Whitestar is the attempt to create and experiment, within the virtual worlds, an ideal society based on understanding, respect, compassion, friendship. Our main objective is to build a space that feels secure, cozy, joyful and warmhearthed.

We have closed our recruitment for several months, to allow each of our member to settle nicely in our community. Now, it's time to open our doors to like minded players that are searching for a stable community, a family on the web, a place to share our common passion.

Whitestar is before everything a multigaming community that focuses on its members and to build long standing friendship beyond games. Our primary goal is and will always be our community. This means that – on the contrary of most guilds - we evolve around our members interests instead of adapting our community to our gaming ambitions.

Whitestar had been created 6 years ago as a World of Warcraft tiny guild, and had gone through many metamorphosis and many games since then. It's more than 2 years that we have settled on this form. We have established our headquarters on Anook and Discord where we communicate and share our passion every day. We have guilds in various games, though the activity and the number of members varies depending on the mood and current interest of our community. We try to be flexible and set an organisation that will fit the best our members wishes.

Current active guilds (June 2016)

The Elder Scrolls Online
Server: Eu PC Megaserver
Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Guild Leader: @Elloa
Activity: Casual PVE – Dungeons
More infos: here
World of Warcraft
Server: Argent Dawn Eu
Faction: Alliance
Guild Leader: @Savian
Activity: Casual PVE – Social, Raiding (Legion)
More infos: here
Final Fantasy XIV
Server: Odin
Faction: /
Guild Leader: @LunaDra
Activity: Casual PVE – Social, Raiding
More infos: /
Activity: Quick Play team – Fun Custom matches

We Recruit

  • Players that are seeking for a new home where to enjoy games at their own rythm.
  • Players that value the community above anything else.
  • Players that are dynamic, joyful, passionated.
  • Players that want to actively participate in our community may it be on Anook, Discord or in game.

What can you expect from us?

  • A growing community established in ESO, WOW, FFXIV and other games
  • A warm hearted environment where your person will matter and will be welcomed
  • Organized events, dynamic forums and Discord server, TwichTV channel and more...
  • A Council that listens to the members feedback and wishes

What we expect from you?

  • To be an overall nice person
  • To believe in our project and agree with our ideals
  • To be an active member of our community, no matter the games you play or do not play

Interested to know more about us?
Check out our forums on Anook.com, the social network for gamers: