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[ESO] Team Treasure hunt Sunday 26 april!

Next Sunday, I organise a Team Treasure hunt in Stros M'Kai, wich is a place that is very fitting for treasure hunting! It's also the hollidays destination of Whitestar!
All particiants will be placed in a team of two, and will have to collaborate, be the fastest, the smartest and beat all other teams to earn a lot of gold! Their goal: find the hidden Whitestarians to collect words and figure out the answer of the secret question.

Rules: Five Whitestarians will be hidden somewhere on the island of Stros M'Kai. Find them to obtain a clue to find the other Whitestarians, and one of the words to form the secret question. Teams will have one hour to find then and figure out the answer of the Secret question.
Reward: Each team will have to make a bet in gold to participate, the minimum being 100 gold and maximum being 1 000 gold. The winning team (the one that figured out the answer before the others ) will earn all bets that I'll double. (so if all teams bets together are worth 5000 gold, I'll add 5000 gold)

Help: I need 4 volunteers for this event that will be the hidden Whitestarians. We will prepare the emplacement and the clues for this event together by private message! Please contact me if you want to be a NPC for this Treasure Hunt!

Hope to see a lot of people joining! Sign up the event if you want to be part of it!

TEAM SPEAK WEEK announced!

Greetings Whitestarian!

The Council has always tried to promote the use of TeamSpeak, as we believe TeamSpeak is a wonderfull tool to stay in touch with each others. We regularly see players popping into TS time to time, but we still find TS under used. It would be so easy to organise group, and games if everyone were connected in TS more often.

We tried to understand the problem. Why are we not using TeamSpeak everytime we log in game? Well...simply, sometimes we do not want to talk. We do not want to be disturbed! Sometimes we are just happy with a guild chat. Well, that's the problem. The guild chat is limited to one game. We would like to encourage the communication between all our members.

As solution, we have created the MUTED CHAT. The Muted Chat is what will be used as community chat, accross all our games. You don't want to use the voice chat, but would not mind to chitchat with other members, just log on the Muted Chat, your peace will not be disturbed and you can keep contact with all Whitestar members, no matter the game they play, or do not play! We want to make the Muted Chat, our main chat, the default chat we join to keep in touch with others!

We really would like to promote the use of TeamSpeak and to see all our Community give it a good try. So, starting this Monday 20 april, we are opening the TEAMSPEAK WEEK! During one week, we ask all our members to make an effort, to get out their comfort zone and to use TeamSpeak as much as possible! During one week, let's try to use TS intensively. Let's try it as an experiment and see what's happening!

  • You don't want to be disturbed, but want to keep contact with others? Go in the Muted Chat
  • You play a game and want to show others you are willing to do group content? Log in that game room.
  • You feel in a chatty mood and want to invite others to voice chat with you? Go in the General Chat
  • You are away, doing other stuff than standing at your computer? Go in the AFK room to show that you are not avalaible anymore!

Let's try to use TeamSpeak intensively for one week, and at the end of the week, we will share our experience and our feeling about it in this thread.

See you on TeamSpeak everyone!

Whitestar in other games

During this one first year of gaming together we have seen our community settle down and flourish in two MMORPG: The Elder Scrolls Online and World of Warcraft. We have regular players, activities, progression, and it seems that our guilds are well established enough to flourish and evolve in a positive way!
But Whitestar is more than that, and we have more opportunity to play games together.

We have a clan in Diablo, and some members, like @Alakina and @Baktra that are entierly dedicated and passionated by this game. The Season3 is starting and it's a great occasion to level up new character swith other Whitestarians. Some are playing hardcore, some are playing normal! And some of us are certainly willing to enjoy a casual Rift once in a while! Maybe some events and some Diablo nights will be organised in future. Otherwise you can be sure to find some activity in Diablo every day! If you are not part of the Clan, just poke @Nehr for an invite!

Maybe you love MOBA, maybe you hate them! Well, forget your past experiences and tent a fresh approach with Heroes of the Storm the latest Blizzard baby! We have enough beta keys to spare to invite the whole guild. So if you are interested into trying this new style of MOBA, more casual-friendly and entierly oriented into teamwork, poke @Nehr @Nyah @Agagor or @Elloa for a key! The Heroes come all from Blizzard games and have special abilities to perform different roles such as support, tank, melee or ranged DPS.
We will start to organise community events to play together and against each other! This wil promise a lot of fun and memorable moment in our community! First event is starting this Saturday!

Evolve is a new shooter game that oppose a team of four hunters versus a monster. The four hunters will endorse different roles: the trapper that hunt the monster ; the assault, a heavy damage, high survability guy ; the support, that will bring unique abilities to help his team ; and the medic that keep everyone alive. There is several hunters of each type and monsters that a player can unlock by playing.
The game is very immersive, well made, interesting and fun! It's very excitting and thrilling to be the monster, to hide, escape, run and trick the hunters, eat wild fauna and evolve to gain super abilities. It's very fun to be the hunter and to work as a team to hunt and find the monster and kill him before to be eaten!
Several members of Whitestar possess the game. It would be fun to gather and organise a night to play the game together! We could organise contest to see who is the best monster of Whitestar! If you are interested, poke @Elloa or @Internet

Once more, do not be shy and get into TeamSpeak! Best way to chitchat with your fellow guildies and other member of our community! We really would like to encourage everyone to use Teamspeak regularly, even if it's just to use the chat box and not the voice chat!