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Starting back up in Wildstar and enjoying my time on Gambler's Ruin.

Adventures in Wildstar and Thoughts on the Maze Runner - Beyond Tannhauser Gate
Wildstar So I woke up on Gambler's Ruin with the rest of the Exiles and find out that I was not who they …
Ramble about Game classes, Gangplank skins, and

Wondering what happened to

Blaugust Day 10 - Classes, Gangplank, and - Beyond Tannhauser Gate
Thoughts on Classes Yesterday, Murf over at Murf Vs mentioned his thoughts on class differences in Warcraft …
Tackling Bilgewater and a need to get fit

I gave the Bilgewater event a try in League of Legends and realized I need to get into some better shape.

Blaugust Day 9 - Bilgewater and Fitness Plans - Beyond Tannhauser Gate
Blaugust day 9 sees the Bilgewater event just about over in Leauge of Legends and I finally decided to take a …
My poor DVR...
Blaugust Day 8 - Campy Summer Shows Filling My DVR - Beyond Tannhauser Gate
Warcraft Legion on YouTube I had to put this here so I can reference it when I want to see what the game is …
Civilization is my evergreen game - Day 7

I thank Void for the writing prompt today as I ramble briefly about my evergreen game.

Blaugust Day 7 - Evergreen Civilization - Beyond Tannhauser Gate
Over on the Blaugust nook in the forum there are a number of writing prompts and since today I was pressed for …
Day 6

This one was written before the WoW announcement, but I think there is potential in the expansion

Beyond Tannhauser Gate Blaugust Day 6

Blaugust Day 6 - More WoW Speculation and LotRo Consolidation - Beyond Tannhauser Gate
I started this, my Blaugust Day 6 post, before hearing anything about the WoW expansion. Now I know the …
Lets see if i can get this posted on the day i put it up on my site...

Blaugust Day 5 ramble about WoW subscribers, AddOns,and Ms. Marvel...

Beyond Tannhauser Gate

Blaugust Day 5 - My Thoughts on WoW's Expansion Announcment, Addons, and Ms. Marvel - Beyond Tannhauser Gate
During Blaugust Day 5, I can't wait to hear what Blizzard has to say tomorrow, but I throw together some …
Guess I forgot to post here for Day 4...

Blaugust day 4 ramble about my love for Big Crazy Family Adventure and Halt and Catch Fire. I sure hope they get picked up for another season.