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[ESO] Activity is back!

During several weeks our little ESO guild had been quiet and not very active. This is due to a combination of reasons that include the release of WOW - Legion, a renewed interest for FFXIV, the release of Skyrim revamped and real life hiccups.
ESO has never been the most successful game in Whitestar. But it is still a game that some of us love dearly and many of us enjoy to go back in Tamriel time to time! I think it's a valid reason to maintain our guild active and organise some events with no pressure for those that would enjoy it.

I'm announcing the come back of the Wednesday Relaxed PVE event and the Community Trials (organised on this Nook, as it will include non Whitestarians).

  • The Wednesday events are open to everyone! No matter your level, your faction, your role, we will find a way to enjoy ourselves and have fun! Those events will also not require any sign up. We will start at 9pm, if you are late, you will not have to wait for long before we can adapt the event to include you!
  • The Community Trials events require you to have a Veteran character with +- 160 CP minimum, and a correct gear. I also ask you to sign up with your role, and respect the rules of the event for a smooth organisation.

Read more about the Community Trials here

In addition of that, I may, or may not organise themed events, such as Veteran Dragonstar Arena, World Bosses Hunt and the likes. As reminder, anyone in the guild is more than welcome to organise their own events as they see fit!

If you are suddenly in the mood of playing ESO, but would rather do it together with someone, do not hesitate to organise yourself via Discord. Maybe someone would be happy to level up a character with you, or doing some skyshard hunt! With One Tamriel there is no more faction or level restriction, everyone can play together at all time!

Whitestar - October is about LOVE and APPRECIATION!

Dear Whitestarians,

we are a very close and family like community, spending time with each other every day. In most of our countries, the weather is becoming rougher now, the days darker, the emotions sometimes struggle with these changes.

Let this become the opportunity to tell each other what we appreciate about other members of Whitestar!

  • Choose one of our members to write a short passage what you like about her. It can be three words or multiple sentences, maybe even a little story about your (gaming/social) experiences together. Let this person know, why you enjoy him/her in this guild!

Example 1: "@Jezziex is honest, enthusiastic and very social!"
Example 2: "Hello @JayTheBee, I am very happy you are part of Whitestar because you always mock Yuuki's age and that's hilarious! Keep that up, kiddo!"

  • You can show as many people as you wish your dedication or only one. But use this dark October to share some love and gratitude with each other!