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Overwatch brings people TOGETHER!

Dear Guys!

I want to use the opportunity of this Sunday Night to THANK you people for all the fun we had together in Overwatch!

I only played some Quake in my young years but was always a typical girl who prefers to heal or pet little kitties instead of shooting things. When Blizzard announced Overwatch, I thought "Mmmh okay, this might be fun" but I had no idea how MUCH fun this would be!

Of course I love playing with all my Whitestar guildies and real life friends, but I had such a BLAST with you this weekend!

@Tuff & @Shields who must only be named in ONE phrase as they are the TWO MAN(/woman) ARMY ON A MISSION!! If you have not played with them yet, you have NO idea. Shields just goes NUTS with his rockets like the badger in Guardian's of the Galaxy with pretty Vanelope in his back. The enemies must loathe them for sure as they bring terror and death among their path!

@Wolle0rism who, besides his maniac fable for things to be PERFECT and not askew, is such a chilled and nice guy to play with, who is just so honest. He is confused when dying, not trying to deny his fails (if he ever has any). He is very light hearted and very cool to play with, to have fun and not rage about defeats :)

@Firkan Recently joined us with his hottie Widow buttocks *still stares at those firm cheeks*. He's got some sniping skills no team wants to miss. Also he's so great to play with, always happy thoughts and positivity in his tail! *mimes Wolle* Firken Firken :'D

@Hultay is THE most chilled person I ever met. Do they provide special drugs in Poland to chill you out AND make you an superior player? As wtíth Hultens you never lose! His Reinhardt is the most aggressive I ever saw, the face we trust! And Paul himself as a guildie you wish for - so laid back and always kind and helping and always a super sweet smirk in his voice. Thank you for being this wonderful guildie, Paul, seriously!!

@sM0Ke of course special thanks to my Smokie for always being in my tail and sniping stuff with Hanzo/ defending like a pro dwarf as Torbjörn or smashing faces with Reinhardt! You may be raging from time to time but I bet everyone does when push to talk is not rdy ;) I love you more than anything in this world, let's keep having fun together!

And last but not least a great honor to finally have @Smithzero again in our party! We met in WoW, I never met such a skilled as well as kind hearted tank in a progression guild before - you always were this gentle person with only positive thoughts, no matter what life brought up. It's sad we had no opportunity to meet more often since GamesCom but definitely looking forward to do this again and playing more matches in the meantime :) Thanks so much for joining us!!


Of course I also enjoy playing with my other guildies! Like @Aeyvi who has amazing healing powers like @Elloa and squeeks so cute when being attacked. Both are surely hated by their enemies for providing all the great heals and keeping the team alive!

Also @Internet and @Vordt.Ororyu who I would NEVER want in my enemy team again as they are such pros, hooking/sniping people like they were born to it! Leaving only ashes of their enemies in their tail.

And of course everyone else - Overwatch brings people together who never played in a team before! We have the opportunity to get to know each other - more or for the first time ever. THANKS a lot for this opportunity! Has been amazingly FUN!

Introducing our diplomat...

Greetings everyone!

You may have noticed since few weeks, that we have a new rank on Discord: diplomat. This is a rank that we have created to help the Council and our community when things are not going so fine anymore.

The Diplomat is a person of trust with whom you can speak in all discretion when you have issues with other members, with the council, with the community, or simply if you do not feel great and wish to have someone to talk to. The Dilpomat is not part of the council and not involved in any decisions, or discussions related to the organisation of the community and our guilds. The Diplomat do not have any say in recruitment matters, or trials follow-up. The sole purpose of the Diplomat is to serve as ear for those that seak one, counselors for those that need some help and support, and intermediary between the council and the members in case of issues.
Diplomat is not really the correct word for the role,but we didn't came with anything better. So Diplomat it will be!

It is time to introduce you our very own Diplomat: @Wynbjorn!

We have chosen Wynbjorn as our Diplomat for several reasons.

  • First of all it was his idea, and contacted us to offer his help
  • Second, Wynbjorn is actually studying to be councilor/therapist. So while he will provide his help to our members, we will also provide him occasion to train his skills and apply what he learns.
  • Third, Wynbjorn had been guild leader for 15 years. He has the experience and the knowledge of guild matters.
  • The fact that Wynbjorn is not the most involved of our member in our community is also a plus in this case, as it allows him to keep a certain distance and neutrality that is required for the role.

So from now, if you have any issues, you are free and encouraged to contact Wynbjorn

  • If you have an issue with a member of the community
  • If you have an issue with the Council, or our decisions
  • If you feel bad, akward, uncomfortable within the community in general
  • If you need someone to speak to, even for personal reasons not related to Whitestar

To do so, simply sent a PM to Wynbjorn on Anook, and he will answer you as soon as possible. Obviously, show some patience as he might not be capable to answer immediately.
If for some reason, you still prefer to speak to a Council member, be assured we are always at your disposal.

Thank you everyone

Dear everyone,

It's several days I'm trying to find the correct words to describe my hapiness and gratitude. But I still do not know how to explain you why this surprise touched me so much in simple terms, without entering in to much intimate details about what I feel and who I'm. It doesn't matter after all. What matter is that you made me very happy, far beyond the joy of the surprise, and the joy of recieving awesome audio equipement that will help me to explore a new activity and a new genre of videos. You can watch the replay here

So I would like to thank you all, everyone that participated in thoughs or in actions. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for your trust. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you to believe in me. Thank you for your affection and your support. I'm extremly lucky to have meet you all, and to have you in my life. You have given a meaning to my existance, a reason to be, and to work hard to make this community a really peaceful and pleasant place, where everyone can flourish, express themselves and rely on each others for support and affection. Thank you to give me the opportunity of creating this place, and thank you so much to appreciate it and see my efforts as something that I genuily try to do (even if I fail many time). Thank you to forgive me for my mistakes and to always give me another chance to step back, and try to do better.

And I would like like to thanks @Aeyvi very much in particular, as she had this idea, and organised everything to make it happen. This really touch me in a very special way. I imagine the time this take you, the effort, the thoughs, and the stress you must have endured, to make this surprise happens!
Beyond the present itself, I recieve this as a mark of friendship, trust and affection that I was not expecting. It is also a lesson of trust and faith, and that the world is a much happier and a much saver place than it can seems to be at first glance. There is goodness here. There is miracles happening.And this make me very happy.

Lastly, I would like to thanks @Internet, because he is the one enduring my ugly-side every day without faltering: my lack of trust, faith, my constant worries and fear, my mood swings, my pessimism, my lack of self confidence and my emotional outburst. Thank you to accept the full package of who I'm, with the good and the bad, and never give up on me. Thank you so much for that.

When I recieved the present, and saw all the names that has participated, all the persons present in the stream and watching, this made me realise that Whitestar is something real. It's not a dream. It's not a fantasy. It's not an illusion. And it's a cause worth to sweat and bleed for. I'll certainly continue to put my soul into it, and continue to push us further towards the stars, where we belong.

I LOVE YOU all! Thank you to be there!


Now, after this emotional text, I wanted to share with you my first attempts in using the GIFT! You can see that I find immediately a way to test my new set up, in the garden. Meanwhile I get something to carry the microphones, I used those bamboo coktail glasses that were left unused, and it fit perfectly! Hourrah.
For this very first video, I didn't attempted to do ASMR (for that I want to have a really cool idea first), but the quality of the sound was amazing, without any efforts. I'll do in future a lot more testing, and maybe get that Audacity program, and start to be serious and proffesional about my sound quality. This is only the very first steps!

[Community] A week...

It was a test, an attempt to gather the community a specific day in a specific game, and see if it was something we could do regularly. You can read more about this project and share your feedback in this thread. But without further adoo, this is what we did last week!
Thanks to @Aeyvi for the FFXIV event summary.

During the day, several guildies were playing together, doing Dungeons, LFR and the usuall activities you can do in World of Warcraft. The evening, we started to gather on Discord, and soon we had 8 members online chatting together @PrHasenfuss @Agagor @Aeyvi @Conor @Vordt.Ororyu @Neny @Internet and Elloa Instead of going to Goldshire, we decided to go in the snow of Northrend and have some fun arround K3. We played with various toys, having a Murloc VS Gnoll battle, and other flying bear-form silliness. Then we headed towards Ulduar. @Animan joined us, and it was his first raid ever, he may have been ...slighty confused.Just a bit! We ended the night with @Vijo, Aeyvi, Fizzpop, Internet and Elloa doing some Mythic Dungeons.

After the usual gathering at Klang Manor, the Whitestar estate in Wayrest, we formed a first group to do the Gold-key pledge: @Gribbly @Azurri @PrHasenfuss and Elloa. We eat some cake and had a very smooth run, especially considering that Proffesor was only vet7 and had never done that Dungeon before. We continued the event with two groups for some random Dungeons. One one side, @boinged Gribbly Azurri and Proffesor and on the other side, @Maggie-one @MCFranks @Internet and Elloa explored Arx Corridum. This was a good feat for Frank, who tanked for the very first time on his lvl 10 Argonian!
We ended the night by gathering everyone in a single group, and we attempted Maw of Lorkaj for the first time. We scaled the Trial to Vet1, as we were only 7 unexperimented members, and not everyone was Vet16. We managed to kill the first boss without too much problems, and enjoyed very much our ride to the second one. However, the second one was more difficult to understand and abandonned the fight for that nigh after a few wipes.

We were six to gather in Sakura Lane, the long road that long Heidell and lead to Mediah. @Firkan @Kitiandra @Aeyvi @Azurri @Internet and Elloa. We started by showing off our horses, chatting about breeding and training, and even had some demonstration of our skills as a horse trainer, and our abilities to fall flat on our bottom in front of the crowd. But that was only fun!
We decided to go on a adventure, we mounted our horses and rode towards the East, a warm and desertic area.
We met some misadventures on the way, Aeyvi even lost her mount who got killed by a rampaging creature. But we continued our adventures nontheless, in good mood. We shared some good laugh, and some nice talk all along the way.
We ended the night by crossing the sea on Internet's boat, and have a promenade on the Iliya island, a heaven for fishermans.

Abandoned by her Sharlayan caretakers following the exodus, the Antitower had since been overrun by magical guardians left behind. The fearsome group from the Whitestar Free Company battled through the deepest depths of the aetherial sea to overcome all manner of strange and mystical creatures within. @Cornelius taking up his sword and shield to protect us, @Xera shining the bight lights to keep us safe and injury free, @LunaDra with her spikey pole to impale all evils on, and @Aeyvi taking up her bow and arrow to impale the wall with. In a land where nothing makes sense nor is it what it seems. Their eyes first bestowed upon a giant frog wielding a lollipop known as Zuro Rogo, followed by the sinister dust bunny Ziggy with his magical rocks of doom.. but the last, and greatest challenge came by the name of Calcabrina, the mighty overlord of all the dolls with her 6 little doll minions. With their superior strength and skill (or a lot of arm flailing and panic) the group used all their might and self determination to face this abomination of doll-kind down and crush her back into the fiery box from whence she came. Pleased with their success, and having seen no more adventurers on their travels, they journeyed far once again over the aetherial sea to the watery lands of Satasha, this time donning new weapons and armour that was yet to grow accustom to them. They bravely fought through the fishies and the evil Serpent Reavers with @LunaDra protecting us from the punches this time, @Cornilius flashing light around to cure our wounds, @Xera with his misbehaving punchy fists and @Aeyvi with guns (which silly person trusted her with those)
. Following their success in defeating Denn the Orcatoothed, the adventurers returned home, tired and weary, looking for peace and tranquillity that only their beautiful house in The Mists could provide. In the meanwhile one of their fellow company member, @ConorHiggins had arrived back at the house and joined the group for a quick natter. The Mists was also graced by the faces of many Whitestar friends including Ed's future husband and the beautiful @MikuYiki. The group tended to their wounds, found a trusty fire to sit at and took some rest to prepare themselves for the next challenges ahead.

As always, there was much silliness, fun and laughter, both in game and on discord.

Text written by Aeyvi