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The Power of a usual Whitestar Night!

Whitestar always feels like a cozy place to fit in and to forgot all your worries at. But some days/nights are just more special & awesome than others :) And this is just a perfect example of today!

After a long time we didn't have much contact, I finally met @Nyah back in The Elder Scrolls online! We were hyped about housing and such, so i showed her my favorite route in Coldharbour to find schemes (powered by @Dragostea!) and we had a lot of fun, posing in the inn and jumping off roofs while sneakily grabbing new schematics and patterns :') NYNU AND NUNY, the dual wielding beer & wine drinkers are BACK! @Nyah you are such a cute and lovely woman, it has been such a nice time spent with you, thanks so much for your time!! I laughed until my belly hurt and i couldn't move anymore, had such a nice time!! NUNY IS THANKFUL!!

When I thought the night was awesome and I couldn't become any better, @SoulBrisingr invited me to a casual talk in Discord where she and @Amy-Higgins where having some Overwatch game matches. Little did I know Soul did invite her cute little 11 year old niece to play with us and OMG, I tell you, she was sooo adorable and, guided by incredibly widow main skilled Soulü, she had sick skills!! Also I had tons of fun being the flying dove, AKA pocket heals of my daughter @Amy-Higgins who I also enjoy cutting off the crust of sandwiches and preparing animal shaped vegitable meals! (yes, we are weird) Thanks so much you two for these super cute OW matches, it's such a delight and hilarious to play with you!

And right when I thought "This day couldn't become better!" I was invited into a dungeon group by my wonderful sister in mind @Elloa and @PhunkeyMonkeh to play with Rich Lambert, the ESO designer person, and enjoy a dungeon together!! I didn't visit any dungeon for many months so it was a challange but also so much fun to be with Elloa again and face some bosses that I loathes for a long time! THANKS SO MUCH, sweet sister and Sir Nicky for inviting me to the party and guiding me amongst you to kill some snake ladies and be victorious once more!

THIS is the essence of Whitestar!
It is not having one or two friends, but you can play SO many different games with SO many people and every day can enlighten and change your life a lot! I am SO thankful to be part of this community and I didnt't have so much fun & haven't been this HAPPY for such a long time.

Thank you for creating this community @Elloa and Thank You EVERYBODY in Whitestar for keeping up a good spirit and for making this a nice place to enjoy your time!



Happy 3d Anniversary, Whitestar!

Greetings Whitestarians!

And happy anniversary! We celebrate the 3rd year of our Whitestar rebirth here on Anook! While Whitestar had been created in December 2009, we truly started the community here on Anook in 2014, with a small guild in The Elder Scrolls Online, 5 active members in World of Warcraft and the project of sharing a starship in Starcitizen.
Over the courses of few weeks, many friends returned to Whitestar, many new faces joined, and some of them are now so representative of our community! Can you imagine that once upon a time Ed, or Neny wasn't part of Whitestar?

During those three years we have been through many events, many games, many changes and much evolution! We have been through difficulties, but in the end, we have built a stronger community of friends that share good times in various games... and Discord!

Do you remember our housing tour in Wildstar? Our Saturday community event on teamspeak? Our trade run in ArcheAge? Do you remember the daily-quest events in World of Warcraft? The beach party in Stros M'Kai and our meeting at Klang Manor in The Elder Scrolls Online? Do you remember to cross paths with Gyudan's workers farming or being crushed by Lunadra 's wagon in Black Desert?

Do you remember Neny's fishing parties in every game, and all the sparkles thrown on Discord? Or the discussions around the fire place in Final Fantasy, the shout of victories after killing a hard boss in World of Warcraft, the screenshots sharing at Fallout4 release, the small team action in GTA5, the monster hunt in Evolve, Whitestar VS Whitestar in Heroes of the Storm or Overwatch!
So much memories to share in three years! And so much more memories to create for future!

To celebrate Whitestar’s 3rd Anniversary, we will organise different events!

Share with us, in this thread, one of your best memory in Whitestar. If you have a screenshot to illustrate it, it's even better. A short description can suffice, but you are free to elaborate as much as you want!

The whole month of March will serve to celebrate Whitestar! We will organise more events than usual in all our active games. The purpose is to gather, meet, chat, and have fun together!
Each guild leader is encouraged to organise a little gathering, but we will also organise events outside our MMORPGs! Stay tuned, and do not forget to sign up!

Our monthly meeting are back! The first Saturday of each month, we will gather on Discord at 09PM for a short, but fun little meeting! First meeting will happen the 4th of March. SIGN UP HERE
Each Council will give a small update about the games we do play, and our community activities. We will welcome the new members if we have any, and let them introduce themselves. We will give our thanks to deserving members of the community, and then we will initiate a roundtable.

How to speak in a roundtable
Each member will be invited to say hi, what they have enjoyed to do lately, or anything else they may want to add.
One a person is done, he or she will say "next" to let the next person in the Discord list to speak.
If you do not have anything to say, saying hello to everyone is also very nice!
If you really don't want to speak, because you are shy, you can mute your microphone and speak in Discord text chat instead.

Thank you to every Whitestarians for the amazing time spent together! It has been three wonderful years and may much more to come in future!

[ESO] Decorate your home for Whitestar Anniversary

To celebrate the release of Homestead and the 3d Anniversary of Whitestar's rebirth, I propose a little contest, a party, the chance to win some amazing prizes, and most importantly the opportunity to have fun with everyone in Whitestar!

Decorate your home!

  • Decorate your home for the Whitestar anniversary! It doesn't matter how you do it, which weird traditions or anniversary ritual you follow, what matters is that you think of your friends in Whitestar and are ready to receive them with grace for a Anniversary party!
  • You have one month to get a home, and prepare it for the party! Do not forget to set up the permissions to allow all of your guildies to visit your home. To ensure that everyone can visit it, even if you are offline, please make that home your main home!

The Party!

  • Hourrah! Happy anniversary Whitestar! On Friday 10th of March, we will gather in Stros M'Kai, as tradition dictates, to celebrate our 3d anniversary.
  • We will wear our most resplendent beach-party outfit, and share some cake and drinks! However not too much, as we will have to visit the homes of everyone! Who knows? Maybe someone has thought about preparing a feast for our visit!
  • Once we are well fed and tipsy, we will travel to the homes of our friends and see how they have decorated it for the party.
  • Depending of its size, a home is limited to receive a certain number of guest, so we will not travel by massive group, but simply freely travel to one home to another. Everyone must visit every home before the end of the event. It would be rude otherwise!

The Contest!

  • I'll ask to everyone to vote for their favourite home during the event. That's why it's very important you visit each home and you do not forget one.
  • The winner will be the one with most votes from the guild. We will celebrate that person by /bucketsplash or throwing mud-balls.

The Prizes!
There will be prizes! First of all, all hosts will receive a decoration for their home as thanks to have participated. I'll give the reward randomly no-one will know what they will get.
There will be also 2 main prizes:
The Guild vote, and then Nicky & My choice. The prizes need to be determined, and will be announced in advance, but you can be assured that it will be a very nice prize!

How to participate?

  • You just need to have ESO installed. You do not need to have ESO+, and your level do not matter.
  • You can participate in the contest even if you are poor! Just do the introduction quest of homestead, and you will receive free apartment. It's small, but you can already decorate it.
  • Some furniture is not expensive and you can start already with few things.
  • However, if you want to participate to the contest you need to be present at the event.
  • You can participate in the party even if you have no home. Just join us and have fun!

Happy Anniversary Whitestar!