury or leave behind on this savage world. It was enough to make anyone weary. 'Just don't stand here too long okay, don't want to catch a cold on our last day here haha!' He turned around and slowly walked away as another person wearing the blue and white colors of Whitestar scaled the improvised stairs and stood still next to him. 'How's he doing?', she whispered softly. 'I don't know... He seems alright but mighty tired. And I don't blame him, for all he's lost. More than any of us probably but he will not talk about it. You know that'
One last sagely nod and the furry figure disappeared from sight down the hole they had made in the citadel roof. The other figure walked up to Savian and hesitated a moment, unsure of what to do. Then she just stood there, next to him, in total silence. A silence that was reciprocated in kind and understanding. And gratefulness.

'Sav? Are you ready to go?', a guildmember asked as he slung his backpack over his shoulder. 'It's nearly time and the others are ready to hike to the portal site'. 'You erhm, you go ahead okay. I'll be with you shortly. Make sure everyone stays in tight formation on the march. We don't want to lose anyone at this stage'
The human nodded and walked out the front gate towards the massive group of people gathered there. Guildmembers ready to go back home after all this time but also Draenor natives who had nothing left for them here or who had joined the Whitestar cause along the way and were determined to follow their new family across the Nether to any planet they called home. A smile, small but loving, spread across Savian's face as he looked upon them from the doorstep of the Town Hall. Maybe we are not all lost, he thought. Maybe there was some purpose in all they had been through. His smile disappeared again and slowly he made his way towards an exit to the side. He had to go there first he knew. He could not leave without saying goodbye one last time. The many markers we're neatly aligned and the plots well taken care of. There were flowers in vases all around, most of them freshly brought by those who were now leaving. Some were adorned with iconic pieces of armor or weaponry, some were plain but for the inscription upon them.

Savian kneeled down before one marker near the back row, the oldest one, and placed his hand upon the gravestone. As he did that he instantly felt a presence near him, around him and the soothing voice he had been hearing ever since his loss.

'Do not falter now, my love. They need you to guide them home one last time. One last march towards victory. I have done all I could for you but now it is time to let me rest here. I am at peace knowing you are safe. Go with them, do not linger here with spirits and memories but go home and make a better future. A better future for yourself, for the guild and the whole of Azeroth'

Savian looked up towards the massive moon in the sky while sitting in the dirt with his hands folded into his lap and began to shake uncontrollably.

'I will make you proud, I promise!', he said out loud in between tears flowing down his cheeks. 'I am so sorry I have to leave you here... I love you..'

He stood up and took a shadowy moonflower out of his robes before laying it down upon the soil in front of the stone. Then he wiped his sleeve across his face and headed towards the exit where now no one stood anymore. He would catch up, in time...

And so ends the Warlords of Draenor expansion for our guild. This is the official announcement I'm making to tell you all that Monday the 2nd of November will be our last official raid day. With signups and interest declining it is a good point to look back at all our progress throughout these two tiers and say we've done an amazing job! For the first time ever we, as a guild, have cleared ALL the content when it was current and on top of that we fought our way into a fair bit of heroic content as well. This is no small feat and I would like to see us repeat that and more in Legion.

I'd like to thank all of you who participated in the raids. From Highmaul through Blackrock Foundry to Hellfire Citadel, we proved that a guild can be social and fun and still make raiding progress at the same time. There's too many of you to all list individually but y'all know who you are!

So until the next expansion comes out Whitestar is officially in hibernation. We do this at the end of every expansion so this is not a cause for concern. What this basically means is that there will be no more official raids or raid days, though members can still organise events as they see fit. Active recruitment will stop with the exception of people who find us on their own and friends of friends. We will continue our ingame presence so I won't be going anywhere. Feel free to drop by and do whatever you like ingame, have a chat or farm some stuff before Legion comes out. But most of all enjoy yourself within the rest of the community in whatever game you may play or maybe just by hanging out on Anook.

So that leaves me with my final thoughts. It's been an honor being your GM this expansion and I'm looking forward to seeing all of you return for Legion where we'll continue our ways as we have the past year. Y'all know where to find me if needed and thank you all for your time, your effort and most of all your company.