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A light in the night

The Hollidays, and no matter what are our religions, beliefs or disbeliefs, is a time to focus on our beloved one. Its a Celebration of Love and Joy. And even if we love our beloved ones every day of the year, its the right time to add a little extra, one more though, one more act, to show them how much we appreciate them.

Whitestar is our family on internet. Its a home that had been concieved, and build stones by stones to be a welcoming place for those that were meant to find a shelter on internet. No matter the reasons that lead you here, no matter how much time and energy you want to spent with us, this place is meant to be a save place where you can relax, open your heart, trust in the goodness of the world, share your burdens and find comfort with loving and caring persons.
No matter why you are here, you are all welcome as much, and we will take care of you. We are together here, because the world can be a harsh place. Because sometimes to take care of our loved ones is difficult. Because sometimes we lose trust in ourselves. We feel lonely. We are lost. We are discouraged. Whitestar is not only a home to play games. This is a simple excuse to gather us. This is what lead you here probably. But the real purpose of Whitestar, is to be this white shinning light in the dark winter night, that will lead you to a safe place.

Come by the fire, feel the warmth of our home, have some cookies and your favourite drink, and feel the love warming your heart. No matter who we are, no matter what is our story, no matter our beliefs and our purpose in life, we all need a place to rest, a place to regain strenght, a place to relax and feel loved.
That's the real purpose of Whitestar. And that's what I'll work on ... always.

Thank you to be there with me and to help me making this place the shelter it's meant to be.
Happy Hollidays to everyone!

Whitestar FFXIV Christmas Party 2015 - organized by @Aeyvi

Dear FFXIV Whitestarians,

thank you SO MUCH everyone for attending the last night’s christmas party in Eorzea! @Aeyvi did such a wonderful job in organizing all the tiny events, setting up groups and keeping everyone active and happy! My biggest Thanks for all your effort and the wonderful evening the whole guild spent together!

I did a little random summary of the night, hope you guys enjoy it, it was really a fun event!! --> See Christmas Party Video here! :)

FFXIV Whitestar Christmas Party’s Events:

- Secret Santa
So many cool gifts have been handed out! Outfits, pets, and yes, even fishing poles! I bet everyone was super happy!!

- Christmas Outfit contest
1st place: Neny (ty SO much, I did not even have a Christmas related dress, so I did wear the beautiful maid outfit @Aeyvi bought me as a present once! I was absolutely speechless as I did not even want to participate in the first place – Thank You!!) 2nd place: @Savian and @Lessa (I hope I remembered that right?) The grumpy Christmas bodyguard with his creepy grin and the cutest pinky lala reindeer of all times!

- Christmas Screenshot Contest
I had such a splendid time browsing all the cool, spontaneous entries the Whitestarians did! But @LunaDra totally nailed the 1st place and deserved it, major grats again! 2nd place won cute little @Lessa – I sense the Whitestar guild hatches more and more love for the Lala race? :)

- Guild Screenshot!
Many emotes have been tested – well, the serious guys on the left were too cool to pose! – and it turned out really, really nice in the end!

- GATE time in the Gold Saucer
Huge Kudos to @LunaDra who has a brilliant mind in recognizing as well as remembering emotes! Even slowpokes like me who messed up the first session she could save with her commands! Woop woop!

- Chocobo Races in the Gold Saucer
Feat. sports class lines! :) Luckily teams have been randomized and switched so I was very relieved not to compete with the @Hultay GOOSE all the time! Sadly @JayTheBee as well as @Savian turned out to be very competitive oppononents! *heavy sweating!* It definitely was a fun time though!

Thank you again @Aeyvi for arranging this cool event as well as Thank You to everybody for participating and keeping up a great spirit! @Agagor @Amy-Higgins @Cornilius The-One-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (Drac will get a proper name as soon as he SIGNS UP ON ANOOK!) @Hultay @itslifejim @JayTheBee @Lessa @LunaDra @Mama (thank you again for joining!) @Mimoca @Savian The-One-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-2 (it may or may not be Simon) @Sinlea @Xera @YuukiM and @Naul .