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Whitestar - multi gaming community & your second Home - EVENT it up!!

Being part of Whitestar, you are already aware of that this is a multi gaming community. It started as a WoW guild but has become a much greater environment. No matter which game you are playing at the moment, you are still part of this big family, chatting in Discord, posting on Anook, talking to each other in voice.

No matter if your real life is too busy, you can still hop in quickly and give a notice. If you feel down and need support, you can always share with us, talk to someone and get some advise or simply someone who is listening in this hard time of your life.

Our summer has been a quiet one. People are travelling in the real world, trying new games, not only playing our main MMOs anymore. Still you have done very great and still let us know or still have been active, chatting from time to time.

Summer is not over yet but we'd like to remind you: You can always start making up game events again!

No matter if:

you can make these events up yourself!

It can be everything involving the community! We also already had some "Cards of Insanity" Playoffs, wild "Evolve" matches and Roleplay nights in diffierent games.

We are happy to have YOU in our midst in this little internet family! We stick together whatever the odds, we are enjoying the gaming pixels together!

Thank you for being an active part in Whitestar!

Whitestar and the New Game

What happen in Whitestar when a new game or a new patch/DLC/expansion comes out? After so many years spent together, we can see the patern. The core of Whitestar flock to the new shiny, leaving our other guilds deserted for a while. And if the new shiny was not shiny enough, it doesn't last more than one month or two to see the community going back to their main game.
It can be disheartening for the members that stay loyal to a single title. And it can be disapponting for the players that had lots of hope in the new game and feel the emptiness after the first weeks of enthusiasm. Unfortunately, that's how the gaming world is nowadays and you would feel probably the same effect in a different community, even dedicated guild to a single title suffer heavy loss at every new release.

But that's exactly why we created Whitestar the way we did. To ensure to not lose your friends, to stay in contact, no matter what. We tried to build our community in such a way to allow a lot of flexibility and be able to adapt to any sort of evolution. Obviously, for the ambitious who desire achieve something in a game being neglected even for a short period of time, it is not the ideal situation. Know that if you ever feel like joining a different guild to be able to progress, you do not need to leave Whitestar as a community and you will be welcome back in any of our guilds as soon as you want. We are a family and this is your home. Just let us know your intentions and your wishes. It is possible to combine both.

It is also important to note that Whitestar has shown and proven stability in 3 games: ESO, FFXIV and WOW. These games has seduced enough members to see them coming back regularly. So even if these guilds are very quiet at some points, there is other time where our members flock back to it the time of a new patch or for longer period. If you know a period of calm in your favourite game, do not worry as sooner or later , the community will return. You need to have faith and patience.

What can you do? As a loyal member of a deserted guild, you have the power to make a difference. By being active, sharing news, sharing screenshots you will maintain a interest for that game and that may bring back some members. Organing events, groups with other players will also ensure to keep the guild dynamic even with few active members. It is not needed to be 20 online to have fun.

In short, dear everyone, do not feel discouraged when your favourite game is neglected. If its one of our main game, it is just a temporary situation, and your passion can truely make a difference.
If it was a new game that didn't hold the interest, we are very sorry. But remember that you do not have to choose between your game and Whitestar. As long as you are keeping contact on Anook or Discord, you can have both.

Most important is to care for each others as true members of a family. Our little family on internet.