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[Community] Your Ingame Persona

Dear Whitestarians,

as you know, we are a multi gaming community. Hence not every World of Warcraft member might be well introduced to our ESO members and same with our other ingame guilds. We still want to achieve a very close and family like surrounding in our big community, so please join this little activity and leave a post with your ingame persona/character in this thread.


(fixed it, I hope, cough cough)


Nickname: Neny
Ingame character name: well, I am playing Mercy mostly, but I am still Neny XD
What's your favorite thing to do in your game?: I enjoy playing quick play matches with guildies and friends. I prefer healing and support roles because I don't hit an elephant if I stand next to it :'D
What's your least favorite ingame thing?: obnoxious/rude people
Would you mind other Whitestarians to join you in this game?: Ofc not!! Would love to welcome more community members and to play with them!
Which other multiplayer games do you play?: only ESO at the moment

(see thread for more information)

We will marge all the posted ingame personas into a big blog post in the end, so everyone is able to "meet" the Whitestarians playing another game, who you would normally not meet ingame :)

Thank you very much in advance for taking part!



[ESO] New Life Festival

To celebrate the new year, Whitestar gathered in Tamriel for the New Life Festival event. It was the first social event organised in ESO since a very long time, and I've been very happy to see so many members joining, including old members that just restarted the game recently! @boinged @Naul @Acharial @Wolle0rism @Hultay @MaggieOne
Thanks to everyone that joined and made that evening very enjoyable! My special thanks to @PhunkeyMonkeh that toke in charge the lead and explanations of every quest and achievements! If the night was a success, its truly because of his help!

Boinged, Acharial, Elloa, Phunkeymonkeh, Naul and Wolle pausing in front of Klang Manor.

Hultay looking for a suitabel costume for the party in the Crown Store

Celebrating the New Life festival like true Nords

Its cold though!

PhunkeyMonkeh telling Elloa stories while fishing

Considering that the interest for The Elder Scrolls Online within Whitestar is rising, and the game earn in flexibility with One Tamriel, I'm planing to organise more social events of the like in future.
Homestead will generate a lot of need in various areas, such as achievements, need of gold and materials or motifs. We can prepare ourselves together via different fun events! I'm thinking of Craglorn events, Thief contest, Dungeons of course, World bosses and dark anchor event, maybe even PVE excursions in Imperial City or Cyrodiil!
If you have any ideas or wishes, do not hesitate to share in the comments below!