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Male, lives in United States


So, when I heard the third DLC was on it's way, I decided to jump back into Titanfall..... Then I remembered just how awesome the Wingman is, with a max of a 2-hit kill, in any situation.

Titanfall - 006 (A Dumb Little Montage)
If I learned anything from my time in high shcool, it's that you don't have to be smart, to be successful, as …

So, while working on my Gen8 regen requirements, I decided to try a few restrictions on what I used. The first was only using my "Wingman" sidearm and frag grenades. I almost always use the Wingman, just to try and snipe with it (so difficult, but so satisfying when you get a kill), but I wasn't sure how I'd fare without getting in my titan or using my primary weapon. Apparently, not too bad. It may not be a 20/0 round, as I'm sure some could manage, but 16/4 is still something to be proud of, as far as I'm concerned.

Titanfall - 004 (Wingman 16/4)
So, I had a few good rounds of Titanfall. Nothing particular, but I still felt like I had to throw something …
Pseudoninja wrote

Figured I'd post something on here, to see what others thought. Message me on Steam or Origin, if you want to play, sometime.

Titanfall 001
So, I had a few good rounds of Titanfall with some friends. Nothing particular, but I still felt like I had to …