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Male, 26 years old, lives in Virginia Beach, United States


So I got shit on past 4 ranked games decided to spit some bars about it



Fuck this game, Playing some league

It seems I'm always paired with feeders

so you best believe, that i will recieve

A bad rating so report me please

Then I can get banned by riot

and go play dayz

Started from the Que cant get my jungle

So I go mid and my top yells uncle

starts to feed and vi is now roaming

so their assault and battery is rowing

pass my tower onto me

leaving my champion dead you see

I plead for him to try and fight back

but he over extends and didnt watch his back

and now my anger is at the 3rd degree

oh shit brands pyroplasm seems to be burnin me

well we lost mid tower

oh wait make that 2

and now my crew bout dive in 3 v 5

and now jinx is leaving "cya guys"

Well this games definitly lost

but how bad can we lose

lulu just went legendary

and our jungle dcd too

  • Dec 29, 2013, 9:54:31 AM

its got "a wierd rhythem to it" definitly super off, but I was just mad I wanted to put it somewhere

  • Dec 29, 2013, 4:10:39 PM

Last pick mid

Aint nobody counterin this muthasumna'

Balls & tits

Ori versus Ahri all dem junglers gonna

Gank this shit

Rek this lane, then rek this game its all the same

We ballin', bitch

Learn 2 play, 3swag5u you must be new, just kill the switch

  • Dec 29, 2013, 9:22:29 PM

this is awful lol