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Female, lives in Helsinki, Finland

About santrasa

Hmm, I'm 33 but I had to count it coz I haven't remembered my age without thinking hard after being 8. I'm student, and probably should be doing my thesis when I'm hanging aimlessly in internet or playing games. But life is short and inspiration sometimes tricky thing so I don't worry too much about it (often).

I haven't really played that much computer games, my little brother was the one more into gaming. But there are some exceptions to this, since it seems that whenever I did find a game that I really really liked... I did get slightly obsessive about it. But since none of the games I played have been a MMO, my gaming all-nighters have so far been my dirty little secret. And then the makers of Elder Scrolls made the Elder Scrolls online.

So now I'm entering a whole new world..

Last updated Aug 17, 2014, 9:49:16 PM