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Female, lives in United Kingdom

Kickstarter Update and Development Timeline

Greetings Avalonians! It’s almost time for Kickstarter and we’re all running around like Gryphon Riders with their feathers on fire. Thank Lutherian for espresso!

Kickstarter Launches Tonight!

Our progress so far

Avalon Lords was born on December 12, 2012. Since then we’ve been working on it consistently and intensely, self-funding through our own savings. We’ve got the basic core of the combat system done as you’ll see in our Kickstarter trailer. We’ve got some terrain types, some troops and buildings done. Squads and armies are set up and driven by player control or AI though it needs more polish and UI. We’ve got a lot of art done and have the framework for much of the rest of the game laid out. We’ve got basic MMO functionality – chat, mail, guilds and PvP.

The plan going forward

We’re going to Kickstarter to ask for community help with phase one, what we’re calling the combat alpha. We’ll take the current game with the combat system, add scoring, a lobby and matching system and use the chat and guild system we’ve implemented already. This will let us invite alpha players to try out the combat system with us and be a nice game in itself.

After we get to combat alpha, we’ll enter phased release. The next step is city-building alpha, then world-simulation alpha, then full alpha, full closed beta and initial release! We will hit initial release before our development timeline is finished, and we may break it up into more release cycles.

What’s left to do?

Avalon Lords is a hugely ambitious game and there’s a lot of features we have left to finish. Here’s our current Development Timeline:

Combat Alpha

Army & squad PvP with MMO framework

City-Simulation Alpha

Sandbox city construction

World-Simulation Alpha

NPC Armies

Quest System

Kingdom Expansion

Multiple World Servers

Dynamic World Map & High level Army Combat

Full Alpha / Beta / Initial Release

User-customizable AI

Automated Economy

Expanded Research

Sophisticated Empire system

Integrated Diplomacy

Sophisticated Espionage

NPC Cities

Ancient Ruins

Intricate Crafting

To be released subsequently

Endgame Scenarios

Order of Darkness

Order of Divine

NPC Empire

Player Workshop

Mobile Companion App

Full Access Mobile App

You can see the list in the stretch goals on the Kickstarter page. We’ve laid them out in order and explained them a bit. We’ll be going into more about them during the Kickstarter.

Why we’re asking for $150k

That’s what we need to finish the combat prototype. Once we have a playable prototype to show off we will approach publishers and investors for funding to finish the remainder of the game. With an amazing prototype and community support behind us, we’ll have to beat investors off with a stick!

But even better, if our Kickstarter really catches fire and we meet our stretch funding goals, we’ll finish the game with just community support, and lots of love.

Join our Kickstarter Campaign

Our Kickstarter will go live this evening; look out for our Early Bird Pre Order rewards and grab Avalon Lords for a hefty discount! Please come and support our campaign, tell your friends about it, and wish us luck!

Hail to Avalon,

Jennifer Ketzl, Chief Operating Officer Animus Interactive

Kickstarter Update and Development Timeline
Greetings Avalonians! It's almost time for Kickstarter and we're all running around like Gryphon Riders with …

just 12 days left until our kickstarter begins! be sure to remind yourself and all your friends when it does begin by signing up to our Thunderclap announcement campaign through Twitter, Facebook or Tumbler (or all three!)

Dev Diary #8 – Meet The Mods

Greetings Avalonians! We’re Karen ‘Adiera’ Lowry and Deborah ‘Qukatt’ Calvin, your Community Management team. We’re the people you’re most likely to be interacting with on a regular basis as a fan and player of Avalon Lords.

We are the community managers for North America and Europe respectively, and today we’d like to tell you a little about what we do and our vision for the players of Avalon Lords. We’ve learned a lot from past experiences as moderators and community ambassadors, and we’ve also been on the player side, seeing how the community managers of other games interact with their fanbase.

Some have left positive impressions, helping us to set our own bar for high quality communication, while others have been less than exemplary, serving as an example of what we don’t want to do.

The run up to public testing

So what do Community Managers do all day? We look after the social media, create and share content, and engage with fans through every available outlet. We work very closely with almost every aspect of the game’s development, pestering the Art Team for screenshots and sitting in on design meetings, and we also lobby for features that will benefit the fans and allow us to have greater interactivity in the future. We work to make sure the community’s questions are answered quickly and accurately, and we spend so much time discussing the game with our colleagues and the community that we sometimes find ourselves dreaming about it at night! We’re currently building up our teams to provide Avalon Lords with as much community support as possible.

During testing phases

During the Alpha and Beta phases you will see a lot more of us. We’ll bridge the gap between the players and the dev team, advocating changes that players want to see, and bringing back news from the development team as the final stages of development progress.

Testing is a hugely important part of the process of creating a game, and the feedback we get from our Alpha and Beta testers will play a significant role in shaping the finished product. We’ll be here to keep you informed about the testing process, address any questions you might have, and pass your comments back to the development team.

And Beyond

Game launch is where it gets exciting for us! By the time the game releases we’ll have a small army of moderators and customer support staff ready to get the show on the road, and we hope to welcome some community volunteers to the moderation team. Our hope is to engage even more closely with players in-game, providing tournaments and extras to compete for in addition to regular play.

We’re also looking forward to meeting our community offline at cons and expos, where we’ll be setting up fan meetups and LAN-based play sessions for prizes. As gamers, we love getting a chance to meet the teams behind the games we play, as well as picking up some real-life loot. Perhaps if the players deem us worthy enough, one day you might be attending Avalon-fest or winning Avalon-branded peripherals! How cool would that be?

As with all giant undertakings, we start with small steps, and if you’re interested in Avalon Lords we’d love to welcome you to our community. Here’s how you can join the fun:

* Tweet, Facebook or G+ us!

* Join us on Reddit!

* Check out our forums!

* Tell your friends!

Hail to Avalon,
Karen ‘Adiera’ Lowry,
Community Manager North America
Animus Interactive

Hail to Avalon,
Deborah ‘Qukatt’ Calvin,
Community Manager Europe
Animus Interactive

Dev Diary #8 - Meet the Mods - Avalon Lords
Greetings Avalonians! We're Karen 'Adiera' Lowry and Deborah 'Qukatt' Calvin, your Community Management team. …

Our game is coming to anook! whoooot!! :D


If you enjoy some medieval fantasy roleplay you can visit the Avalon Lords forum to join in! We also have a Q&A thread to grill our writing team about the game's extensive lore and the magic involved :)

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