Overwatch is our guild to go game for short evenings or just to have some fun in a quick period of time.

Today we planned to have some matches to celebrate @SoulBrisingr 's official becoming of a Whitestar member by playing Sombra. Instead we tried something new:

  • super fun random assignments!

We started with things like "you are only allowed to move backwards" or "only use right click ability" until @Elloa came up with the perfect idea for @Amy-Higgins to voice EVERY single move or thought in the next fight! And what fun this was!! Sadly I could not record this tonight, but we all had such a great time and Conor was definitely not PotG, but also NotG! (= Narrator of the Game)

Overwatch may not be everyone's favorite game. It is no MMO you can collect materials, raid together, collect pets or anything - but it is amazing for little fun parties. And Whitestar welcomes every member who like to give it a try, even if one has only 30 minutes time to spare a day. It's always great fun with the community!

Thank You very much for participating tonight @Elloa @SoulBrisingr @sM0Ke @Smithzero (..shouldn't you be a Whitestarian finally?!) @Jezziex @Amy-Higgins our inspired and talented narrator @Naul @Wolle0rism @torhagen for this super crazy and silly fun night!

*Soul voice* DEM HACKS!!