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Whitestar is ready for Tamriel Unlimited

The 17th March, The Elder Scrolls Online will not requiere a subscription anymore. During one year, the game have evolved, being polished, improved, and added a lot of new content! Plenty of players are already returning to the game and we can expect more during the incoming weeks.

Whitestar ESO is getting ready to welcome our old members that left the game. We are happy and excitted to welcome you once more in our little guild, and share our favourite activities with you!
We are planning to organise time to time social events that could be fun even for non regular members! At the moment the game is free of charge, there is really no good reason to refuse to spend a night in Tamriel with the other Whitestarians, right?

Like the game, Whitestar has evolved a lot during this year. We started as a pretty active guild, then arround Wildstar release, everyone abandoned the game, leaving our ESO guild empty and silent for several weeks. Step by step, with patience and care, I've rebuild Whitestar, finding members to share our common passion. Slowly, Whitestar ESO had awaken again.
Today, we have an active guild, with new members, lots of events going on and projects. We are still a small guild. We are still not very organised. But we are getting there! And we spend great time together, always! But for old members coming back, Whitestar-ESO can seem a foreign guild. So let me explain you what you can expect once you get back in Tamriel!


  • Whitestar-ESO is organised and lead by myself and assisted by @torhagen that you know, @Vaetilda and @Gyudan

Vaetilda is a Norvegian viking-lady, fierce and sweet. She plays a Dunmer Sorcerer caster, and is our fisher-mer. She organise events, streams, and is very passionated by the game, and love to see Whitestar flourish! She gifted us with this amazing drawing of our guild!
Gyudan is our ESO specialist. He know everything, and is very helpfull. Even if he know how you could increase your DPS by tweaking your character, and would suggest you to change a spell or a mundus stone buff, he is respectfull of players freedom and will never mock silly build. So do not be affraid to ask him a question, or to craft you a piece of gear!

  • A lot of players have joined us during this year. Some are active on Anook and their name will be familiar, while some others are not. But I can assure you, that all of them are nice persons, patient and helpfull, relaxed and pleasant company! You will discover them in time.
  • We also have several members from a "old friend guild" called Sempre Amicus. Not everyone from this guild have applied to Whitestar, but they are always welcome during our events. So do not be surprised if sometimes they join our events and our TS. They have their own culture and traditions (like the "Gay Friday", where they all drink and have fun together) but they are all very nice and friendly!


Our events are organised Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

  • Thursday is an adventure day. We organise adventures in Craglorn, Cyrodiil (PVE or PVP) or in the world. The goal is to gather a maximum of guildies, and to enjoy our time together.
  • Friday is a PVE day. We organise sometimes Trials, DragonStar Arena or Dungeons pledge. This is our "end game day"
  • Sunday is flexible. Depend of our mood, of what the guild want, and what we are ready to organise.

Beside those events, spontaneous Dungeon runs are organised by our members. At level 45, players can participate to undaunted dailies. We generaly mix up all levels of Veteran, so once your reach end game, do not be affraid to be considered "too low", we always find a way to enjoy ourselves as a group!
We also have different ideas for future, but we have not find the time yet to organise them! There is so much to be done and so much to enjoy in game!


  • We have three guild banks. One for regular materials (Whitestar), one for rare material and veteran set item (Ironbank of Whitestar), and one for provisioning-enchanting and alchemy materials (Whitestar Tavern). You can read more about the bank over here. You are not forced to be in any of those extra guild bank.
  • We are currently discussing a change concerning the GUEST rank. As we would like to allow our members to get their family or close friends in the guild without making our guild chaotic and ruin our atmosphere. Once this will be finalised, you will be kept updated.
  • We also have changed what we expect from Trials members. You can read more about it here.
  • We are organising guild meeting once in a while to see what our members wish and if they are happy, or discussing important matter. Your suggestions and feedback are always welcome in this forum.
  • We also like when our members create activity in the guild. All our members are encouraged to organise their own events.


A Welcome back Celebration is organised in your honnor this Friday 20 March 2015 at 21h00.
We will gather in Stros M'Kai for a meeting on the beach with drinks and music, and games!

  • Hide and Seek
  • Race
  • The bridge
  • Khajiit says

We hope to see a lot of you coming back, and that we will build together the most fun and pleasant guild ever created in Tamriel!