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TIP - "Today I Play" - Remember you can do these too!

Every day there are these weird pictures showing up on the Whitestar page, saying "TODAY I PLAY". Members of the community keep posting stuff below these pictures and sometimes even have little dialogues/multilogues! But do you even remember what these are for and that you can take part in creating them too?!

We are a multigaming community! And an extraordinary great one :) With the help of the TIPs we:
- keep track of what our members are playing to not get lost
- organize playing together spontaneously, like "hey, i read you are playing Guild Wars 2 today? Nice, can I join you for some quests there?"
- keep the community active, in games, on Anook as well as for communicating with each other. Maybe even people who would normally not play the same game, stumble into each other and discover what others are doing!

Is this still valid since we use Discord?
It sure is :) Not everyone is using Discord all the time. Also, TIPs won't get "spammed" like a regular chat box. Generally, our Anook guild website as well as the TIPs are still very important to organize ourselves, to keep track of what others are doing, to see their pretty or badass screenshots. ANd not everyone feels like chatting openly 24/7.

I can create TIPs too?
Hell yeah! No matter if you are a long time member who forgot there is a post for this or if you are a new addition to Whitestar: we have a special thread you can post your TIPS, the TIP bank - post your TIP here!

Feel free to become creative and post some of your own TIPS there. And do not worry: you don't need to be a master in graphic design :) I only use Microsoft Paint myself. As long as it is fun to you and you want to help the community, go ahead!

The only limit is your imagination!
Just post them in this thread and we, the council, will be using them in the future!

Be part of Whitestar! Create your "Today I Play" image TODAY :D \o/

[ESO] Celebrating 2 years Anniversary! Serie of events!

This week we are celebrating the 2 years anniversary of The Elder Scrolls Online, and of our Whitestar guild!
For this reason, I want to organise a serie of events during the month of April, where everyone in Whitestar that does have a copy of the game can join and enjoy!
All events are organised on Friday at 20h to allow as much people to join as possible, including the FFXIV and BDO players.
Even if you are not actively playing ESO, consider to join those events as it's the occasion to share a moment of good fun with guildies and discover guildies you know less. It's a great way for us to remember the good time we spent together...and who knows? Maybe this will motivate you to come back!
The only effort it will requiere you is to install the game and patch it.

Jubile Dungeon Night
What's more fun to celebrate the 2 years anniversary than doing some group content with the people you love, chatting on Discord, and share a cheers or two?
The new Grouping Tool will allow us to create groups of players of various level (and faction) and battlelevel together to enjoy a proper Dungeon experience. In addition, we will have Jubile Cake to share that will give you a bonus of 100% xp! Ideal if you planed to level another character but didn't really wanted to re-do all the quest.
The players that are not level 10 yet will gather in a group and clear up some delves and world bosses in Glenumbra.


  • When? Friday 8 april 20h
  • Where? Daggerfall East Gate + Discord ESO general
  • What? We will make group of 4 random members, trick the GTool about roles, and get teleported into fun Dungeons! We will share some Jubbile Cake for some sweet XP bonus. Players under lvl 10 will do delves and world bosses.
  • For more celebration, you can get a drink of your choice and cheers on Discord!
  • Requierement: Have ESO installed and patched. No sub or DLC requiered. All level are accepted.

Grand mounted parade
To show off everyone the beautiful landscapes of Tamriel, we will enjoy a promenade together. Dress up with your most beautiful Costume, get your favourite mount, and we will parade from Daggerfall to Evermore, while chatting and having fun on Discord.


  • When? Friday 15 april 20h – its possible to join the event after it started
  • Where? Daggerfall Stables (East Gate) + Discord ESO general
  • What? This is just a silly little event, open to all levels. We take our mounts, and we walk in line, following the road from Daggerfall to Evermore (We cross whole Glenumbra and Stormheaven) As we will parade, we will share memories of our time spent in ESO together.
  • For more celebration, you can get a drink of your choice and cheers on Discord!
  • Requierement: Have ESO installed and patched. No sub or DLC requiered. All level are accepted. As we walk a mount will not be "needed". You can also be offered a mount if you accept it.

Thieves Contest!
Let's celebrate the Thieves Guild properly with another Thieves Contest! There will be many prises!
It is not needed to have the Thieves Guild DLC to participate, but professional thieves, Khajiit and Nightblade may have an advantage over others.
You have several weeks to train yourself!



  • Everyone gather in Daggerfall Outlaw refuge
  • Everyone will recieve a list of item to steal.
  • Once the race start, everyone leave and go steal wherever they wants to
  • Players will have 1 hours to steal as much item as possible.
  • After 1 hours, players have to go back to the Daggerfall Outlaw refuge
  • Players will show me (in Trade window) all valuables items they have stolen (purple, blue and green items) for evaluation. Then players fence the items and give me the money gained from the sales. White items can be kepts by players.
  • The Player that managed to steal the items listed will recieve a Crown Code. In case of a draw, we will do a 10min rematch in Daggerfall where the player that gather the most valuable items win (purple, blue, green)
  • The Player that stole the most valuables items (bring the most money) will win all the money collected by all participants.
  • The Players that stole the most purple items will recieve 10 000 gold.
  • When? Friday 29 april 20h
  • Where? Daggerfall Outlaw refuge + Discord ESO general
  • What? A thieve contest! The best thieves in Whitestar will earn great prices and be celebrated!
  • Requierement: Have ESO installed and patched. No sub or DLC requiered. All level are accepted.

I hope to see a lot of you joining us for those three events!