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Another ramble for Blaugust day 3

I continue to pursue my quest for silver in League of Legends, go corpse running in Wurm Online and really enjoy reading Avengers (1963) issue #56.


My post for Blaugust day 3 includes me rambling about League of Legends, Wurm Online, and an Avengers comic from 1968 - ugh I need to figure out how to properly post...sorry for the repeat posts.

Blaugust Day 3 - More LoL, Wurm, and reading Avengers - Beyond Tannhauser Gate
For Day 3 of Blaugust, I continue my quest for Silver in League of Legends and I try to figure out where my …
Blaugust Day 2 post

just a little post about how I love using my iPhone 6 plus to put blog posts together and what I want to get out of Blaugust this year...

Blaugust Day 2 - I Love My iPhone 6 Plus - Beyond Tannhauser Gate
Ok so day one of Blaugust is in the box and blog is started out really well I think. Although I did post in …

Blagust Day 2 rambling about how I love my iPhone 6 Plus and use it to put together posts -

Blaugust Day 2 - I Love My iPhone 6 Plus - Beyond Tannhauser Gate
Ok so day one of Blaugust is in the box and blog is started out really well I think. Although I did post in …
What to name my blog?

I took up Rowan's challenge about my blog name.

Why Beyond Tannhauser Gate? - Beyond Tannhauser Gate
I was going to write another weekly TV top 5, but I ran out of time and since it is a holiday weekend, I'm …
30 down 1 to go...

I take a look back at Blaugust and think about continuing this rapid rate of posting.

30th Day of Blaugust, I look back - Beyond Tannhauser Gate
With tomorrow being the last day of August, I thought I would capture some of my thoughts on Blaugust. I …
With Moonfire, getting to level 4 is easy.

Vagari continues her assault on the Bristlback and learns that they are turning innocent animals into beasts of war.

Chronicles of Vagari in Azeroth - Chapter 3 - Beyond Tannhauser Gate
After attaining level 3 , I continued my assault on the Bristleback and Thorncallers until I had fulfilled …
Hello a Kitty is NOT a cat!

Just some random rambling about Hello Kitty, Eve, Halt and Catch fire's renewal, and other stuff.

Random Roundup - Beyond Tannhauser Gate
Just a few random things for today. Hello Kitty is not a cat! Sanrio has confirmed that Hello Kitty is a …
Understanding Video Games

Coursera offers a free online course on Understanding Video Games. I'm gonna give it a try and let you all know how wrong I've been all these years.

Understanding Video Games - The Course - Beyond Tannhauser Gate
I was bopping around the internet earlier today looking for some interesting educational classes. Considering …
Here's my fantasy football team

I already need a new kicker :-(

Fantasy Football Roundup Preseason Week 1 - Beyond Tannhauser Gate
Ok, so here is my Fantasy Football team based on the round they were selected. Round 1 (10th pick) WR Calvin …
Vagari reaches level 3

Proessing slowly, the Bristlback are paying for their invasion.

Chronicles of Vagari in Azeroth - Chapter 2 - Beyond Tannhauser Gate
I'm still running around Red Cloud Mesa with my baby Druid. She started out the session at level 2, using only …
My top 5 show this week

Summer season s are coming to a close soon.

My Top 5 Shows of This Week of August 22 - Beyond Tannhauser Gate
This week, I did not watch too much TV. With the fantasy football draft and Bout of Books, I spent a lot of …
What games do I subscribe to?

With all the free to play games what motivates me to continue to subscribe to a few?

Why should I continue a subscription? - Beyond Tannhauser Gate
With all the free to play games, what keeps me subscribed to a game? I was wondering that today as I looked …
  • Aug 25, 2014, 2:17:40 AM

My biggest thing about F2P Vs sub based games is generally sub based games put out higher quality content more frequently (minus guild wars 2, but their gem economy is pretty good - I know I've spent about $20 in the past month or so myself... can't say no to dyes). I've played/tried many, many mmo's and have just found that when the companies have consistent funding from a large player-base, everyone tends to win (and there's no pay to win, either!).