Hey guys, Sorry if this post is a little bit different than what your used to.

I'm DeAxiom, and I've Teamed up with our wonderful Lonrem to help get the word out about Dr. DeAxiom VS Cancer Charity LiveStream Marathon!. This is an event i'm planning to help out a coworker in need. A few weeks ago my coworker was diagnosed with cancer, We all are sending her our best wishes but that's not enough for me. I want to do more than just feel some grief for her, I want to help by showing her than she has the support of her community and easing the burden of hospital bills; surely we've all felt that burden before.

So let me elaborate on what exactly this event entails.

We will be taking donations through Paypal for ease of access.

Donations are encouraged to be in amounts of 5$ but any whole dollar amount is accepted

The marathon starts Friday May 2nd at 9am

The marathon ends Sunday May 4th at 9am

The big events:

  • Friday 10-11 am: League of Legends Lessons with DeAxiom
  • Friday 9pm: Guest Star H3arts
  • Saturday 1am: Horror night
  • Saturday 12pm: Dr. Deaxiom vs Cancer
  • Saturday 9pm: Art Commisions with Panda and DeAxiom
  • Sunday 1am: Guest Star EnlightenWolf
  • Sunday 9am: Closing Words

Plus plenty of entertainment in between

Who's involved:

  • Anook.com (Lonrem is letting me post here, after all)
  • New Seasons Market (My place of work)
  • Childrens Cancer Association (local Charity Dedicated to helping Children in need)
  • YOU! (The success of this event with be defined by your participation)

So everyone please if you can find the time and have a few bucks laying around tune into the marathon and help us out, your money will be helping a lovely lady through a hard time AND go towards an amazing organization helping children with cancer.

Thank you all for your time reading this and i hope to see you Friday!