Greetings everyone!

I had the idea this morning of a nice Community game, and could not wait to share it with you!
This game will last the WHOLE SUMMER, so from today 5-06-2015 till 01-09-2015.

The game is a chain of Postcards sent by Whitestarian to others Whitestarian during the whole summer. Postcard would be screenshots taken to look like a Postcard (it's not forced to add a text such as "Wish you were here". The Screenshot can stay untouched if it look like a possible postcard)

The first person to start the game will sent a Postcard from his/her current game to another player that he/she doesn't know very well: Preferably someone from Whitestar that is not currently playing the same game. This Postcard need to include an Image (Screenshot looking like a Postcard) and a little text.

For that, post your image on Whitestar wall, and write your "letter" in the description of the image, tagging the person you are sending your Postcard to.
You also tag the Game related to your Postcard.

For example:
Dear @Ramagh,
I'm spending great time in Malabal Tor, exploring the jungle and enjoying the sunset with the soothing song of the waves crushing on the beach.
I wish you would leave the sands of Stros M'Kai and explore Tamriel one day! I would show you some amazing places!
Take care, Your friend, Elloa

@Ramagh in return should answer to me, as comment in my image. Because its polite.
But most importantly, he must sent a new Postcard to someone else.

And the game continue....

Amusing isn't it? I hope this game will amuse everyone, anbd will put a lot of life in our nook and in Anook in general!
You can choose any games you are currently playing, there is no limit!
I'll let few days for someone to start the game.

Let's have fun and enjoy the summer!