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Female, 29 years old, lives in Dublin, Ireland

About Psyche

Hi, I'm Kirsty or Psyche! That final 'e' isn't silent by the way, so it's pronounced "psy-kee", after the Greek legend. I'm 26 and originally from Northern Ireland, but living in Dublin with my fiancé where I work in project management for a games developer.

I'm really passionate about gaming and the community that surrounds it. I spent most of my spare time in one game or another. My first video game experience was Duck Hunt on the NES, which I was obsessed with and was a total filthy cheater by pressing my lightgun up to the TV screen. I also played Top Gun and failed miserably at it.

My favourite game of all time is probably Neverwinter Nights, but it's really tough for me to choose because I also love Quake III, which I played competitively when I was a teenager, and The Elder Scrolls games from Morrowind onwards. At the moment, I play a lot of FFXIV and Elite: Dangerous, with some Guild Wars 2, Diablo III, and random RPGs or horror games thrown in there too.

I love reading and writing, and am obsessed with pretty much all things sci-fi and fantasy, especially cheesy space opera! In fact, the cheesier the better!

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