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[BDO] Clarification regarding Whitestar and Black Desert

Greetings future BlackDesert players!

Disclaimer: this will be a long text! But also an interesting and important one!

After ArcheAge release, we have decided in Whitestar, to not put too much energy, effort, and preparation in "about to be released" games anymore. Simply because most of the time our guilds do not survive the two first months of hype, and then it's a lot of energy and time that had been wasted into nothingness, a lot of hope that had been lost and sometimes even members being recruited for nothing. This happened in StarWarsTheOldRepublic, Tera, GW2, Wildstar, ArcheAge, and to some extend ESO that only survived due to my stubborness. So, we don't prepare anymore..and it works quite well. @LunaDra didn't tried to make a guild in FFXIV. The guild happened. When we played Skyforge..well, we just installed the game, started to play it, gave up, no one suffered cause no one had put tons of energy and hope trying to make the project survive.

For Black Desert we have already spent a LOT of energy in discussions and letting lots of room for hope. While we shouldn't. Because we have no idea of how Black Desert will survive the Hype. We have no idea of how Whitestar will react to the game. Two months after launch, it might well be a ....desert. No pun intended. Because it has already happened in 80% of new games releases.


For the very first time we have that many members interested in a same game. And it's only the beggining. Because I've heard already that friends of members are getting interested to play that game too. We might end to have the biggest guild Whitestar has ever known.
That's nice! But it's also dangerous. So let me underline some important fact that we need to keep in mind.

  • As we are a social community, and not a "raiding community" or a "PVP community", we are gathering poeple with different taste, personalities, expectations, ambitions, skill level etc... That mean that many of you will want different things, and it will not be possible to satisfy everyone. We will have to find a middleground, a way to please more or less all our members and ensure that all playstyle can co-exist, and in a game like BlackDesert it will be a lot more difficult to achieve than World of Warcraft. Some of you will want PVP, some will want avoid it, some will want to relax, some will want to play 24/7, some will want to do social funtime activities, some will want to progress and contribute efficiently to the guild. Be ready to have to deal with all those playstyle, to accomodate to others, to realise that your desires are not everyone desires and to put a LOT of water in your wine.
  • Black Desert, by its very nature of "Sandbox PVP oriented" is not excactly a "Whitestar" game. You know how Whitestar is in general. A bit relax, laid back, without strict rules...We try to please all our members, we are nice and gentle, and while we have some hardcorish and some Pvpers this is not at all our majority. Does that mean that we can not exist and have fun in this game? No! Of course we can have fun! But that mean we will be challenged. And I'm not speaking about our players or our skills. Black Desert will challenge us, as community. We will have to show a LOT of open-mindness, patience, respect, ability to listen, ability to speak up, ability to adapt, to be flexible. Be ready to use your best human and social skills!
  • Regarding the server choice, this is one of the few thing the Council is imposing. We are following @Majiinfreddy , and we are going to trust his opinion regarding the server. Why? The first and most important reason is that some of our members are long time real life friends with Majiin and some members of his own clan. We want to allow those members being able to enjoy to play with both Whitestar and Majiin without having to do a heartbreaking choice. Second, this will open the possibility to build an alliance. And in a game like Black Desert, this will be very precious for both our communities. And Third, because Majiin have a good knowledge and experience of this kind of game and the community and we can trust his opinion.

So we can already stop the server debate, because the choice is made. We will follow Majiin. If you have concerns regarding this, speak up to him. He will be happy to answer your questions. There is a thread here regarding this question.

Regarding how we want to create the guild and clans, how we want to organise ourselves, how we want to allow friends of members to be part of the adventures as guest or not, that's all points we will be discussing at the meeting tomorrow.

After long discussions, the Council have agreed that we need to not overstress and overthink the situation.
We are going to play the game, test the water, see how it goes, how we enjoy it, at a personal level and at a community level. What matter most, is that we are having fun together, and we share a great experience in a new game all together!

So I hope this bring some clarification to how WHITESTAR will happen in BlackDesert. We do not have all answers right now, but it doesn't matter. Because none of us know what adventures are awaiting for us overthere!

- The Council

Whitestar may evolve, no one will be left behind.

Dear everyone,

When I realize the road Whitestar has accomplished together, I'm filled with pride and joy. I'm looking back far behind, and I see a mere dozen of people gathering in the snow of Wrath of the Lich King. Today, we have hundred of members, several guilds, lots of projects and we managed to keep despite of our growth, a feeling of family.
We have always taken our time. We are sometimes too slow, which can lead to some frustration as we are not really capable to compete with the fast progression of others guild. But the fact we are taking our time, is what give solidity to our projects. It matter and its better on long term.

Lately we have known a big boost in terms of changes. We switched over Discord, allowing many members to bond together within or accross games, we have seen some old members coming back and becoming actives, we can discuss more, and make decisions faster. Some players are joining each others in different games. More members are jumping from one game to another. This sole change of voice server is shaping our community differently. It has made a huge impact that we can not ignore.

We have a dedicated Minecraft server, created and taken care off by Hultay. Members from various game can gather, and build houses together, having fun and sharing a experience different than their usuall MMORPG.

We also have created our TwichTV channel shared between several members. We are trying to organise ourselves arround a weekly schedule, to test shows that can amuse everyone, share the community activities to our members and various viewers, and help our streamer to promote their name and personal channel if they had personal ambitions.
The Whitestar weekend had been a great success and was very fun, but it didn't stopped there, and the channel continue to grow its audience.

And lastely, we have our project in Black Desert . Many members from all games are joining together in this adventure, and we can expect many to follow! It's the very first time that so many members are hyped about a same game and many of them have never played together before! This project will be a great test for Whitestar and to see how our values carries over a new game.

All those changes are very positive, we can be happy and continue on our road. But then we look back, and we see that some of our members are left behind. Either because the changes happened too fast and they can't follow. Or because they are happy were they stand and don't wish the follow the move. It doesn't matter. We have members left behind, and its time to make an halt. To let them catch up with us. Get them used to the novelties. Ensure that they still feel good and at home. Its our mission, our responsibility, what make Whitestar special, and different from other communities.

If we see some members having a hard time to adapt, some members overwhelmed by all the new names, or having difficulties to keep their place in "the gang" they were part of... its time to pay attention to them. Take a moment to notice their discrete distress, and make them feel at home again. If we are not doing this, we are betraying one of the core feature of our Community. So I'm asking each and everyone of us, to be attentive, to observe and try to notice if someone need some special attention. Not everyone will speaks up. Not everyone will share. Because very often the person will feel that its his own responsability to feel included in the community, or they may even not realise what's going on. There is just something amiss. A vague feeling of "it's not like it used to be" ... The Council, guild officers can pay attentions, and do their best. But we are not enough. We need everyone to work on this.

For this reasons, we have decided to stop completely our recruitment for the time being accross all our guilds, except for family members and close friends.
We will focus on our existing guilds and the new Black Desert project, and in the meantime promote some community activities such as games on Discord, other multiplayers games evening etc...
We will think and discuss various solutions to help to maintain nice bonds between our members and ensure no one feels left out.
Also, remember you can always speak up if you ever feel "something is amiss!"

1st Whitestar Community Twitch Weekend!

February 12th - 14th has been our first Twitch Community Stream weekend and it was a huge success! We had several streamers playing all kind of games, from super scary and difficult Dark Souls to silliest of all: Deadpool! Our streamers have been entertaining and had such a huge support by the guild as well! The chat went from hilarious "pulling the snake" quotes to huge hilarity when Aeyvi fell off cliffs in Dark Souls. As none of us is a professionel streamer, this weekend has been a real success nonetheless - everything thanks to this admirable support by the Whitestarians! You are awesome, guys!

The weekend's schedule:


  • @Neny played "Octodad - Dadliest Catch"



So many of our guildies have been present, cheering in chat and being excited with the streamers. Also beta keys have been handed out as give aways in all the streams, generously provided by @Lonrem (the Whitestar Community gives you their regards again! Many Thanks!).

Also, instead of writing a long and unpleasent blog post about what happened in every of the individual streams, I worked two evenings (and gazillions of Software crashes later, grrrr) on a video summarizing all the best minutes of the whole streaming weekend! Sadly some of the footage is a bit laggy due to my connection on Sunday but I hope you guys will enjoy the highlights!

THANK YOU everyone! Not only the wonderful and entertanĂ­ning streamers - who as well kept each other company -, but also the super great support from the guild, for example @Firkan @Savian @LunaDra @Xera @Hultay @Typhoios @Vijo @Vordt.Ororyu (who might or might not have tricked an innocent woman into continous deaths) @Lahndon @FlamingTomato @BeerbongGinn @Sigtric @Ramagh @Agagor @torhagen @Internet @DeviateFish and everyone else!

See Best Of Video Here!